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Friends of Morocco Management Team
Roles and Responsibilities

Board of Directors
Appoints officers, sets general policy, quarterly teleconference, approves budget

President: Tim Resch
Institutional representative, point of contact, delegates tasks and provides oversight

Secretary: vacant
Acknowledges membership, fields inquiries, takes BOD minutes

Treasurer: vacant
Establishes and maintains budget, processes membership dues

Newsletter Editor: vacant
Produces quarterly newsletter

Membership coordinator: Ellen Hunt
Maintains current database of membership, analyses trends, provides labels and contacts

Embassy of Morocco contact: vacant
Liaison with Embassy and Moroccan community in US, contact for Arab community in U.S.

Corporate representative (DC resident)Tom Birch
Maintains corporate address and 501c3 IRS status

Peace Corps/Washington contactMeewa Mull
Liaison with Peace Corps including support to entering, active and exiting Morocco volunteers

Peace Corps/Morocco contactM'hamed El Kadi
Coordinates newsletter distribution, posts Volunteer Newsletter, develops "Week in Review"

Regional Coordinators: Twelve NPCA regional points of contact
Represents FOM regionally coordinating activities and services, including briefing outgoing volunteers, re-entry services for returning volunteers and third goal work.

Membership Directory editor:  Volunteer needed
Produces hard copy Membership Directory

Resource Directory editor: vacant
Manages WWW listings of institutional contacts, retailers, restaurants  and other Moroccan goods and services

Development Education and World Wise Schools coordinator:  vacant
Point of contact for World Wise Schools, Provides speakers bureau resources, maintains and distributes video and slide services,

Ijtimaa Coordinator TBD
Hosts FOM annual meeting, organizes country briefings and dinner at NPCA annual National Conference.

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