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2021 News clips from Morocco
FOM Newsletters November 2021

star     11/27 Week in Review: News clips from Morocco
star     11/20 Week in Review: News clips from Morocco
star     11/06 Week in Review: News clips from Morocco

star     Friends of Morocco Fall 2020 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco July 2020 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco April 2020 E-Newsletter

star     Friends of Morocco October 2019 E-Newsletter
Friends of Morocco Combined E-Newsletter April and July 2019
star     Friends of Morocco January 2019 E-Newsletter

star     Friends of Morocco October 2018 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco July 2018 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco April 2018 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco January 2018 E-Newsletter

star     Friends of Morocco September 2017 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco June 2017 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco March 2017 E-Newsletter
star     Friends of Morocco January 2017 E-Newsletter

2021 News Clips from Morocco
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2020 News Clips from Morocco
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2019 News Clips from Morocco
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2017 News Clips from Morocco
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2016 News Clips from Morocco
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2015 News Clips from Morocco
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2014 News clips from Morocco
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2013 News clips from Morocco
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2012 News clips from Morocco
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2011 News clips from Morocco
    FOM Newsletter December 2011 
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2010 News clips from Morocco
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2009 News clips from Morocco
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2008 News clips from Morocco
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2007 News clips from Morocco
    FOM Newsletter December 2007
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2006 News clips from Morocco
    FOM Newsletter December 2006
    FOM Newsletter November 2006
    FOM Newsletter October 2006
    FOM Newsletter September 2006
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    FOM Newsletter July 2006
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    FOM Newsletter May 2006
    FOM Newsletter April 2006
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2004 News clips from Morocco
    FOM Newsletter December 2004
    FOM Newsletter November 2004
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Friends of Tunisia Newsletters

    FOT Newsletter September 2007
    FOT Newsletter September 2006
    Returning to Tunisia after a long absence
    FOT Newsletter March 2006
    FOT Newsletter December 2005
    FOT Newsletter August 2005
    FOT Newsletter May 2005
    FOT Newsletter February 2005
   FOT Newsletter October 2004
     FOT Newsletter July 2004
    FOT Newsletter March 2004
     FOT Newsletter January 2004
     FOT Newsletter November 2003
    FOT Newsletter August 2003
    FOT Newsletter May 2003

    FOT Newsletter February 2003
    FOT Newsletter October 2002
    FOT Newsletter July 2002
    FOT Newsletter May 2002
    FOT Newsletter May 2001
    FOT Newsletter February 2001
    FOT Newsletter November 2000
    FOT Newsletter May 2000
    FOT Newsletter February 2000
    FOT Newsletter December 1999
    FOT Newsletter September 1999
    FOT Newsletter May 1999
    FOT Newsletter February 1999

    The Organization of Tunisian Americans

   Summer 2005 FOM Newsletter 773kb
   Spring 2005 FOM Newsletter 916kb
   Winter 2005 FOM Newsletter 1.0mb
    Fall 2004 FOM Newsletter  1.1mb
    Spring 2004 FOM Newsletter  884kb
    Winter 2004 FOM Newsletter  637kb
    Summer 2003 FOM Newsletter  880kb
    Spring 2003 FOM Newsletter  508kb

    Fall 2002 FOM Newsletter 837kb
    Summer 2002 FOM Newsletter 1.0 mb
    Spring 2002 FOM Newsletter 701kb
    Fall 2001 FOM Newsletter 853kb
    Summer 2001 FOM Newsletter 394kb
    Winter 2001 FOM Newsletter 246kb

Archival Scans of early FOM Newsletters
   Summer 2000 FOM Newsletter 5.1mb
   Winter 1995-96 FOM Newsletter 1.57mb
   Spring 1994 FOM Newsletter 972kb
   Winter 1994 FOM Newsletter 985kb
   Spring 1993 FOM Newsletter 769kb
   Winter 1993 FOM Newsletter 723kb
   September 1992 FOM Newsletter 632kb
   May 1992 FOM Newsletter 616kb
   January 1992 FOM Newsletter 629kb
   September 1991 FOM Newsletter 691kb

   July 1991 FOM Newsletter 412kb
   March 1991 FOM Newsletter 384kb
   Summer 1990 FOM Newsletter 627kb
   Spring 1990 FOM Newsletter 753kb
   December 1989 FOM Newsletter 619kb
   August 1989 FOM Newsletter 638kb
   June 1989 FOM Newsletter 376kb
   February 1989 FOM Newsletter 619kb
   August 1988 FOM Newsletter 417kb
   June 1988 FOM Newsletter 1.8mb

Commercial News Services

    Tingis is a quarterly magazine that highlights the cultural concerns, ideas, and issues of Moroccans, friends of Morocco, and all those who have some interest in Morocco or the larger Arab and Muslim worlds. Because Moroccan views have no representation in English-speaking cultures, particularly in the United States, Tingis fills this gap and, at the same time, highlights the diversity within Arab and Muslim thought. The magazine also seeks to present the views of non-Muslim Moroccans whenever possible.
    Morocco NewsLine
    Morocco World News
    Moroccan Daily News from
    Le Matin du Sahara (French) Daily  Features: News - National; News - International; Sports
    Morocco Today (English) Rabat; Monthly  Features: News - National; Editorial
    La Nouvelle Tribune (French) Weekly  Features: Business
    Al-Anba'  (Government-owned), Rabat
    L'Economiste   (Independent business-oriented French-language daily), Casablanca
    Maroc Hebdo International  (Independent weekly), Casablanca
    Maghreb Arab Press  The Moroccan News Agency
    Revue de Presse des Quotidiens press review page posted daily by the French Embassy in Morocco and thier listing of Moroccan News sources Organes de presse
   The Magharebia Web site is a central source of news and information about the Maghreb in three languages: Arabic, French, and English. Sponsored by US Department of Defense US European Command.
    Maghreb's News and Press  Read the current political and economic news for Northern Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania.
    Marweb  Access a directory and search engine for Maghreb countries that consist of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Search by categories or keywords.
    Moroccan Gateway:  Latest News from Morocco
    La Vie Economique:   Premier hebdomadaire d'Information du Maroc.  Weekly news magazine (in French) posted to the WWW including archive of past articles
    Washington Post: News from Morocco    Links to stories citing Morocco in the Washington Post as well as the Associated Press and five other news sources  Morocco reference page 
   BBC News:  Country profile: Morocco
   La Maison du Maroc - House of Morocco Meta site for access to news, newsletters, magazines and radio in French and English 
   News Central in Morocco.  Electronic News source (in French) including a daily email update service
   AllAfrica Morocco page  the leading provider of African news and information worldwide, through news feeds to institutional and agency clients and through We post more than 500 new stories daily from over 80 African media organizations and from our own award-winning reporters
   The North Africa Journal  News, views, and commentaries  on politics, economics and business in north Africa.  Also does Maghreb Weekly Monitor a free weekly news service that helps readers stay abreast of breaking economic and political developments in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
    GOM Ministry of Communications Weekly News Magazine with Royal, Politics, Economy, Sport and Miscellaneous as categories
    Africa News Online:      Morocco the one-stop source for up-to-date information on all of Africa. Here you will find news from more than 60 different sources, including 40 top African news organizations. The site is managed by Africa News Service, a non-profit agency which has been a leading source of professional reporting on Africa in the United States for 25 years.  Arab Business and Finance Morocco page
star    World Press Review inventory of Newspapers and Magazines in Morocco
star    Radio Sites in Morocco
star    RPCV Update is a quarterly newsletter distributed to more than 100,000 members of the RPCV community. The newsletter provides the latest information from Peace Corps on events and initiatives taking place throughout the agency. From information regarding the agency's strategy for the 21st century to advancing recruitment of Volunteers, RPCV Update keeps former Volunteers and Peace Corps connected.
    Other Moroccan Newspaper and news sources are at:

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