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Carpets, crafts and the Moroccan style

   Try some exotic styles from Morocco
Posted on Sat, Nov. 01, 2003
Morocco, the northwest African country set between desert and sea and bordered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, is a true melting pot of civilizations, populated by diverse ethnic and religious groups with 11 official languages. The very word Morocco conjures exoticism. Being at the coastal crossroads of Europe and Africa, it represents many cultures, traditions and styles, and has long provided inspiration for artists and designers captivated by its multitude of flavors.

I've never been to Morocco, but that hasn't hampered my enthusiasm and appreciation for the artifacts, colors and designs from that country. In the U.S., Moroccan influences can be seen in many design styles in looks both ancient and modern. What makes Moroccan style so exotic and distinctive is its singular use of color, pattern, and texture, and how these ingredients are blended to produce their incredible architecture and furnishings.

   Moroccan Carpets and 20th. Century Design.
Brooke Pickering 27 September 2001
Moroccan rugs invite a particularly wide range of reactions from those
seeing the material for the first time. But whether the reaction is positive or negative, coming from the perspective of the homeowner, designer, or artist, there is one quality that all seem to agree upon.

   Trade and Exchange of North African textiles according to Early Documentary Evidence.
Miriam Ali De Unzaga 27 September 2001
In the classical period of Islamic civilisation (which roughly corresponds
to the European Middle Ages) textiles were highly valued objects. Textiles had an economic value were durable and easily portable, which made them ideal items for trade.

    Welcome to the Casbah
Dyan Machan, 10.14.02
Looking for an exotic sofa? You've come to the right place. Bring cunning, though and cash. The lowest dregs of today's popular "North African look" crude iron lamps and sconces, jewelry with plastic stones, ham handedly hewn tables can be had cheaply and easily enough....................

   The Ode to Morocco: A Globe-Trotting Couple's Color-Drenched Apartment Inspired by Exotic Locales.
By Annie Groer, Washington Post Staff Writer. Thursday, September 6, 2001; Page H01
They wanted color. They wanted drama. And they wanted their Dupont Circle co-op to evoke Casablanca. So it was that after a dozen years spent overseas in the exotic precincts of Tehran, Istanbul, Cairo and Moscow, foreign correspondents Geneive Abdo, 41, and Jonathan Lyons, 43, came to Washington and went wild with paint.


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