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Morocco Week in Review 
January 20, 2018

Morocco to begin gradual liberalisation of dirham

By Afp 12 January 2018
Morocco will start a gradual and controlled liberalisation of its currency the dirham from Monday, Prime Minister Saad-Eddine Al-Othmani said after a cabinet meeting.
The North African country has had a fixed exchange rate regime for the dirham since the 1970s. It is pegged to the euro and the dollar……………..

High Atlas Foundation celebrates Cross-Country Planting Day

Saturday, 13 January 2018, 12:26 pm Marrakech, Morocco:
Press Release: High Atlas Foundation

Tree planting event totaling 9,000 trees
The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) continues its legacy thisMonday, January 15th, through a mass planting of pomegranate, almond, fig, walnut, and carob trees across Morocco. HAF is a Moroccan and United States nonprofit organization dedicated to combating poverty and promoting sustainable agricultural development through targeted empowerment focused campaigns

When the forgotten of Morocco say enough

After more than a year of demonstrations in the Rif other municipalities rebel against abandonment and lack of employment
19 January 2018

Lack of pre-schools means Morocco's children are at a disadvantage from the start

Louis Witter January 18, 2018

Schools teach in classical Arabic but Moroccans speak Darija dialect, meaning children have to start learning in what is essentially a foreign language to them 

They haven’t disappeared

By Sheima Benembarek January 9, 2018
Almost two years after enacting a plastic bag ban, Morocco slowly adapts to the new reality Jostled along by wind, a plastic shopping bag makes its way across the streets of an unspecified city in Morocco and onto a public playground where it suffocates a little girl. The video clip has agency and intent. A concerned male voice-over follows with: “Plastic bags are suffocating us. Let us be done with them now! The new law prohibiting plastic bags comes into effect this July 1.”
This is the narrative of one of the awareness campaign videos about Zéro Mika (plastic bag, in Moroccan Arabic dialect) made by the Moroccan Coalition for Climate Justice (MCCJ) that circulated the country a little over a year and a half ago.

Higher Education Reform: The Benefits of Cost

By RPCV Mark Mahon  January 10, 2018
Rabat – As more and more nations move to a post-industrial knowledge economy that is driven by information technology and professional service sector jobs, the need for post-secondary education that promotes portable and transferable skills will become critical.
Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani recently reassured the Moroccan public that the government has no plans to abandon free education in public institutions. He described media reports to the contrary as “completely untrue.”

Review: A taste of Morocco in North Canterbury

EMMA DANGERFIELD  January 17 2018

Moroccan Young Woman Speaks Openly About her Bisexuality

By  Morocco World News  January 15, 2018  By Sana Elouazi Rabat
Jawjab Studio’s innovative project “Marokkiates,” continues to break one stereotype after another, by shedding light on controversial subjects like adoption, hijab, sexual harassment and love in a series of videos. This time, the media platform has released its new video in which, Rihab, a Moroccan young woman was given the chance to speak up about her bisexuality in Morocco.
“The first time I fell in love, I loved a girl. To make myself clear, I am a bisexual person,” Rihab said.

Marrakech, the best city in the world

January, 14/2018 -
Marrakech is a fairy tale city located in the centre of  the Kingdom of Morocco, between the sea and the Sahara Desert. It is the capital of the region Marrakech-Safi, known for its red sandstone that gives the city its nickname of “Ochre city”. It has also been described by TripAdviser as "the best city in the world".
Marrakech is also known for the green of its palm trees and luxurious parks, blue, clear skies and the clip-clop of horses leading to the medina (old city). Sounds and colours made sense of this mythical city. The cultural capital of Morocco, it is a moving experience.


Traveling alone through Morocco: budgeting tips and more

Money editor Rebecca Feng offers tips on travelling through Morocco after her 20-day solo trip.

Marrakech: A tantalising treasure trove of exotic delights await in magical Morocco

By Laura Mowat / Published 15th January 2018
SNAKE charmers, belly dancers and henna tattoo artists vie for my attention in Marrakech’s bustling central square

A financial future and a romantic past come together in Casablanca

Robert Everett-Green CASABLANCA, January 17, 2018
In the Moroccan port city, Robert Everett-Green writes, a dynamic street life enlivens a distinct metropolis that is fast positioning itself as the commercial core of Africa

Morocco: Dormitories of Hope

London — Article by British Ambassador to Morocco, Mr Thomas Reilly, on his visit to a dormitory in the Atlas Mountains.
It was raining by the time we got to Marrakesh. The long-threatened storm had held off as we had forged our way across the flat desert that forms the northern hinterland boundary to the magical city. But the rain teemed down as we wound our way slowly through the traffic and out beyond the city towards the dimly-seen Atlas Mountains beyond.

Vogue Living's ultimate guide to Marrakech, Morocco

09 January 2018
Former fashion designer and co-founder of Sass and Bide, Sarah-Jane Clarke takes us through her top picks of what to see, plus where to eat and shop in Morocco's famous city of colour.

Across Morocco on horseback

Saskia Burgess January 18, 2018
A month-long adventure from the dunes of the Sahara to the Atlantic coast

5 Foods to Try in Morocco

Entertainment Eric Bowman January 18, 2018

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