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January 13, 2018


Thousands of women victims of violence in Morocco

The New Arab December 10, 2017

Six women have been killed and a further 6,039 left with psychological difficulties in the past year as a result of gender-based violence in Morocco, according to a new report.

Compiled by the Moroccan Association for Women's Rights, the report documents distressing levels of violence perpetrated against women in the country, as well as the psychological, health and economic effects it causes for society…

A creative outlet for Casablanca's deprived youth

Centre hosts more than 300 young people for classes in music, music theory
By AFP - Jan 06,2018 - CASABLANCA, Morocco

"Teaching young people to dream again" is the vision of a Moroccan cultural centre in a rundown Casablanca district, once home to a group of suicide bombers who killed 33 people in 2003.Based in a white building next to a tramline and opposite a mosque, the Stars Cultural Centre in Sidi Moumen regularly hosts more than 300 young people for classes in music and music theory, classical dance, hip-hop, English and French."When we tell young people that violence is not a means to express themselves, we must find them other means," said filmmaker Nabil Ayouch, who co-founded the centre with artist Mahi Binebine……..

How to navigate Morocco

Jan 8, 2018  By Lydia Daniels

I admit I am painting a rather unfavourable picture of the rather hectic, convoluted markets of Morocco. But they are equally as thrilling as treacherous. With their curiosity shops selling homemade artisan goods, all delicately embroidered (engraved or sewn by hand) or giant magic carpets, they offer a pleasing contrast to the local Durham market. I remember walking through them; stalls selling succulent fruits and Medjool dates to my left and stalls with piles of freshly picked sprigs of mint, parsley and coriander on my right. There’s a cascading huge pile of cumin, turmeric and chilli, and the wafting scent of saffron fills my lungs. A weekly food shop suddenly becomes far more exciting than my usual dash around the supermarket.

New hope for the critically endangered northern bald ibis

New hope for the critically endangered northern bald ibis
By Ethan Shaw December 08 2017

critically endangered wading bird revered in ancient Egypt has an officially greater headcount on the heels of its most recent breeding season.
We're talking here about the northern bald ibis (aka hermit ibis or waldrapp), which – with its raw featherless head and dark bristly ruff – looks something like a long-billed vulture (or, for those Jim Henson fans among you, a little like one of those scratchy-voiced Skeksis from The Dark Crystal).

Harassment & Gender: Making New Men

By Mark Mahon December 9, 2017 Rabat

An explosion of headlines in the US over the course of the last month has demonstrated that gender inequality and sexual harassment are problems that exist in all layers of American society, from Hollywood studios to Capitol Hill, from state capitols to corporate boardrooms. And these recent headline-grabbing instances are likely just the tip of the gender inequality iceberg. One in five female students are sexually assaulted while in college.

Morocco, too, faces significant gender inequality and gender-based violence challenges. A program segment on 2M late last year offered abused women advice on using makeup to conceal bruises resulting from domestic violence. Young men sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman on a bus in Casablanca captured on cell phone video. The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report recently ranked Morocco a very low 136 out of 144 surveyed nations. The United States ranked forty-ninth in the same survey; a significant decline from twenty-third place just a decade ago…..

Can Muslim Women Be Feminists?

By  Safaa Kasraoui  December 10, 2017 Rabat

The word “feminism” in Muslim countries often raises tensions. Many people believe that Muslim women cannot be both religious and feminist, claiming that the fundamentals of feminism are absolutely opposed to those of Islam. According to prominent Malaysian Muslim feminist Zainah Anwar, nothing could be further from the truth. Morocco World News met with Anwar, who is also the executive director of Musawah, a Malaysia-based global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, in Rabat to discuss gender equality within Muslim communities….

How The City Of Marrakesh Made Us Lose Our Hearts To Morocco

Text by Sanya Podar

Head to Marrakesh and you’re guaranteed to come away enchanted
Having always been enticed by sandy scapes, mazelike bazaars, and minarets and domes of mosques, I tried to convince my brand new husband; a staunch Francophile, to ditch the idea of a wintery Paris for our honeymoon, and opt for the unfamiliar but sunny, colour-soaked land of Marrakesh. Not a very tough feat, as Marrakesh’s beautiful Moorish architecture, scenic landscape, luxurious hotel properties and of course, its French influence sold him on the idea of taking this plunge into the unknown.

Religion : How do Moroccan Christians celebrate Christmas ?

On the 24th and 25th of December, Moroccans converted to Christianity commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, an occasion that is not all the time associated with celebration. Battling for a decent life, converts have been demanding a range of rights and one of them is to be able to freely celebrate Christmas. So, how do Moroccan Christians celebrate this Christmas and what are the obstacles they face ...
More :

‘Marokkiates’: Moroccan Women as You’ve Never Seen Them Before

By Chaima Lahsini January 5, 2018 Rabat

Love, sexual harassment or even hijab, Moroccan women bare it all in Jawjab Studio’s new innovative project “Marokkiates.”“Marokkiates,” or Moroccan women in Moroccan dialect, is a new project launched by media content platform Jawjab, created and direct by Sonia Terrab last November,  who wants to answer the age-old question, who are Moroccan women?Breaking one stereotype after another, the four videos published online by the platform have gathered hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

Is Casablanca truly a nightmare city?

By Mohamed Chtatou December 26, 2017 Rabat

Foreigners visiting Morocco are not attracted, in the least, by Casablanca  and common Moroccans are always baffled by that attitude and want to know, why on earth, they do not like this modern and sophisticated city, but they, generally, do not get any satisfactory answer. In reality, foreigners seek traditional Moroccan culture, to get to know better the country, its soul and way of life and they are, also,  after exotic experiences, which Casablanca is, alas, unable to offer at all.

Morocco’s Archaeological Site Jebel Irhoud Classified as Historical National Heritage

By Morocco World News  January 8, 2018   Sanae Elouazi Rabat

Morocco’s archaeological site Jbel Irhoud, where archaeologists discovered last year the oldest-known remains of Homosapiens, has just been classified as a historical heritage by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. This decision came at the request of the Association of Laureates of the Moroccan Institute of Archaeology and Heritage Sciences, which led the research program in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

Mystery in Morocco

by ASJAD NAZIR January 3, 2018

LOOKING at serial killers in different countries led Saeida Rouass down an unexpected path that resulted in her writing her debut novel Assembly Of The Dead. She had stumbled upon an incredible true story hidden in Moroccan history, which guided her towards writing a rip-roaring thriller set in 1906. The London-based writer went through a number of challenges to complete her recently-released book and learned a lot during the process  Eastern Eye caught up with Saeida to talk about her book, the fascinating story, writing process, inspirations and the advice she would give to aspiring authors

A declaration from North Africa: food sovereignty is a right

We stand against the plunder of peoples’ resources by multinationals and financial capital and against all forms of discrimination and racism. On December 15, 16 and 17, 2017, ATTAC Morocco, a member of the global network for the abolition of illegitimate debts (CADTM), organised a Maghreb seminar on free trade agreements, agriculture and food sovereignty under the slogan: No to colonial agreements, for the defence of people's sovereign right on their agricultural, food and environmental systems. The seminar was held in Agadir, Morocco with the participation of activists coming from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco

Three Secrets of Moroccan Psak Halacha

By Rabbi Haim Jachter | December 28, 2017

The gates shuttering the world of Moroccan Halacha have been opened wide with the recent publication of “Darke Abotenou: the Laws and Customs of the Jews of Morocco,” as we discussed in last week’s column. The introduction to this magnificent work sheds light on an otherwise enigmatic enterprise, the inner workings of Moroccan Halacha. I believe the key points can be boiled down to three points that serve to create the distinctive Moroccan approach to Halacha….

A Hunger for Memory

BY David Suissa | PUBLISHED Jan 10, 2018 | David Suissa

hy would my mother serve an Arab kid before serving her own hungry children? I was about 6 years old, and my family was on one of those pilgrimages to visit the gravesite of a Jewish holy man on the anniversary of his death. Along with hundreds of other Moroccan Jews, we would camp out for a few days in some type of wilderness location, not far from the gravesite. For kids, it was a chance to ride on donkeys, play a little soccer and have some “camping fun.” For the grown-ups, it was a chance to pray and bask in holiness and blessings.

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