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RPCV Morocco writers
For current information see also Peace Corps Writers

Richard Alleman (Morocco 1968-70)
    Therapist, NY: Walker, 1989
    L.A. Man/Companion Guide to L.A. Woman, NY: Warner Books, 1990

Kathy Crab (Morocco 199597)
    Peace Corps: The Great Adventure, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1997, 1999

Timothy Crouse (Morocco 1968-69)
    The Boys on the Bus: Riding With The Campaign Press Corps, NY: Ballantine, 1976

Beth Giebus (Morocco 199093)
    Only the Mountains Never Meet: Folk Tales, Legends, and Proverbs As Told to Peace Corps Volunteers, Washington: Peace Corps, 2000

Orin K. Hargraves (Morocco 1980-82) E-mail
    Culture Shock! Morocco: A Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Buy this book), Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., 1995
    At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, 1996
    London at Your Door (Buy this book), Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co., 1997

Andrea Herrmann (Morocco 1963-65) E-mail
    Teaching Writing and Newspapers in Education, NY: Newsday, 1984 (Contributor)
    Writing at Century's End: Theory and Practice in Computers and Writing, NY : Random House, 1986, (Contributor)
    Critical Perspectives on Computers in Composition, NY: Teachers Collete Press, 1989 (Contributor)
    Computers and Writing: Theory, Research, Practice, NY MLA Press, 1990 (Contributor)
    Writer's Craft, Teacher's Art: Teaching What We Know, Heinemann-Boynton/Cook, 1991 (Contributor)
    Evolving Perspectives on Computers and Composition Studies: Questions for the 1990s, Urbana, IL: NCTE & Computers and Composition, 1991 (Contributor)

John Michael Moran (Morocco 198183)
    The John Chapman Stories, with Peter Donald Yockel, Corpus Christi, TX: John A. Chapman Foundation, 1990 (Co-author)Michael Moran (Morocco 1981-83)
    Nothing but Net! An Essay on the Culture of Pickup Basketball, San Antonio, TX: Full Court Press, 1991
    Younger Than That Now: A Peace Corps Volunteer Remembers Morocco (Buy this book), San Antonio, TX: Full Court Press, 1994

Paul Stoller (Niger 1969-71 & Morocco 1972)
    In Sorcery's Shadow, with Cheryl Olkes, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987 (Co-author)
    Fusion of the Worlds, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1989

Craig Storti (Morocco 1970-72)
    Incident at Bitter Creek: The Story of the Rock Springs Chinese Massacre, Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 1989
    The Art of Crossing Cultures, Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press, 1989
    A Few Minor Adjustments, DC: Peace Corps, 1992
    Cross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Differences, Yarmouth, ME: Intercultural Press, 1994
    To Touch the World: The Peace Corps Experience, contributor, Peace Corps/USGPO, DC, 1994, 1995
    On the Home Front: A Handbook for the Families of Volunteers, DC Peace Corps, 1995
    The Art of Coming Home (Buy this book), Intercultural Press, 1997
Culture Matters: The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workshop, and Laurette Bennhold-Samaan (PC/ Washington 1994-98) Peace Corps, 1997

Jeffrey Tayler (Morocco 198890; PC Staff/Poland 1992, Uzbekistan 199293) INTERVIEW
    Siberian Dawn: A Journey Across the New Russia, Hungry Mind Press, 1999 (Buy this book)
    Facing the Congo, Ruminator Books, 2000 (Buy this book) REVIEW
    The Best American Travel Writing 2000, contributor, edited by Bill Bryson and Jason Wilson; Houghton Mifflin, 2000 (Buy this book)

Alexandra "Alix" Wilber (Morocco 1981-84)
    The Wives' Tale, NY: Norton, 1991 REVIEW

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