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Peace Corps Morocco 1969, 1970 and 1971 50th Anniversary reunion
September 17-18, 2021
Hyatt Place Washington DC/US Capitol
33 New York Avenue NE, Washington, D.C., 20002-3325 United States
+1 202 289 5599

Compilations of memories and life histories by attending and distant volunteers

Maureen C. Reddy (703) 437-7530 (PDF)

Martin and I were members of Morocco 13, an architecture program which included some non-architect spouses. I was a teacher and was trained by the Peace Corps to teach ESL. We were stationed in Fez, where I taught at the Lycee Kairouiyne. My students ranged from local city boys to boarding students from the bled. They were gracious to me. They were big fans of Muhamed Ali and were very concerned about the fate of Apollo 13.

Following PC service, we returned to DC and moved to Reston, VA in 1972. I taught elementary grades until we had our children (Mike and Jim). I worked as a substitute teacher at our neighborhood school for 32 years, where I had lots of Muslim students and a few Muslim colleagues. Over the years I have volunteered in the schools, library, church, and the Democratic Party. I’ve been a volunteer ESL teacher of adults for 25 years.

I follow the news about Morocco. I am concerned about the rise of radical Islam and hope it doesn’t overtake Morocco. In conversation, I take the opportunity to distinguish between Islam and the radical political movements that plague the world now.

I pray for a better world for all, which in our family now includes two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.

Maureen Reddy

Martin J. Reddy (202) 438-0117 (PDF)

After graduation from Notre Dame in 1968 and marriage to Maureen a short time thereafter, we moved to Washington, DC. We left Detroit and arrived in DC during the civil unrest following the MLK assassination.

I started a one-year “Urban Intern” fellowship with the new Department of Housing and Urban Development to work on industrialized housing research and demonstration projects. After 12 months, with the Vietnam War still raging, we investigated alternative service opportunities and applied to the Peace Corps. We trained outside Denver, and I struggled a bit with the French language instruction.

Maureen and I took an unauthorized weekend trip into Denver to watch the Moon landing on black and white TV from the Brown Palace Hotel. (The Moon rocks later went on display at the U. S. Cultural Center in Fez).

In Fez I worked with other PCVs, Moroccan and European architects and city planners on housing developments, civil buildings, parks, and tourism projects. Upon return to DC, I joined a local architectural firm specializing in hospital and university projects. A highlight was a pre-fab hospital built in Houston and erected in Guatemala.

In 1979, I opened my own office and had almost 40 years of mainly local projects for medical centers, universities, and biomedical research labs. One final project was for a master plan for new medical center in Ethiopia.

Post retirement and pre-Covid, Maureen and I resumed our international travels to Scotland, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland.

Most recently we have traveled to Texas and Alabama to see our grandkids and to Michigan to see my 99- year-old Mom.

The Peace Corps experience changed my world view. The two years in Fez provided a new perspective on my past, present and future.

Martin Reddy Martin Reddy Reddys

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