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   Low prices lure directors to Morocco
ANGELA DOLAND Associated Press MARRAKECH, Morocco
Take a warrior king or a crusading knight. Throw in lots of sandy desert, some grisly battle scenes and an army of extras. The swordandsandals flick is getting a Hollywood revival, thanks to "Gladiator." There's only one problem: Many upcoming movies are set in the Middle East, where "shooting a movie" could take on a whole different meaning right now.

    Movies in Morocco, The 3rd Marrakech International Film Festival by Howard Feinstein
"I'm a real bitch when it comes to my rights," says brash singer/belly dancer/hooker Sahar in the Egyptian film "Lace." Sahar is played by the great icon of Arab cinema, Yousra. This fiveyearold film, which belongs to the catfight genre, was part of a homage to the legendary thesp at the third edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (October 38)

   New generation of Arab filmmakers probes crosscultural tensions
Directors rooted in U.S. and Europe are drawing wide attention

    Going Home
By: Pamela Nice
Hakim Belabbes used to go home every year or so to visit his family in Bejjaad, Morocco during the autumn feast of Moussem Sidi M'hamed Echerqui. He left home for graduate study in literature and film, first to France, and then to the U.S. Now he is an independent filmmaker in Chicago. In 1992, he traveled to Morocco to shoot one of his first films. He and his cameraman, Don Smith, stayed at his home in Bejjaad, filming Belabbes' family as they went about their daily activities, such as preparing meals and cleaning................

    Hollywood heads for Marrakesh.
Wednesday, 18 September, 2002, By Stephanie Irvine , BBC, Morocco
The second Marrakesh international film festival opens on Wednesday in Morocco's southern city. Leading Hollywood film directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola....

    Marrakesh rides the movie express
Monday September 23, 2002
Morocco's second film festival took place last week, attracting Hollywood stars and its share of controversy. David Gritten reports ........

    Casablanca tops romance poll.
11 FEB 2002  AAP
MOVIE classic Casablanca has been named the most romantic film of all time, a British Valentine poll reveals.


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