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Morocco Week in Review 
January 30 2021

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Morocco High Atlas Mountains Irrigation Aqueduct (RPCV Steve Carlson project)

Steve Carlson at

The Rotary Club of San Carlos is leading a project to build an aqueduct in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. We are building this aqueduct in the Berber villages where San Carlos Rotarian Steve Carlson previously served in the Peace Corps. The project showcases the power of Rotary – hundreds of friends and neighbors and fellow Rotarians have contributed over $250,000 to bring this project to fruition. This project follows five years of planning, and builds on long-standing relationships, cross-cultural communication, and steady perseverance. Construction began in October 2019 and has continued throughout 2020, with Rotary constructing a mile of aqueduct to transport snowmelt from the mountain peaks to the villagers’ fields for irrigation. The project received the honor of being showcased in Rotarian Magazine in February 2020.

The project was launched in 2016 through the party Reubens for Rotary, featuring home-crafted charcuterie, cheeses, breads, and the finest Reuben sandwiches this side of the Danube. Following that success, we sent a Moroccan volunteer from the group Corps Africa to the village of Ait Daoud, where Steve previously lived for two years. We asked the locals what they needed for a water project, and the immediate answer was to improve the existing irrigation ditch by lining it with concrete. To confirm that this project was the right focus for Rotary, we visited the site and rang in the New Year of 2017 in Ait Daoud (it’s cold up there in the winter!!!). We made the trek with the then-president of the Rotary Club of Marrakesh – Majorelle, Khadija El Bourkadi, and a member of Corps Africa, Aziz Noujoum……………………
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Alfari9: Moroccan Initiative for Child Leadership, Youth Development

“Our children are the youth of tomorrow and we need to teach and form them for tomorrow.”

By Jihad Dardar -  Jan 28, 2021

Alfari9, a Moroccan social inclusion, and youth empowerment initiative is launching the 6th edition of its “Child Leader Program.”  The event seeks to introduce young children to social development and leadership themes and will be held on January 28-31 at Madressatcom in the province of Ouarzazate. “Child leader is a program that shows the importance of the integration of life skills in the education system. Our children are the youth of tomorrow and we need to teach and shape them for tomorrow,” Alfari9 told Morocco World News.For this year’s “the Child Leader program,” Alfari9 anticipates the participation of 40 children in the region of Tamikt Ouarzazate. The program aims to give participants the opportunity to apply and learn leadership skills, including social entrepreneurship and communication aptitudes…………….
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US, Morocco Launch $18 million Development Program in Beni Mellal-Khenifra

The program is part of the US pledge to accelerate investments in Morocco, to the tune of a total of $5 billion.

By Hamza Guessous - Jan 28, 2021 Rabat

The US and Morocco are partnering to promote further investments and trade in Morocco through a new investment program.  As part of its commitment to contribute to the development of Morocco, the U.S. Embassy in Morocco, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with the Wilaya and Regional Council of Beni Mellal-Khenifra. The partners are aiming to create more economic opportunities for women, young people, people with special needs, and rural populations. In a press release, USAID announced the allocation of $18 million for the Inclusive Socio-Economic Development (ISED) pilot program that will fund the project for a five-year period.  The 2021-2025 program aims to “support the region in achieving its development priorities by strengthening participatory governance and improving opportunities for economic growth and job creation.’…………………
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US-Moroccan Delegation to Visit Health Training Site in Beni Mellal

The planned institute will welcome 600 students from across the country every year to receive training in different fields within the healthcare profession.

By  Safaa Kasraoui  - Jan 28, 2021 Rabat

US and Moroccan officials will visit the construction site of a health training center in Beni Mellal, central Morocco on Friday, January 29. The training center is part of the Charaka Fund initiative and will train youth to work in the healthcare sector, including training for ambulance drivers, hygienists, and radiology technicians. The Charaka Fund grant facility was initially launched in May 2017 and seeks to improve training and employment opportunities for Moroccan youth.
“The initiative was founded with the aim of testing a new governance model teaming the public and private sectors to facilitate improved employment opportunities for youth.  It will fund construction and rehabilitation of 15 TVET centers in important industries such as healthcare, aeronautics, and tourism,” the embassy said…………………..
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TRAPPIST-1: Moroccan Researchers Contribute to New NASA Discovery

By Yahia Hatim - Jan 27, 2021

A group of Moroccan researchers from Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech have helped the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) make a new astronomical discovery. Zouhair Benkhaldoun and Khalid Barkaoui from Morocco’s High Energy Physics and Astrophysics Laboratory (LPHEA) and the Oukaimeden Observatory, near Marrakech, co-published a paper with NASA scientists on the new discovery. The research paper, titled “Refining the Transit-timing and Photometric Analysis of TRAPPIST-1: Masses, Radii, Densities, Dynamics, and Ephemerides,” appeared in The Planetary Science Journal on January 22.
The study revealed that the seven terrestrial planets orbiting the star TRAPPIST-1 have similar densities………………
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Elementary School Students To Study Amazigh Language Next Year

Morocco aims to remove existing barriers with its Amazigh population by teaching the Tamazight language in elementary schools nationwide.

By  Sanae Alouazen  - Jan 28, 2021

Morocco’s ministry of national education has announced a new draft curriculum to teach the Amazigh language in the county’s elementary schools.  The project is a collaboration between the education ministry and the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM.) The proposal will next be reviewed by inspectors and teachers of the Amazigh language. The ministry is then set to develop new textbooks and to begin their nationwide distribution ahead of the next school year in 2021-2022.  The draft curriculum for the Amazigh language is the result of r a meeting between the ministry of education and IRCAM on December 30. 
At the time, IRCAM stressed the importance of including Amazigh in elementary and secondary schools. Following the meeting, the ministry of education decided to update the curriculum to include teaching the Amazigh language which would be gradually integrated into public schools……………………..
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DGSN, 2M TV to Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women in Morocco

By Yahia Hatim -  Jan 22, 2021

Moroccan television channel 2M and Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) are set to launch next Monday, January 25, an awareness campaign about violence against women. The digital campaign, named “Al 3ounf, Mansktouch 3lih” (Let’s not remain silent about violence), seeks to raise awareness about the legal mechanisms that are in place to protect women in Morocco…………………
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Moroccan Cuisine: Five Soups You Should Integrate Into Your Diet

Moroccan soups make for delicious meals that are rich in nutrients to strengthen your health.

By Jihad Dardar  -  Jan 23, 2021

Morocco might be most famous for its delicious couscous and tajine, but many also celebrate the country for its tasty and healthy Moroccan soups. The North African kingdom’s food is as diverse as its culture. You can find exquisite soups that will keep you warm during winter or healthy ones that will speed up your recovery and strengthen your immune system. Based on a healthy Mediterranean diet, Morocco’s cuisine is centered around vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, with a moderate amount of dairy, poultry, eggs, and seafood. Moroccan food occasionally features meat.
Morocco’s cuisine is also special with its culinary masteries that fuse between European and Amazigh gastronomy, which give it an exotic taste with rich flavors that attracts people from across the world……………..
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Morocco Discovers Oldest Rock Carvings in North Africa

The discovery is the first of its kind within the Camel Cave in Zegzel in Berkane, 552.6 kilometers from Rabat.

By Safaa Kasraoui -  Jan 24, 2021 Rabat

Morocco has discovered rock carvings dating back to the Paleolithic age at the Camel Cave in Zegzel in Berake province, over 500 kilometers from Rabat.
Morocco’s Culture Department announced today that the discovery is the first of its kind within the Camel Cave in Zegzel, located in the Beni Iznassen mountains. The rock carvings are considered to be the oldest in North Africa. The region is an important karst system registered among Morocco’s national heritage since 1953 for its geological and exploratory value. The culture department said the discovery is part of a scientific agreement between the National Institute of Archaeological and Heritage Sciences (INSAP) and the Mohammed I University  of Oujda on a research and international cooperation project…………………
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Morocco Signs Two Agreements to Promote Inclusive Education

The Ministry of education signed two agreements that seek to develop the education of deaf children and the conditions of public and pre-school education.

By Jihad Dardar -  Jan 24, 2021

The Lalla Asmaa Foundation for deaf Children and Youth and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research signed on Saturday in Tangier an agreement to promote inclusive education. The agreement will promote the education of deaf children in schools and public universities, the rehabilitation of spaces for deaf children, and the fight against school drop-outs for special needs children. Also included in the arrangement is the need to encourage and generalize pre-school education for deaf children by familiarizing schools and families with techniques and mechanisms of inclusive education for deaf children…………………………
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Michael Conduit: The Journey of A British Digital Artist in Morocco

“Morocco is a fascinating country with a variety of landscapes, architectural traditions and my experience so far has been very positive in terms of my interaction with local people.”

By Wissal Dardar,-  Jan 24, 2021

Michael Conduit is a British digital artist based in Rabat, raised in Zimbabwe, and then moved to England at 16 years old. Michael currently works two jobs, one in education management, which allows him to live a stable life. The other job, a lifelong passion, lets him express his artistic and creative side as a digital artist.
“These two jobs actually go hand in hand, one provides the stability and the possibility to live for extended periods of time in places,” Michael told Morocco World News……………….
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What You Need To Know About Morocco’s New Anti-corruption Bill

The draft law broadens the definition of corruption and grants more authority to the Council on Probity, Prevention and Fight against Corruption.

By Sanae Alouazen -  Jan 25, 2021

The Legislation Committee of the First Chamber of Parliament has completed a detailed review of the draft law on anti-corruption and the role of Morocco’s Council on Probity, Prevention and Fight against Corruption (INPPLC). The law will be adopted before the end of the current parliamentary session, which ends in early February. One of the main novelties of the draft law is a broader definition of corruption. Currently, corruption is legally defined as “any crime of corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement, and misappropriation.”  The new anti-corruption bill broadens the definition to include offenses relating to criminal legislation, as well as all offenses relating to conflicts of interest, the activity of public administrations and bodies, and the misuse of public funds…………………
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Moroccan, Switzerland Launch Program to Promote Sustainable Tourism

The program seeks to strengthen the economy, create jobs, and reduce poverty in Beni Mellal-Khenifra.

By Jihad Dardar -  Jan 28, 2021

Morocco and Switzerland have officially launched the Moroccan-Swiss program that aims to develop the conditions of sustainable tourism in the region of Beni Mellal-Khenifra in a meeting on Wednesday in Rabat. The Minister of Tourism, Handicraft, Air Transport and Social Economy, Nadia Fettah Allaoui held the meeting with the Swiss ambassador, Guillaume Scheurer, to further discuss the Moroccan-Swiss agreement that was signed last June 8. The Moroccan-Swiss program is part of a bilateral agreement between the government of Morocco and the Swiss Confederation to promote social and economic development.
The five-year program seeks to develop the sustainable tourism value chain in order to help strengthen the economy, create jobs, especially for young people and women, and reduce poverty…………………………
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