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Morocco Week in Review 
April 3 2021

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John Kerry: Morocco, A Critical Partner in Global Climate Efforts

Morocco invests heavily on renewable energies and environment friendly projects.

By Safaa Kasraoui -  Mar 31, 2021 Rabat

John Kerry, the US’ Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, has expressed satisfaction with Morocco’s approach against climate change. In a tweet, Kelly announced that he held a phone call with Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. He described Morocco as a “tremendous partner in the global fight on climate change.” He also recalled Morocco’s commitment to the fight against climate change during COP22, the climate change-themed event which Morocco hosted in Marrakech in 2015…

Aloha Vibes: The Surfside Music Studio Supporting Moroccan Artists

The current owner grew up at the camp and came to know many musicians famous in Morocco today.

By Eoghan McHugh - Mar 27, 2021

Youssef El Aouam, an entrepreneur from Agadir, has rapidly turned his lockdown dreams of becoming a better guitar player into a multi-media art residency attracting artists from all over Morocco and reaching audiences all over the world. Last year, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Morocco, he created Aloha Vibes – an artist’s residency and recording studio. Here, artists will find everything they need to be creative and enjoy inspiration.
In a very short time, Youssef has built out the team so that Aloha can support an artist to bring a song from the conceptualization phase, through to writing, recording, and preparing to be played around the world. His frenetic mind has also conceptualized the idea of Aloha Live – hosting digital concerts in-studio fusing singers and vocalists with dexterous backup musicians, creating a very distinctive sound…………………..

Morocco Acknowledges Need To Intensify Efforts Against Child Marriage

A UN Population Fund report shows a 14% rate of child marriage in Morocco between 2005 and 2019.

By Safaa Kasraoui -  Mar 19, 2021 Rabat

Morocco’s Minister of National Education Saaid Amzazi emphasized the persistence of child marriage in Morocco at an event held on Thursday in Marrakech.
The official made his remarks during the official inauguration of the implementation of the partnership agreement of March 1, 2021, between the ministry and the President of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The agreement vows commitment to implementing the Marrakech Declaration to End Violence Against Women, which was signed on March 8, 2020 during a ceremony chaired by Princess Lalla Meryem. During his statement, Amzazi acknowledged that child marriage figures prominently among the causes of school dropout. He said both challenges are part of a two-way relationship. “Early school dropout and illiteracy cause early marriage,” Amzazi said. The official cited his department’s “considerable” efforts to encourage students not to leave schools through supporting education and the actions to expand beneficiaries of social support programs. Such actions improve the attractiveness of school and reduce overcrowding in classrooms, which have led to a “constant reduction in the school dropout rate,” the minister said.
Read Also: Moroccan Courts Record 33,686 Child Marriage Requests in 2018
The minister also acknowledged that the statistics and outcomes are not “satisfactory.” ……………………………………………

El Othmani Receives Delegation Focusing on Women Empowerment

In attendance was also the Minister of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and Family, Jamila Al-Musli.

By Khouloud Haskouri - Apr 1, 2021 Rabat

Morocco’s Head of Government Saad-Eddine El Othmani received this Tuesday in Rabat, a delegation from the RESOFEM Federation, concerned with advancing the economic status of Moroccan women. A press release from El Othmani’s cabinet stated that El Othmani commended the initiative of the federation, which was created earlier in March, and brings together 11 associations focused on women’s economic empowerment.  The Resofem Federation works to promote a general policy aimed at developing female entrepreneurship in Morocco and advancing women’s economic and social status. They explained that the main goal of the member associations is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the association’s activities and contribute to combating poverty among women and the many vulnerability inducing factors they may face, especially in rural and remote areas of the country……………………

Morocco Becomes Third Biggest Exporter of Mandarins

By  Toms Dumpis  - Mar 30, 2021 Rabat

Morocco has moved to become the third biggest exporter of mandarins globally, according to the Association of Citrus Producers of South Africa (CGA). The report takes into consideration the annual average of exports between 2015 and 2020 as well as forecast data for 2021 when making its predictions. In this period Morocco exported, on average, over 508,000 tons of mandarins annually, positioning it as one of the biggest exporters of the citrus fruit.

Turkey has overtaken China to become the top exporter of mandarins, with an annual average of 759,000 tons, while the East Asian country averages at 644,000 tons annually. Morocco, as reported, took third place, followed by South Africa with its average annual mandarin export of 294,000 tons. In fifth place stood the European Union, with average annual exports of 98,000 t. The award, often called the Arab Nobel Prize, honors intellectuals, researchers, writers, and translators who have made remarkable contributions and innovations in Arab intellectual, literature, social science, and culture. It is an independent cultural initiative administered by the Department of Culture and Tourism.ons of mandarins………………..

Two Moroccans Shortlisted for 2021 Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Winners will receive a gold medal, a certificate of merit, and a prize of $204,000.

By  Salah Eddine Mazouz  - Mar 30, 2021 Rabat

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced on March 28, the shortlist of the Literary and Art Criticism category which includes three titles, two of them Moroccans. The award, often called the Arab Nobel Prize, honors intellectuals, researchers, writers, and translators who have made remarkable contributions and innovations in Arab intellectual, literature, social science, and culture. It is an independent cultural initiative administered by the Department of Culture and Tourism………….

Celebrating Moroccan Artist Hassan El Glaoui with Grandson Brian Bexter

Although he passed in 2018, El Glaoui’s world-famous works continue to present an important face of Morocco on the international art scene.

By  Dina Toum-Benchekroun-  Mar 27, 2021 Miami

In an exclusive interview with Morocco World News, Brian Bexter El Glaoui reveals his progress towards detailing the life and artistic journey of his late grandfather, Hassan El Glaoui. El Glaoui’s paintings, praised throughout the kingdom for their unique style and emphasis on Moroccan culture and history, are still making international headlines and landing high bids at famous art auctions.  Considered one of Morocco’s most valued artists, Hassan El Glaoui’s biography is one that tells of a rich history with the kingdom.  Born in December 1924 to Hadj Thami El Mezouari El Glaoui, the last Pasha of Marrakech, Hassan El Glaoui witnessed defining moments in Moroccan history while surrounded by powerful and charismatic figures. His father had consolidated power during turbulent times in Morocco and led a wealthy life––allowing him to frequently visit Europe and take part in elite European society. …………..

Food Waste Rises Dramatically During the Month of Ramadan in Morocco

Morocco wastes approximately three million tons of food every year.

By Nihale Azahhaf - Mar 31, 2021 Rabat

The Moroccan Federation for Consumer Rights (FMDC) announced on March 25, that 41.1% of Moroccan households waste one-third of edible food during Ramadan, with a monetary value of MAD 500 ($52.26) per month. In a statement to Morocco World News, president of the FMDC Bouazza Kherrati said that during Ramadan Morocco reaches its peak of consumable waste materials such as electricity, water, and food in particular. “How come, in the twenty-first century, that nearly two millions’ worth of food production is wasted annually by each family rather than active units such as restaurants!”
He also called on Morocco to prepare a policy to protect national products as well as preserving hard currency……………….

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