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Morocco Week in Review 
December 12 2020

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US Ambassador: Morocco-Israel Normalization ‘Thrilling,’ ‘Historic Milestone’

Morocco joins the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan in establishing diplomatic ties this year.

By  Morgan Hekking  - Morgan Hekking holds a BA in International Relations from Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. Dec 10, 2020 Rabat

Morocco-Israel normalization is a “historic milestone,” US Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer said today.  After US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that Morocco and Israel have agreed to normalize diplomatic ties, the ambassador shared a statement celebrating the “thrilling” development. 
Like Trump, Fischer referred to Morocco and Israel as two of the United States’ closest allies.  The normalization agreement represents a “truly historic” milestone in the “already strong relationship between Morocco and the United States,” Fischer continued, recalling the centuries-old friendship between the two countries. ……

US Startup to Build 900 MW Wind Park in Morocco’s Dakhla

The company says it will invest 1% of its revenues in local development, including in programs related to education, vocational training, and health.

By Safaa Kasraoui - Dec 11, 2020 Rabat

US start-up Soluna technologies AM WIND plans to build a 900 megawatts wind farm in Dakhla, southern Morocco. The park will cover an area of 11,313 hectares to supply services dedicated to blockchain technologies with an initial investment of MAD 15 billion. HARMATTAN program of Soluna technologies and AM WIND worked on the farm design for three years. The company expects the completion of the program in Dakhla to take six years. Speaking during a webinar on the project, Soluna Technologies CEO John Belizaire said that the project will produce computational capacities to power the international network blockchain………………

Assessing the Peace Corps' Role in the Development of Education Around the Globe

By Linda Benyahia

It is worth noting that the Peace Corps is not only a development organisation, but also a peace-building organisation. Among the three goals of the Peace Corps, only the first focuses on economic development. For this reason, it might make sense not to compare Peace Corps efforts with those of major foreign aid programs such as those of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or the World Bank.2 Still, the Peace Corps does undertake capacity building projects. Focusing on ideology, accountability, and sustainability, this paper will discuss the benefits and limitations of the Peace Corps’ education development efforts…………….

US Museum Honors Morocco’s Place in Centuries of African Creativity

For Morocco, highlighting the country’s contribution to centuries of African history and creativity validates the centrality of Africa and Africanness to Moroccan identity.

By Tamba François Koundouno -  Dec 6, 2020

The National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. recently celebrated contemporary Moroccan art, highlighting Morocco’s contribution to centuries of African creativity and trans-Saharan exchanges. Kevin Dumouchelle, the curator of the Washington-based museum, said Morocco occupies a special place in the museum’s history of embracing and celebrating Africa’s rich creative traditions. “Moroccan art and artists remain at the heart of our collection and interpretation projects,” Dumouchelle said in an interview with MAP, Morocco’s state media.  The museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest complex of museums and research centers. Its latest event, with the theme “Golden Caravans, Fragments in Time,” was “initiated with the contribution of Morocco,” MAP reported. The event featured more than 300 works of art exploring various forms of African artistic expression.  The exhibition covered five centuries of African creativity and displayed “unpublished contributions” from the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, the National Museum Foundation, the Bank Al-Maghrib Museum, and the University of El Jadida.  The Moroccan outlet noted that the exhibition was “an occasion to appreciate the unique role of the Kingdom in pan-African, global and cosmopolitan history.”………………..

Morocco to Promote Rights of People With Disabilities

The agreements focus on promoting inclusive education and inclusive employability.

By Yahia Hatim  - Dec 4, 2020

orocco’s Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, chaired on Thursday, December 3, the signing ceremony of two partnership agreements for the promotion of the rights of people with disabilities. The first agreement concerns the Ministry of Solidarity, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health. It seeks to promote inclusive education through expanding access to inclusive schools. Under the agreement, the parties pledge to develop a pedagogical model for inclusive education and supervise the rehabilitation, training, and education services NGOs offer to people with special needs. The partnership also provides for the establishment of national training programs on the training and education of people with disabilities and for raising awareness about the challenges students with special needs face……………..

World Bank ‘Proud’ to Support Social Protection Reforms in Morocco

The World Bank issued a statement announcing $400 million to support social protection system

By Jasper Hamann  - Dec 4, 2020 Rabat

The World Bank in Washington, DC has said it is “proud” to support Morocco’s “sweeping reforms” to protect vulnerable people. A World Bank press release on Thursday announced that the World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a $400 million program to support Morocco’s social protection system.
“Morocco has reacted decisively and swiftly to support the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said World Bank Maghreb Country Director Jesko Hentschel. The regional director added that Morocco is “now accelerating reforms to strengthen its social protection system that we, at the World Bank, are proud to support.” The World Bank was commenting on Morocco’s ambitions to expand important social protections to the most vulnerable in society. King Mohammed VI has tasked the government with the ambitious goals of expanding healthcare and pension coverage order to support and alleviate the suffering of the weakest members of society who have struggled during the COVID-19 crisis. “I believe the time has come to launch a decisive process for the expansion of social welfare coverage to all Moroccans within the next five years,” the King stated in his Throne Day speech on July 29. ………………..

Artmazigh Day Reconnects Amazigh Artists to Their Culture, Heritage

The objective of Artmazigh Day was to “create a ‘tangible’ space online where Amazigh artists could interact with people of shared origins, cultures and experiences.”

By Jihad Dardar - Dec 6, 2020

From November 29 to 30, 2020, the Amazigh and the art community witnessed the remarkable event of Artmazigh Day, which brought together talented Amazigh artists on social media who illustrated their identity and culture through art.Amazigh and its plural Imazighen mean “the free and noble people.” They are self-named people who populated most North African regions across the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast to the Sahel, long before Arabization. Spain previously named Amazigh people “Berbers,” after the Arabs enlisted Amazigh men as warriors for the Hispanic country. The Indigenous communities have long preferred others to call them Amazigh rather than Berber, which stems from the Greek word for barbarians, referring to non-Romanians. Today Amazigh people live in communities across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Niger, and Mauritania, with the largest Amazigh populations found in Morocco and Algeria. Due to the Amazigh diaspora, many people with Amazigh origins live around Europe.

Sinopharm: What You Should Know About Morocco’s Chosen COVID-19 Vaccine

Sinopharm’s vaccines for COVID-19 are still considered “experimental” but have been administered to more than one million people.

By Morgan Hekking -  Morgan Hekking holds a BA in International Relations from Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. Dec 6, 2020 Rabat

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the vaccine Morocco will use in the upcoming national COVID-19 vaccination campaign is from Sinopharm, a state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical company.  Here is everything you should know about the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine. 

What is Sinopharm?
China National Pharmaceutical Group, or Sinopharm, is one of the country’s pharmaceutical companies producing COVID-19 vaccines.  There are about a dozen Chinese vaccines in development, of which four — including Sinopharm’s — are at an advanced point in the final stage of clinical trials. Sinopharm is producing two of the vaccines through its subsidiary China National Biotec Group (CNBG). The group was one of China’s first to begin widespread human trials in more than 10 countries. 

How effective is Sinopharm’s vaccine?
While government and health officials in Morocco have promised that the country’s chosen vaccine is safe and efficient, the Chinese government has not released information about the exact efficiency rate of the Sinopharm vaccine, unlike Moderna, Pfizer, and Sputnik V.  In fact, the vaccine is still considered “experimental.” On a more reassuring note, more than one million healthcare workers and high-risk people in China and other countries participating in clinical trials have already received the vaccine under emergency use authorization. Provincial governments across China are now ordering the vaccine en masse. ………………….

The Conventional Moroccan Hammam: Historical past, Steps, and Advantages

For each vacationer coming to Morocco, visiting a standard Moroccan hammam and experiencing the big selection of advantages is undoubtedly on their bucket listing. Whereas public bathhouses is perhaps related to Turkish and Roman cultures, the standard Moroccan hammam is a novel expertise.
Moroccan hammams take their inspiration from the primary unique bathhouses created by the Roman empire greater than 2000 years in the past, constructed to extend public hygiene. Roman’s rule over North Africa left its pronounced affect on Moroccan tradition, seen within the structure of Roman ruins nonetheless remaining throughout the nation. Rome’s thumbprint in trendy Morocco is most noticeable within the Moroccan hammam.
The traditional bathhouse quickly grew in Islamic Moroccan tradition with a couple of modifications that made it distinctive and totally different from others. Historically, Moroccan hammams are situated close to mosques to facilitate the purification of physique and soul earlier than prayers rituals. 
The buildings are normally giant. Most Moroccan hammams include three or 4 lengthy rooms. These baths, nonetheless, don’t have swimming pools like Turkish baths. As a substitute, bathers take part within the rituals in these giant, tiled steam rooms Every room has a distinct temperature. Usually they’ve vaulted, dome ceilings………

Designer Anwar Bougroug on ‘Connection, Neighborhood, Craftsmanship’


Moroccan-Norwegian designer Anwar Bougroug is captivated with connections together with his roots, constructing a tolerant and open-minded neighborhood, and beautiful Moroccan craftsmanship.  The designer, whose trend home Bougroug continues to hit headlines with its fascinating tackle the way forward for trend, appeared on the Forbes 2020 Africa 30 Underneath 30 to look at record. An up-and-coming, groundbreaking expertise, Anwar is just not afraid of breaking down obstacles and sees the world with distinctive imaginative and prescient. “My model is my dream world,” he informed Morocco World Information, breaking into an infectiously candy and real smile. On a Zoom name from Oslo, the younger designer shared his connection and love for Morocco with MWN. 
“I used to journey each summer time to Tangier with my household,” he started, shyly. Overtaken by his personal enthusiasm, Anwar defined how he fell in love with Moroccan craftsmanship. “We used to create issues for weddings, for our home, so I used to be already on this craft world the place all the things was doable.” Enthusiastic about creativity from an early age, he recalled that he spent his childhood summers stitching. “We had been creating caftans for my mother and my sister, fits for us, jellabas, all the things!” ……………..

Six Scrumptious Moroccan Meals to Hold You Heat This Winter

Winter has come, the climate is getting colder in Morocco, and scrumptious Moroccan meals may be simply the correct reply for warming you up and protecting you wholesome this winter season.  Simply as you begin to change your wardrobe and heating system in your own home, you also needs to make an alteration in your weight loss program to adapt to the brand new season and maintain your physique wholesome and heat. A weight loss program that’s wealthy in protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals, may also help you retain a wholesome metabolism throughout winter, increase your power stage while you’re feeling chilly and drained, and offer you much-needed inner heat. Opposite to the concept that Morocco is a tropical paradise all yr spherical, the North African nation has bitterly chilly days throughout winter. Some areas within the nation are colder than others—the Atlas Mountains have the coldest climate in Morocco, but are an exquisite place to witness snow-covered landscapes or go on an adventurous ski journey.

Over the centuries, Moroccans have created mouthwatering meals from contemporary, pure, native elements and warming spices like harissa, rass al Hanout, turmeric, and paprika that carry a wealthy tradition and plenty of well being advantages. These are six Moroccan meals that may fulfill your style buds and maintain you heat this winter………….

Morocco to Expand Inclusive Education Program in Casablanca-Settat.

Morocco seeks to improve inclusive education to enable all pupils to benefit without discrimination.

By Safaa Kasraoui -  Dec 7, 2020 Rabat

The Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Morocco’s Casablanca-Settat region plans to increase the number of children with special needs who benefit from the inclusive education program to 4,000 during the 2020-2021 academic year. The inclusive education program benefited only 2,653 during the previous school year. AREF said Casablanca-Settat has increased the number of inclusive public establishments from 444 to 700 across the region to facilitate the students’ integration. Othman Sakhi, the head of inclusive education at AREF, said that the special offices under the 16 provincial directorates are “called upon to give stance to the vision by implementing the provisions of Project 4.” ………………………….

Infographics: How Prevalent Is Violence Against Women in Morocco?

By Yahia Hatim - Dec 9, 2020

Morocco is a strong advocate for the elimination of violence against women and girls. The country is currently participating in the global 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, which runs from November 25 to December 10. Moroccan officials regularly declare that they are sparing no efforts to end violence against women and girls and raise awareness about women’s rights. But are the efforts leading to concrete progress? How prevalent is violence against women in Morocco? Have indicators improved over the past years? Find out in this series of infographics that represent Morocco World News’ contribution to the national effort against gender-based violence………………

Running a Moroccan Business Requires Better Online Promotion

Better awareness of SEO, online advertising, and promotion can help Moroccan businesses flourish.

By  Jasper Hamann - Dec 9, 2020 Rabat

Finding a Moroccan business online can be a frustrating task; dead links and amateurish Facebook pages fail to take advantage of the internet’s potential. Moroccan business owners are often wary of following Moroccan expertise and instead rely on outdated methods to promote their business.  In order to help Moroccan business grow online, Morocco World News spoke to Moroccan software engineer Aymen Jarouih. Aymen Jarouih is a Full Stack Developer based in Marrakech who focuses on helping companies build premium web application development and provide technical consulting on analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) auditing using applied behavioral science.

What Moroccan business does wrong

Moroccan business owners are traditionally risk-averse. The promotional strategies of many large and small business ventures in Morocco often still rely on traditional print media. Many enterprises continue to print thousands of flyers which they distribute to whom they hope will be potential customers…………..

Education: Morocco Opened 110 New Rural School Facilities in 2020

The minister also addressed the COVID-19 development among students and schools across Morocco.

By  Safaa Kasraoui  - Dec 8, 2020 Rabat

Morocco is working to improve access to education in rural areas, Education Minister Saaid Amzazi said Monday during a session at the House of Representatives. Reviewing the results of the implementation of Law No. 51.17 relating to the education, training, and scientific research system in the previous academic year, he said Morocco has made several achievements towards the generalization of education and ensuring equity at the territorial and social levels.
He said that the focus of the framework program under Law No. 51.17 was to improve preschool education by accelerating its generalization and improving quality. The rate of preschool enrollment in Morocco is 72.5%. Amzazi said the ministry expanded educational, vocational, and university offerings in response to the growing demand for schooling and access to universities and training institutes…………….
Continues here:

The New US Consulate in Morocco: A Symbol Of Strong Relations

The $300 million state-of-the-art facility shows US-Morocco relations are here to stay

By  Jasper Hamann  - Dec 11, 2020 Rabat

The US is building an impressive new consulate in Casablanca, highlighting the strong relations with Morocco. On December 3, the United States’ Ambassador to Morocco David Fischer officially commenced the construction of the new US consulate-general in Casablanca. Ambassador Fischer broke ground during the first steps of construction that will see the establishment of a new state-of-the-art facility located near the Casablanca tramway in the Casa Anfa area. Fischer called the area “one of the city’s most dynamic areas.” ……………

Travel to Morocco: Six Unique Moroccan Souvenirs

Morocco’s enchanted medinas offer a wide range of unique souvenirs you can purchase as a reminder of the country’s beauty as well as to use in your daily life.

By Jihad Dardar -  Dec 5, 2020

Traveling to Morocco, you will have the opportunity to purchase unique Moroccan souvenirs that are not only beautiful but can even be useful in your daily life. 
With a rich culture and pristine craftsmanship, Morocco is well-known for its bustling traditional markets (souks) filled with all types of unique, locally-made items that you can purchase as souvenirs to remember your trip. Shopping in Morocco’s different medinas (old cities), you will find a wide range of items made with locally-sourced raw materials such as leather, silk, brass, silver, wood, and glass, created by talented Moroccan artisans. Whether you are visiting Morocco’s northern cities, or southern ones, through the mountain or across the coast, you will be able to find some unique souvenirs and traditional goodies in the region’s local market that are usually located in the old medina…………..

Interesting Hobbies to Try in 2021 That Will Benefit Your Life

Indulging in hobbies you enjoy is important in building a healthy lifestyle that does not revolve only around work and energy-consuming activities.

By Jihad Dardar -  Dec 6, 2020

The global pandemic and quarantine might have encouraged many to indulge more in their passions in their free time and even try new interesting hobbies that can benefit them in the long run. Separating work from leisure can be difficult for most, but carrying out work and day-to-day activities while neglecting yourself and what you need can be unhealthy and cause you to be less motivated and productive. Indulging in your favorite interesting hobbies has many mental and physical health benefits, which is why you might find many people who are able to pursue their passions are often easy-going with a positive attitude.
Hobbies can be beneficial for your physical health especially if the hobby requires being on the move and staying active. Hobbies are also good for your mental health because they allow you to unwind doing something you enjoy which can boost your mood and self-esteem……………… #####################################

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