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Morocco Week in Review 
July 6, 2019

Virtual Magazine of Morocco on the Web

American Kids learn about Moroccan food. Quite fun

Did you miss US-Morocco Food Week?

No worries! We followed New Yorker Chef Nasser Jaber around Morocco during his tasting/cooking experience. Check out Episode One, where Chef Nasser meets Amal El Madade for a total immersion in Casablanca’s street food rituals. This Vlog is brought to you by JAWJAB #USMoroccoFoodWeek #AmericanHalal

Former #NASA Administrator Charles Bolden participated in  #MoonshotMorocco campaign, by the US Embassy in Morocco. Mr. Bolden was a special guest at the Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries (#GLEC2019) where he shared his views on space, science, and technology with Moroccan and International students and young professionals

As part of Moonshot Morocco campaign, the U.S. Embassy in Morocco is pleased to organize the 3rd edition of “My Summer of Discovery initiative that seeks to inspire young Moroccans to explore science, arts, and entrepreneurship learning through American-style summer camps held in cities and provinces across Morocco. If you are 13 to 17 years old and you are interested in participating in our 3 camps, stay tuned for the announcements!

For interested tutors and other qualified people:
Teach Arabic in USA: Foreign Language teaching Assistant (FLTA)
Applications deadline is July 26th, 2019

Humphrey Fellowship Program (A Fulbright Exchange Program) Application deadline: September 1st, 2019
Apply now:

Morocco from the Eyes of an American Expatriate

This will be a series of articles written by an expat living in Marrakech, Morocco.
By Morocco World News - Jun 29, 2019 By Barbara R Deraoui Rabat

If you asked me several years ago, did I expect to be living my life as an expat overseas, the answer would have been no. The idea had never even crossed my mind.  Though as a child, I lived overseas with my parents for two years, so the idea of it was not entirely foreign to me. That said, sometimes life has a way of taking an unexpected turn. In my case, through a series of unexpected circumstances, I ended up becoming one.
What drew me here was that I had found my high school sweetheart online on after losing touch for more than several decades.

Video: LGBT Activists Talk Openly About Life in Morocco

While homosexuality remains a criminal offense in Morocco, Human Rights groups are encouraging the country to legally accept the LGBT community.  

By Kawtar Ennaji - Jun 29, 2019 Rabat

In collaboration with the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), Human Rights Watch released a video, Monday, June 24. The footage, published on the Human Rights Watch Facebook page, aims to examine and combat the myths and stereotypes faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people in the MENA region. Human Rights Watch and the AFE invited several participants, who all self-define as LGBT, from Arab countries to discuss these controversial subjects. Four of the participants were Moroccan.

Melkisation: Rural Land and Property

What could be more important to a small farmer than a title to land? The US Embassy is proud to launch the Melkisation program with the Moroccan government. Melkisation will provide farmers and their families with the rights to the land that they have been farming for generations.  This program is part of our $1 billion Compact with Morocco through the Millennium Challenge Corporation - MCC.

The "Rural land" activity, with a budget of some $33 million and the purpose of which is the melkisation of collective land located in the irrigation schemes, consists in transforming ownership of this land into joint ownership of individual properties for the benefit of the beneficiaries, so as to guarantee the farmers of this land the conditions of security and stability necessary for the development of investments and the dynamisation of the land market. The actions planned under this activity concern: (i) the development of a new procedure optimized in terms of cost and time for the mixing of collective land located in irrigation schemes; (ii) the application of this new procedure optimized, on a pilot basis, on nearly 46.000 Ha of collective land located in the Gharb irrigation perimeters; and (iii) taking accompanying measures to maximize the benefits of the melkisation operation.

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