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Morocco Week in Review 
February 23, 2019

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Our story takes place in a remote village in India, home to a divine statue that can speak. Worshipped by the locals, this statue tells them secrets until one day he meets a malicious thief. Follow the twists and turns of this tale, told by the late Omar Douami.  Don't forget to click HD to watch in High-Quality !
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This year marks the 50th anniversary of NASA’s historic Apollo 11 mission, which sent the first human to the moon. To mark this significant advancement, for both America and the world, the U.S. Mission in Morocco is working with Moroccan and American partners to focus on future leaders in science, technology, innovation and risk-taking.  We look forward to helping Morocco’s talented youth achieve their full potential, and take on challenges as weighty and magnificent as sending a human to the moon. To put this in context, watch a short video about the beginnings of the Apollo 11 Space Program, which was the original idea of a “Moonshot.”

Morocco looks to French as language of economic success

Ahmed Eljechtimi

With so many students dropping out of university because they don’t speak French, the government has proposed reintroducing it as the language for teaching science, maths and technical subjects such as computer science in high schools. It also wants children to start learning French when they start school.

Pope to visit school for imams, Muslim preachers in Morocco in March

Tuesday, 12th February 2019

Pope Francis’ trip to Morocco (March 30th-31st) will include a visit to a school training an international group of Muslim prayer leaders and preachers, including women…

Morocco’s Meryem Alaoui Wins Beur FM Mediterranee Literary Prize

Moroccan novelist Meryem Alaoui’s novel “The Truth Comes from the Horse’s Mouth” won her the Beur FM Mediterranee


In the 25th Maghreb-Orient of Books in Paris, Moroccan novelist Meryem Alaoui won the literary prize Beur FM Mediterranee on Saturday, February 9, for her first novel “Truth Comes out from the Horse’s Mouth,” or “La verite sort de la bouche du cheval” in French. The event gave Alaoui the 22nd literary award at the l’Hotel de Ville in Paris.

From amity to enmity: How the alliance between Saudi Arabia and Morocco collapsed

İSMAIL NUMAN TELCI Published15.02.2019

If the aggressive foreign policy of the Riyadh administration continues, Saudi Arabia will become more isolated than ever, as the cases of Qatar and Morocco clearly indicate. Once close allies in regional affairs, Morocco and Saudi Arabia have been witnessing increasing tension in bilateral relations. On Feb. 8, Morocco's decision to recall its ambassador to Riyadh, Mustafa al-Mansuri, was the latest episode of the deteriorating relations between Riyadh and Rabat. International news agencies also claimed that Morocco has ended its support for the Saudi Arabia-led military operation in Yemen. Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, in fact, also underlined this during his interview with Qatari-owned news channel Al-Jazeera. Bourita stated that Morocco's contribution to the operation in Yemen has gradually lessened during the past months, and his country has not been invited to meetings by Saudi Arabia for a long time….

Health Ministry Launches First National Survey of Hepatitis Prevalence

A national survey intends to discover the extent of hepatitis in the Moroccan population over 5 years old.

By Rahma Ouled Cherif Rabat

The Ministry of Health has launched its first official survey of hepatitis prevalence in Morocco to assess its extent. Currently, there are no figures for the seroprevalence of viral hepatitis in Morocco.
The survey is being conducted February through April by the health ministry, in collaboration with the WHO, UNICEF, and local authorities. Its main objective is to provide data on hepatitis among the Moroccan population aged 5 years and older. The survey will cover 13,500 participants belonging to 4,575 households, distributed in all regions of the kingdom.

Moroccan Government, World Bank to Launch New Partnership

The World Bank is partnering with the Moroccan government to boost economic prosperity in the country.

By Mohammed Amine Benabou

Rabat – The World Bank Group set up a Country Framework Partnership for 2019-2024 with Morocco yesterday to help guide the bank’s financial and technical assistance programs in Morocco.
The partnership aims to support Morocco’s ambitions in the global economy to promote prosperity for its population, the World Bank stated.

First: Morocco in the winter

This was not my first time travelling to Morocco, however it was the first time that I would be visiting the country during its not-so-sunny months: the months of camel-riding, surfing, camping and other experiences which are somewhat synonymous with Morocco.  Air Malta has recently launched a direct flight to Casablanca. Before this, it was always necessary to either take two flights in order to get there or fly to Southern Spain, followed by a ferry ride to the North African country.  So when I came across reasonably-priced direct flights during December and January, I was intrigued to see what the country would be like during its cooler period. I carried out some quick Internet-research to confirm that the weather was actually bearable, and then planned a week-long adventure: from Casablanca to Meknes, Chefchaouen, and Fes and then back to Casablanca.

Exotic Destination – Morocco

The different cultural and traditional mix with a touch of the modern age is just the first bit of information about Morocco. Located in the North of Africa, the country was influenced by different cultures through history which has brought the shape and the look admired all over the world. The unique adventures and exciting places to experience the past and the present is a gift to anyone. On the same soil, you have the unforgiving desert and the stunning heights of the Atlas Mountains with the ocean so near you can feel its power and see its beauty. This is a timeless land with typical colorful-painted towns on the hillsides, coastal villages, and friendly people around you. The merging of the African and Arab worlds makes Morocco one of the most wanted places to visit. We are going to suggest a few places you should check out.

Opinion: Dakhla’s Blockchain Wind Farm Offers a Sustainable Path Forward

By Charles Catania

While municipal and regional governments across the globe grapple with the high societal burden of crypto mining, one startup is offering a new path forward. Instead of taxing local resources where electricity is inexpensive, Soluna, a blockchain company backed by private financing, is turning the tables.

American College to Explore Churchill’s Love for Morocco

The ninth annual version of the travel/lecture series at LaGrange college will explore Winston Churchill’s fascination with Morocco.

By Mohammed Amine Benabou Rabat

American university LaGrange will dedicate a special day to discuss former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill’s loyalty to Morocco. The event will be held at the department of science and arts in LaGrange College, Alabama, on February 25. Duncan Sandys, Winston Churchill’s great grandson, will deliver a presentation on “Magic of Morocco”, recounting the fascination and love his great grandfather had for Morocco as well as the secret meeting of his great grandfather and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Morocco’s Ahmed Boukous Wins The Prix Grand Atlas

Writer Ahmed Boukous was awarded the Grand Atlas Prix for his novel “Rhapsodies of Tanit the Captive.”

By Mohammed Amine Benabou Rabat Along with Hamid Guessous and Azzeddine Chentouf for their translations of Patrick Chamoiseau’s “la matière de l’absence” and Maurice Blanchot’s “l’écriture du désastre” respectively, Ahmed Boukous was awarded the Grand Atlas Prix for his novel “Rhapsodies of Tanit the Captive” or “Rhapsodies de Tanit la captive” in French. This event was organized by Mohammed V Museum in Rabat on Thursday evening, February 14, and initiated by The French Embassy to Morocco. The Prix Grand Atlas literary awards, in its 25th edition, were presented in a ceremony that was held in Rabat.

Education Ministry Launches Tadkik Service for 2019 Baccalaureate


Morocco’s Ministry of Education has launched Tadkik (audit), an online platform for students who will sit for the baccalaureate exam in June. Tadkik service, launched on Friday, will help the baccalaureate candidates of the 2018-2019 school year to keep track of their student profile database and scores. The aim of the platform is to avoid errors in student profiles. Mistakes in student profiles potentially alter candidates personal data and scores. Students will be able to access their personal data and report errors.

Moroccan Students Compete in LEGO’s Space Science, Robotics Competition

The 4th national robotic competition of the LEGO League in Casablanca that ended Saturday offered a glimpse into the potential of Moroccan youth in the field of space science and robotic engineering.


The competition, named “Into Orbit” this year, did not only focus on space science and robotic engineering but also on teaching participants the value of teamwork to qualify for international robotic contests. Nearly 500 Moroccan students aged 6 to 16 from different cities in the country participated, making up 44 teams, each made of 2 to 10 students who competed to win one of LEGO League’s six categories. The competition’s jury of local experts honored 11 teams as winners in various categories.

UN Appoints Moroccan Activist to Sexual Exploitation Advisory Board

Najat M’jid is a pediatrician and has served vulnerable children in Morocco for over 30 years.


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres announced on Tuesday, February 19, the appointment of Moroccan activist Najat M’jid and six other expert members to the Civil Society Advisory Board on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. According to Stephane Dujarric, the Secretary-General’s spokesperson the boardaims to promote “closer interaction with civil society and external experts and organizations as part of the UN’s efforts to combat sexual exploitation and abuse.” Maghreb Arab Press stated further that the creation of the board, according to the UN, “is an important element in the strategy of the UN Secretary-General to improve the fight against this global organization of sexual exploitation and abuse.”

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