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Morocco Week in Review 
September 8, 2018

Virtual Magazine of Morocco on the Web

Fifth Floor to Morocco, Please

A cultural, culinary, and artistic destination right here in Manila

August 5, 2018, By DOM GALEON

Hosting festivals that feature the culture of various countries isn’t new for Rustan’s. Arguably the country’s leading retail brand, Rustan’s has been at the forefront of curating the luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle, with brands that cover almost every need—from clothes to cosmetics and even food.

Morocco Provides Safe Spaces for Youth

Julia Payne Marrakech

As a society, we have hopes and dreams for the future; for our children, our countries, and the global community. These aspirations rest on the shoulders of the youngest generation. August 12, 2018 marks the 18th celebration of the U.N.’s annual International Youth Day. This awareness day is an unique opportunity to reflect on youth’s challenges and to celebrate and support the world’s future leaders. This year’s theme, “Safe Spaces for Youth,” marks the importance of youth’s engagement, participation, and freedom of thought.

Moroccan Urologist Karim Touijer Named 2018 Best Doctor in New York

By  Tarek Bazza  - September 3, 2018 Rabat

Moroccan Karim Touijer, a urologist at the MSK Cancer Center, has been named the 2018 Top Doctor in New York. Top Doctor Awards recognizes the achievements of the most influential and respected doctors in medicine. The selection criteria are based on education, research contributions, patient reviews, and other quality measures.
Health News Today published the news about Touijar’s award in a statement on August 30.

Morocco’s Education Ministry Defends Use of Darija in Primary School

By Ahlam Ben Saga - September 4, 2018 Rabat

Morocco’s Ministry of Education has defended textbook content written in Darija (Moroccan Arabic), saying that it is “purely for educational purposes.” Images of multiple pages in Arabic primary school textbooks have caused social media uproar because they contain words used in Darija, the unwritten Moroccan dialect of Arabic, instead of pure standard Arabic. Only 71.7 percent of Morocco’s population can read and write, while just 64.4 percent of the working-age population has completed secondary education or above, according to research group BMI. Despite challenges, Morocco is committed to improving the educational system.

Hard Lessons: North African Writers on Education

Ursula Lindsey / 05 Sep 2018

I have thought and written a fair amount about the way literature is (or isn’t) taught. But I haven’t paid much attention to how stories about education are told in literature.I realized this blind spot when I came across the scholarship of Erin Twohig, an assistant professor in the department of French and Francophone studies at Georgetown University, in Washington, who specializes in North African literature. Twohig is specifically interested in how novels in Morocco and Algeria treat education and how literature is taught in those two countries. Her book on the topic, Contested Classrooms: Teaching and Writing a National Literature in Morocco and Algeria, is forthcoming from Liverpool University Press.

Morocco's ancient historic Tangier city revived

Inhabitants of the northern Moroccan city of Tangier’s amazing creativity has birth an exciting scenery of aesthetics that has given the ancient city a dynamic face-lift. The city built on the slops of a chalky limestone hill, enclosed by 16th century rampant now glows with Murals, colorful facades, flowery streets that are repainted in green and purple. Houses now display different colors and flower pots are placed at the doors and windows.

5 things you should never do in Morocco as a tourist

Morocco is one of the most enticing and captivating countries in the world. However, there are many things one shouldn't do when visiting.

04.09.2018 Adaobi Onyeakagbu

Though tourists are flooding into Morocco each season, there are some practices everyone should stay away from.

Morocco is home to one of the most beautiful cities in Africa and some of the most hypnotic street markets.

1. Never disrespect Islam ...

Violence in Moroccan universities: a problem worth addressing

Kheira Tarif 4 September 2018

Violence between Morocco’s young political activists is the product of a deeply divided political society that has failed to engage with its youngest members. Higher education institutions the world over are places for young people to explore diverse ideas and develop important life skills. However, in Morocco, university students are confronted by extreme violence.

Moroccan Parents Complain of High Private School Textbook Prices

By Ahlam Ben Saga -  September 3, 2018 Rabat

The new school year has come with more costs for Moroccan parents who complain of “expensive” school textbooks. Summer and Eid al-Adha holidays have ended and the 2018-2019 academic year will officially start on Wednesday, September 5, for both public and private schools in Morocco. This year, parents with children in private schools complain of the “high prices” of school textbooks. In previous years, private school textbooks typically did not exceed a total of MAD 2,000 or 2,800 per student for primary and secondary levels.

Active Youth

By Said Bennani,  HAF Project Manager

Here at the Abdelaziz Ben Driss Center for the Protection of Children, HAF’s team in Fes and the youth living at the center are appreciating all the visits of our partners from other places in Morocco.  Not only visitors from Morocco come, but also people travel from far away, outside of the country.  They have come to meet the children and see our work together.The project is about a fruit tree nursery, which we started building May last year.  When the kids receive guests they feel happy and more encouraged about their work in the nursery, and to learn more about agriculture.

Moroccan authors say teenage rape case hits 'new level of unspeakable'

Abdellah Taïa and other prominent names have said that horrifying details show their country ‘still hates women and considers them as nothing’. A group of prominent Moroccan authors led by the writer and film director Abdellah Taïa has called on the country’s government to stop “cling[ing to obsolete values that are killing our children” following the “unspeakable” alleged gang rape and torture of a teenage girl….

Australian University Offers Scholarship for Moroccan Students

By Morocco World News - September 3, 2018 Rabat

Australia’s Bond University in Queensland has offered a scholarship for Morocco’s “high academic achievers.” The university announced that Moroccan students would benefit from tuition remission scholarships, providing financial aid.

Court of Auditors: Morocco’s Schools Not Achieving Basic Standards

By Tarek Bazza - August 31, 2018 Rabat

Morocco’s Court of Auditors has identified serious deficiencies in public and private schools regarding infrastructure, reception capacity, and number of teachers. In its 2016-2017 annual report, the Court of Auditors found deficits in basic facilities of some schools, such as connections to drinking water, electricity, and sewage. ……………..

Fez, authentically Moroccan.

Andrew Forbes |  @andrewaforbes 31 August 2018

Driving down into the valley I was confronted by the rich texture of the city spreading out before me. Surrounded by fields, and framed by the Middle Atlas mountains beyond, the urban cityscape was a mass of clustered buildings of warm sandstone, with bursts of saffron yellow, punctuated by splashes of green from roof tiles and date palms that towered over secret walled gardens.

The Kids Trapped on Europe’s Doorstep


The city of Melilla is a fortified pocket of Spain in Morocco, where young migrants from across Africa gather to attempt the dangerous crossing into the E.U. The fence emerges from the ground like a metal snake zigzagging through the arid African hills, hidden behind barbed wire and watchtowers. On one side of the fence is Morocco; on the other is Spain. For the thousands of immigrants who dream of crossing it, this fence is a door to the European Union.

Recipe: Sumac chicken with moroccan pumpkin and almonds from My Food Bag


Fez’s American Fondouk Promotes Equine Welfare

By  Morocco World News  -  September 2, 2018 By Alexandra Gritta Rabat 

Located in Fez, the American Fondouk is a charitable equine hospital on a mission to improve the welfare of working equines and the owners who rely on them. Today, the number of working equids and camels in Morocco is estimated at around 1.7 million. Many are owned by poorer people who rely on the animals to help them earn a living. If the animals develop health complications, the owners cannot always afford to get them the care they need.

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