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Morocco Week in Review 
July 14, 2018

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12 Moroccan Students to Attend Space Camp in the United States

By Morocco World News - July 10, 2018 Rabat

The sky-high dream of 12 Moroccan high school aged between 15 and 18 student will come true, from July 7-11. Taking part in the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, the lucky students will explore an educational, fun and interactive experience that brings together theory and practice through simulated training aboard the NASA Space Shuttle. The Moroccan students will also have the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, for a cultural tour where they will discover many museums, the White House and the US State Department.

Deputy Secretary Sullivan’s Comments in Morocco: Could He Have Gone Further? — Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel (ret.)

Updated July 5, 2018

Deputy Secretary Sullivan visited Rabat last week and offered what the Moroccan press reported as encouraging news. One outlet even ran with the title, “US says it backs Morocco autonomy plan for Western Sahara.”  However, upon further examination, the title is more misleading than accurate.  Sullivan’s comments, as reported, while positive, unfortunately do not break new ground.
As reported by Arab News and North Africa Post, the Deputy Secretary’s comments stating that the US views “Morocco’s autonomy plan for Western Sahara as one potential approach to addressing the situation… It is a serious realistic credible plan that is able to satisfy the aspiration of the people of Western Sahara” is a repetition of those made in previous years by various US government officials. In 2007 the words “serious and credible” were added to the UN resolutions and US statements and, in 2011, the word “realistic” was added by Secretary Clinton.
============================================================== Morocco’s nutty, decadent spread is made from prized oil of the Argane and almond trees.

Morocco, a Civilizational Model of Coexistence between Cultures, Religions – Miguel Moratinos

Morocco constitutes a civilizational model of social coexistence between different cultures and religions, said Tuesday in Rabat, former Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos.
“Morocco has always been a nation respectful of the alliance of civilizations, and a land of coexistence between different cultures and religions that have contributed effectively to the country’s richness and assets,” said Moratinos……………

MolenGeek Continues to Empower Young Entrepreneurs.


Postcards from El Ksiba

by Diana Mihajlova 2018

Chess life continues in Morocco, reports DIANA MIHAJLOVA, who sends this photo report looking back at the El Ksiba Open won by Spanish GM David Larino Nieto in May, and previews the upcoming Chefchaouen Open. When it comes to Morocco, where new international tournaments pop up against all odds, I wish I were able to concentrate reporting on chess pure and simple, however, I am indelibly obliged to give a brief account of the surrounding chess atmosphere in the Kingdom. Seven months have passed since my reporting on Morocco’s sad chess affairs. It was announced that the Financial regulatory body of the country had initiated an investigation into the embezzlement of funds by the Chess Federation’s president, however, not only nothing has been revealed publicly, but the president remains firmly in his comfortable chair. He has even been elected 2nd Vice-President of the Arab Chess Federation.

Fantasy palaces, exciting favors, new friends in easy Morocco

July 5, 2018 By Northwest Asian Weekly Leave a Comment By Scott Wittet and Gary Tang Special to the Northwest Asian Weekly

Just ahead of me, further along the dimly lit souk alleyway, the tourist — cameras dangling from his neck — was being dragged by the arm into a tiny shop. I was a young backpacker who obviously had no money, so most of the hawkers ignored me. But this other guy had to fight hard to stay out of the cubbyhole. It looked like a losing battle. Earlier during that student trip, our little group had been accosted by a blatant pickpocket on the overnight train from Rabat, Morocco to Marrakech (he got nothing from us). Then, trudging dusty and exhausted, as we approached our hotel, we found a body lying in the middle of the street, surrounded by a crowd. We never learned what happened. For me, that first trip to the developing world was a study in contrasts — stunning geometric tile work at monumental scale, many cups of sweet and tasty mint tea, and photogenic snake charmers and fortune tellers — complemented by compulsory souvenir shopping and beggars in the street…………

Renewable Energy: Morocco Seeks International Markets, Offers its Expertise

By Morocco World News -  July 5, 2018 Rabat

At the opening of an awareness workshop, the Minister of Energy, Mining, and Sustainable Development, Aziz Rebbah, said that the renewable energy sector is experiencing sustained momentum in Morocco. The workshop was held on Wednesday under the theme, “Solar pumping: a lever for energy efficiency and sustainable development in the agricultural sector.”
Minister Rebbah recalled the multiple advantages of using green energy in terms of investment, employment, innovation, industry, entrepreneurship, and scientific research. He added that Morocco is targeting both African and other international markets. ………………..

Morocco Considers Privatizing Its Strategic Institutions Due to Bankruptcy

By Tarek Bazza -  July 11, 2018 Rabat

Many state-owned strategic institutions are on the verge of bankruptcy due to financial and legal problems, which may lead the government to privatizing the establishments as a solution.
Since the beginning of this year, there have been rumors circulating in Moroccan media, such as in Infomediare, Lerporter, Economie Entreprises, in addition to other national outlets, about Morocco’s intention to privatize some public institutions, including the National Railway Office (ONCF). The Moroccan weekly newspaper Al Ousbouea reported Thursday 5 that many Moroccan public economic institutions, particularly the strategic ones, such as the National Railway Office (ONCF), the Airports Authority (ONDA), the Moroccan motorway operator (ADM) and the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), are going bankrupt due to the accumulation of debt due to low profits.

Richard Branson Talks Blockchain in Africa with Google Co-founder in Marrakech

By Zoubida Senoussi July 11, 2018 Rabat

British self-made billionaire Richard Branson is holdinghe Blockchain Summit in his residence in Marrakech for the first time. The fourth edition of this annual meeting, originally supposed to take place on Branson’s Necker Island, was relocated because of Hurricane Irma.

Jewish Morocco Revisited

Jul 7, 2018  by Rabbi Jay Yaacov Schwartz

Morocco’s modern-day monarchy has incredible admiration for its historic Jewish community which dates back to the first century. I recently visited the modern-day kingdom of Morocco. Our group included successful individuals from the world of finance and business, active leaders on the American political scene advocating for strong US-Israel relationships and philanthropists for a host of Jewish and Israeli institutions. We stayed in palatial hotels, feasted on gourmet Moroccan kosher cuisine, enjoyed a Shabbat with the community of Marrakesh and met with the highest echelon of leaders of the contemporary Jewish community.

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