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October 21 2017

Rosana Zarza-Canova: My love affair with Peace Corps, Morocco

Friday, September 1, 2017 By Rosana Zarza-Canova

WILLIAMSTOWN — As I bump into the moms of Williamstown running errands on Spring Street, at Wild Oats, or Caretaker Farm and try to sum up my Peace Corps experience in five minutes, I find myself exclaiming, "I love the Peace Corps!" "It was my favorite job to date!" "It was perfect/incredible!" "Moroccans are the most hospitable and generous people in the world!" 

But, I always find myself feeling unsatisfied. I'd like to sit down for hours to tell them about my village and my friends so that they can understand it fully, and, most of all, to impart a positive view of Morocco and Moroccans in this world which can at times feel overwhelmed by fear and hatred. ...

William Allen grad headed overseas to join Peace Corps Morocco

September 6, 2017

A graduate of William Allen High School and Kutztown University next week will be flying to Morocco to join the Peace Corps. Yorman De La Rosa, 23, of Allentown, on Tuesday will begin training as a youth development volunteer, in which he will live and work in a community to improve the language and life skills of youth center members. ...

Shaler Area alum recognized for Peace Corps service

Erica Cebzanov | Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017

Olivia DiNucci's Moroccan Peace Corps experience allowed her to complete a lifetime's worth of humanitarian work while integrating herself into another culture. ...

This Hialeah Peace Corps volunteer is headed to Morocco. But not without his Goya Sazón

By Johanna A. Álvarez   September 04, 2017

Leandro Travieso’s life will change on Sept. 12. That’s when the 25-year-old Hialeah Cuban American will start a 4,200-mile trip to exotic Morocco, where he will join 160 other Peace Corps volunteers assigned to the North African country. Travieso will live there more than two years, first undergoing specialized training and then teaching young Moroccans English and the importance of being active citizens of their country. He will also participate in community projects to improve living conditions in his assigned area.

Rocky in Morocco: Sustained protests point to underlying tensions   

the Editorial Board Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  Aug 29, 2017

Sexual Harassment In Morocco, When Will It Stop?

28/08/2017  Johanna Higgs Anthropologist, Founder of Project Monma

Public Spaces Unsafe for Moroccan Women: High Commission for Planning

By Chaima Lahsini August 29, 2017 Rabat

Public spaces are still unsafe for Moroccan women, with four out of every 10 women reported to have been sexually assaulted in urban areas, according to a study carried out by the High Commission of Planning (HCP) in 2009, republished recently.

The sexual assault on a mentally challenged girl in a bus in Casablanca has put the spotlight on violence against women in public spaces. The HCP’s study, entitled the ‘National Survey on the Prevalence of Violence Against Women’ (ENPVEF), confirmed that women in general are not safe when outside, especially in cities, and do not enjoy the same freedom and rights as men in public due to various kinds of violence perpetrated against them. According to the survey, in urban areas in Morocco, out of a population of 5.7 million women between the ages of 18 and 64, 2.3 million (40.6 percent) were victims of an act of violence during the 12 months preceding the survey. ...

99 Percent of Disadvantaged Children Beaten by Parents: World Bank

By  Amira El Masaiti   September 22, 2017

Chevening Scholarships to UK Now Accepting Applications for 2018-2019

By Morocco World News August 4, 2017

Morocco’s stability roiled by corruption protests

By Aida Alami | The New York Times  Aug 26, 2017

Time Travel to The Historic City of Fes

By Amira El Masaiti  August 20, 2017

Sefrou Plans Development Projects to Counter ‘Extreme Pressure’ on Water Supplies

By Morocco World News August 19, 2017

The Fan, or Fixing Things Moroccan-style

08/19/2017 By Paul Rockower Executive Director, Levantine Public Diplomacy

Greenpeace Launches Solar Energy Education Project in Morocco

Morocco World News July 31, 2017

Young Entrepreneur Siham Meftahi Empowers Moroccan Housewives with Culinary Startup

By Safaa Kasraoui   September 25, 2017

Best Moroccan Cookbook

by Jamie Harris

Tagines and Couscous: Delicious recipes for Moroccan one-pot cooking

The most popular Moroccan cookbook that you’ll see on the market is this well-written cookbook by Ghillie Basan. You can have delicious one-pot meals that are flavored with amazing spices which are the style of Morocco. With this, you can make the softest meat dishes out there that are infused with the most luxurious spices. You can try to make traditional Moroccan dishes even if you’re not a professional chef. You’ll also find some unconventional fusions here that are going to surprise your palate in a good way. There are also fresh salad dishes here which will awaken your senses.

Tagine: Spicy Stews from Morocco

Another best-selling Moroccan cookbook that you can check out is this one. This is also a reliable cookbook by Ghillie Basan. Although this is an old edition you can still find some interesting Moroccan dishes here that’s going to excite your palate and your tummy. The dishes here are also flavored well with spices. Even the simplest fruit and vegetables are elevated into elegant and amazing dishes. The use of tagine, which is a Moroccan cooking vessel, is the center of the dishes found here. You can also find vegetarian Moroccan dishes here which are healthy and delicious.

The Food of Morocco

If you wanted to use one of the latest editions of Moroccan cookbooks out there then you might want to check this cookbook out. This is a highly recommended cookbook by Paula Wolfert. When it comes to cooking Moroccan dishes, you can rely on Paula to provide you with all the tricks in achieving that authentic Moroccan dish straight from the lands of Morocco. You can find traditional Morocco recipes here presented in a modern way. You can still enjoy the sumptuous tastes of Morocco and the exhilarating spices of the land all in each dishes that you find here.


You can make your very own authentic Moroccan dishes at home with the best Moroccan cookbook as your guide. Even if you’re not a professional chef and even if you have no previous experience cooking a Moroccan dish, you can still produce an amazing Moroccan meal when you have a Moroccan cookbook as a reference. Choosing a tried and tested Moroccan cookbook that can help you achieve that amazing Moroccan dish is important. It’s important to have access to different types of recipes that you can try out.

A family holiday in Morocco

By Louisa Walters September 25, 2017

Louisa Walters and her grown-up children enjoy the wall-to-wall sunshine of a rare family holiday in Marrakech

Growth of Private Schools Threatens Morocco’s Educational System, Promotes Inequality: Council Report

By Amira El Masaiti    September 9, 2017 Rabat

The rise of private schools in Morocco and the potential introduction of fees in the public education sector lead to inequalities between students and threaten efforts to improve national schooling, warns the Social, Economic and Environmental Council in a recent report. Middle class households are increasingly moving towards private institutions, seeking higher quality education, even though private schools can suffer from the same issues as public schools.

While private schools are catering to a high demand for quality education amid backslides in public education, the services offered by these types of schools grow at the expense of the public sector. “Private schools risk discriminating between citizens, equal opportunities, fairness and the right of access to education and training,” explained the council in its annual report, published on September 2017. Additionally, private education in Morocco is “far from being a homogeneous institution,” with great differences between private establishments, both in terms of fees and the quality of services.

Private and Public: Difference or No Difference?

To anticipate the potential effects of private schooling, the Council examined the recent developments of the private sector in countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Chile, which has pursued a policy of privatization of its education system, remains among the countries that suffer the most from inequalities of performance between students of different categories. On the other hand, Finland, considered to have the one of the most efficient education systems, relies for the most part on the public sector. Contrary to public opinion, however, funding does not have a significant effect on performance gaps.

The results of some international reports and studies have shown that the difference in student performance between private and public institutions can be explained, for the most part, by the socio-economic standing of the students and the degree of autonomy granted to the school in terms of decision-making and management. Students belonging to a favored socio-economic class, with educated parents available to provide their children with a learning environment, tend to have better performances in public than in private.

For the council, “the essential problem of education in Morocco can not simply be reduced to funding or insufficient budgets. It also requires more efficiency and transparency in the management of resources human and financial, awareness raising for a greater involvement of civil society in the evaluation and monitoring of school performance.” To improve the condition of education in Morocco, it is also mandatory to “establish communication and between parents and the school, quality educational content, continuing education for trainers and the fight against teacher absenteeism, as well as an integrated approach involving all governmental bodies and the elimination of financial and social costs.”

Public School Becomes Private

Morocco has presented itself as committed to achieving its Sustainable Development Objectives by 2030. One of the main pillars of this plan is to ensure universal access to high quality education, equality, and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities. However, in 2016 the kingdom’s Higher Education Council issued an advisory opinion to put an end to free public school. Following public outcry, the Education Council issued a statement ensuring that “education in preschool, primary and college secondary [would] remain free of charge.” But from high school to university, “affluent families [would] pay the registration fee,” as “a form of national solidarity” that “does not correspond to the actual cost of studies.” However, the latest report indicated that operational difficulties, particularly the identification of beneficiaries and the definition of a sustainable threshold of costs for vulnerable categories, would undoubtedly surface.

“The introduction of registration fees in public schooling is inappropriate in the current national context, since there is a high risk that such measures generate additional social costs,” wrote the council. An uncontrolled emphasis on the use of private education and the imposition of fees on public education could increase the risk of an education system emerging that would go against “the principles of equal opportunities and equity, enshrined in the texts and national and international reports.”

7 Million Moroccans Suffer from Obesity: UN Report 

By  Saad Eddine Lamzouwaq  September 18, 2017

1.2 Million Moroccans Are Undernourished: UN Report

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