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  Friends of Morocco
P.O. Box 2579
Washington, DC 20013-2579

Electronic Membership Directory

President: Tim Resch
Phone: 703 470 3166     Fax: (202) 216-3171

Newsletter Editor: Kathleen Trayte
Phone: 215 563 3703 Fax: (215) 895-6617

  National Peace Corps Association
1900 L Street N.W. Suite 205
Washington, D.C. 20036-5002
202 293 7728 FAX: 202 293 7554

Kevin Quigley, President and CEO 202 293-7728 x.19
David Arnold, World View Editor 202 293-7728 x.16
Ann Baker, Director of Membership and Development 202 293-7728 x.17
Aida Samara, Asst. Membership Director 202 293-7728 x.15


  Algerian American Association of Greater Washington
P.O. Box 65063
Washington, DC 20035-5063

  Algerian Associations in the United States

  The American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA) aims to facilitate communication and cooperation between teachers of Arabic and to promote study, criticism, research and instruction in the field of Arabic language pedagogy, Arabic linguistics and Arabic literature

  American Moroccan Forum
P.O. Box 40118
Washington, DC 20016-0118
The American Moroccan Forum, also known as Amfor, is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. whose main mission is to serve the Moroccan-American community in the U.S.  News Stand feature on WWW page is very good.

  American Moroccan Institute
132 Nassau St Suite 400
New York, NY 10038

  Association of Moroccans in America
1448 Boston Post Road
Larchmont, NY 10538
914 833 0329
Majid Fentas, Acting President

  American Language Center 
6, Impasse Bagdad 
Cite Suisse 
AGADIR, Morocco 
Telephone: (08) 82 15 89 
Fax: (08)84-82-72
Director: Tamara Atkinson

  American Language Center
1, Place de la Fraternite
CASABLANCA 21000, Morocco
Telephone: (02) 27 77 65, 27 52 70
Fax: (02) 20 74 57 
Director: Bill Mills

  American Language Center
2, Rue Ibn Mouaz 
B.P. 2136
FES - V.N., Morocco
Telephone: 055-62-48-50
Fax: (05) 93 16 08 
Director: David Amster

  American Language Center 
2, Bv Al Kadissia 
KENITRA, Morocco 
Telephone: (07) 37 66 03 
Director: Gary Butzbach 

  American Language Center
3, Impasse du Moulin de Gueliz
Telephone: (04) 44 72 59 
Fax: (04) 43 07 24 
Director: Michael Fitzgerald

  American Language Center 
21, Rue Antsirabe, 4eme etage
BP: 382 
MEKNES, Morocco 
Telephone: (05) 52 36 36 
Fax: (05)51 64 55
Director: David Neuses 

  American Language Center 
2, Av Mohamed V, 1er etage
Telephone: (03) 32 68 70 
Director: Bill Mills 

  American Language Center
4, Zankat Tanja
RABAT 10000, Morocco
Telephone: (07) 76 12 69, 76 61 21 
Fax: (07) 76 62 55, 76 74 47 
Director: Gary Butzbach

  American Language Center
1, Rue Emsallah
Telephone: (09) 93 36 16 
Fax: (09)93 55 66
Director: Richard Netherlin

  American Language Center 
14, Bab Oukla, Ancienne route de Ceuta 
TETOUAN, Morocco 
Telephone: (09) 96 33 08 
Director: Richard Netherlin 

  The Rabat American School
B.P. 120
Rabat, Morocco
Tel: 212-37-671-476
Fax: 212-37-670-963
General Info :
Recruitment :

  American Women Association in Morocco  The American Women's Association of Rabat was founded in 1962 by a group of wives at the American Embassy. It was and is now; open to English speaking women of all nationalities. Over the years, we have become an increasingly international group, now with 300 members representing 27 different nationalities.  The diverse background of its membership provides a rich cultural exchange as the objectives of the organization are pursued, which are:  1) Supporting charitable endeavors; 2) Pursuing mutual interests through various activities; 3) Promoting cultural understanding

  Moroccan American Association
P.O. BOX 120902
Boston, MA 02112-0902
Phone: (617) 571- 4707
Fax: (305) 723- 0522

The Moroccan-American Association (MAA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promote Moroccan heritage in the United States Of America and to bring together the Moroccan community for a variety of cultural, educational, and charitable events.

  Moroccan American National Association (MANA)
PO Box 2189
Washington DC 20013
Aziz Abbassi, President (512 258 1573)
Mostapha Belghiti, Vice President

  Moroccan Association of Researchers and Scholars (MARS)

  Moroccan American Circle
5, Place Bel Air, Casablanca, Morocco, or fax 212.2.206099

  America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST)
1100 17th Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC 20036
202 785 0022    FAX 202 822 6563

(in Morocco)
25-bis Avenue Patrice Lumumba, Appt 8
Rabat, Morocco
212 7 262 30
Sue Buret, Resident Director
Arranges orientation for Moroccan students coming to the United States, among other services.

  American Institute for Maghribi Studies (AIMS)
Kerry Adams, Ph.D. - AIMS Executive Director
Terry Ryan - AIMS Assistant Director
University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies
845 North Park Avenue Marshall Building, Room 470
PO Box 210158B
Tucson, AZ 85721
Tel: 520-626-6498 FAX: 520-621-9257
Established in 1984, the American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS) is a private, non-profit educational organization that works to facilitate research in North Africa and encourage the free exchange of information between American and North African scholars.

In the United States, AIMS serves as the professional association of scholars interested in the region. AIMS sponsors the Journal of North African Studies (JNAS), published by Francis and Taylor, provides grants for American and North African scholars interested in conducting research in the Maghrib, hosts an annual conference and dissertation workshop, and supports the Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS). Abroad, AIMS organizes programs in collaboration with scholars and institutions throughout North Africa. As a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), AIMS is the only American Overseas Research Center that administers three centers: Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM - Morocco), Centre d'Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT - Tunisia), and Centre d'Etudes Maghrébines en Algérie (CEMA - Oran, Algeria).

  Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies (TALIM)
Jerry Loftus, Resident Director
8 Zankat America Tangier 90 000 Morocco
212 539 93 53 17 FAX 212 539 93 59 60

  The Centre d'Etudes Maghrebines a Tunis (CEMAT)
Impasse Menabrea
21 bis, rue d'Angleterre
Dr. Jeanne Jeffers-Mrad, Resident Dir.

Mailing address:
BP 404
1049 Tunis-Hached TUNISIA

CEMAT, which has a regional focus and fosters research on the entire Maghrib, was founded in 1985 as part of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies. The library contains 1,650 monographs, 9120 dissertations, 27 journal titles and 800 maps. The collection of 9120 dissertations concerning any aspect of any of the five countries of the Maghrib is unique as it gathers in one place dissertations and theses from the Maghrib and around the world produced on North Africa.

  The Moroccan Studies Program at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies Harvard University

Dr. Susan G. Miller, Director of Moroccan Studies
Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
1430 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 408
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02138
Telephone: 617-495-4047
Fax: 617-496-8584

Harvard University has been the home of the Moroccan Studies Program, the only research and teaching program in the United States dedicated to the study of Morocco and North Africa. The Moroccan Studies Program promotes teaching, research and publication of sources on Morocco and North Africa across disciplines, including history, politics, anthropology, literature and the arts. Affiliated faculty teach courses that concentrate on North Africa. Students specializing in Moroccan and Maghribi studies have access to major resources in Harvard University's library, as well as its peerless photographic, architectural and ethnographic collections.

  Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Georgetown University, ICC 501
Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
37th and O Streets, NW
Intercultural Center 241
Washington DC 20057
202 687 5793
Fax: 202 687-7001

  Center for Cross-cultural Learning (CCCL) 
11, Zankat Elhassani, Derb Eljirari, Ave El Alou, Rabat Medina, Morocco.
Tel: 212 37 20 23 65/66
Fax: 212 37 20 23 67
Mailing Address: Po Box 6291 Rabat Instituts. Rabat 10100, Morocco

  Center for Cross-cultural Learning (CCCL) organizes a variety of cultural and educational activities which include language courses, seminars and lecture series on Moroccan society and Arab and Islamic cultures, artistic shows and performances and educational excursions in different parts of Morocco. The aim of these activities is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn from the richness of cultural diversity in Morocco and to develop approaches to the understanding and the appreciation of cultural differences.  CCCL is a private institution run by Moroccan academics with years of experience in cross-cultural education. Courses of Fus'ha (Modern Standard Arabic) and Darija (Moroccan Arabic) are taught by experienced teachers and the list of lecturers includes names of outstanding English speaking scholars in the areas of social science, humanities and literature as well as artists, journalists, artisans and working men and women with interest in cultural and social issues.

  Middle East Studies Association
1232 N. Cherry Ave.
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
602 621 5850  FAX 602 321 7752

  The Middle East Institute
1761 N Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-0162
202 785 2710
Ambassador Christopher Van Hollen
Editor, Middle East Journal

  The University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern Studies
P.O. Box 210080
Selim M. Franklin Bldg., Rm. 202
1011 E. 5th St
Tucson, AZ 85721-0080
Phone: (520) 621-5450 | Fax: (520) 621-9257

  Arabic study at Al Akhawayn University
Elementary, intermediate, and advanced Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Colloquial is integrated into the curriculum over an 8-week Summer session. Please contact for details.
Contact: Program Coordinator
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
State University of New York -- Binghamton
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
Telephone/Fax: (607) 777-2793

  American Institute for Maghrib Studies  for Arabic study 
Offers intermediate and advanced Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Colloquial over a 6-week Summer program including 1-week of travel. Please contact for details.
American Institute for Maghrib Studies
The University of Arizona
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
P.O. Box 210080
Franklin Bldg., Rm. 202C
Tucson, AZ 85721
Telephone: (520) 626-6498
Fax: (520) 621-9257

  Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)
Elementary, intermediate, and advanced Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Colloquial 3-week and 6-week courses. Please contact for details.
B.P. 2136
Fez 3000, Morocco
Telephone: (212/ 55) 62 48 50
Fax: (212/ 55) 93 16 08

  The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) is a non-profit 501c(3) organization whose aim is to establish community-based projects in Morocco that local people design in partnership with government and non-government agencies. HAF was created by Peace Corps Volunteers and staff who served in Morocco. Its founders utilize their professional relationships, friendships and knowledge gained during their years of Peace Corps service for the continued benefit of the Moroccan people.

Contact is:  Jason Ben-Meir, President, High Atlas Foundation, Park West Station, PO Box 21081, New York, NY 10025, tel. (646) 285-7444, e-mail. 

  Oukaimenden Foundation
Driss El Bouabidi, Founder/Director
241 Broadway, Apt # A Rockland, ME 04841
207 323 1906

  International Institute for Higher Education
1, rue Jabal el Ayachi
Agdal, Rabat
Planning to be the "American University in Rabat"

  Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)
16 bis, Chariaa Omar ibn al Khattab
BP 755
Agdal, Rabat
Mohamed Chtatou, Education Expert

  Society for Moroccan Studies
Geopolitics Centre
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Thornhaught Street, Russel Square
London WC1H 0XG England
44 071 637 2388
contact: John King
Produces Morocco, The Journal of the Society for Moroccan Studies

  Moroccan Studies Society - U.S.
c/o Dr. Harvey Munson, Jr.
Anthropology Dept. Stevens Hall South
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469

  American Museum of Moroccan Art
4419 N Campbell Ave Tucson AZ 85718.6503
520.529.0232   FAX 520 529 2791

  The Near Eastern Art Research Center
4200 Cathedral Ave. Suite 1112
Washington, D.C. 20016
202 686 5108
W. Russel Pickering, Chairman

  The Middle East Institute
1761 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-2882
(202) 785-1141

  The Moroccan Rug and Textile Society
4200 Cathedral Ave. Suite 1112
Washington, D.C. 20016
202 686 5108
W. Russel Pickering, Chairman
see Rug Brat by Brooke Pickering from Oriental Rugs March, 1997

  Aramco World
Saudi Aramco World is published by Saudi Aramco to increase cross-cultural understanding. The bimonthly magazine's mission is to broaden knowledge of the culture of the Arab and Muslim worlds and the history, geography and economy of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco World is distributed without charge, upon request, to interested readers worldwide.
Box 3725  Escondido, CA 92033-3725

  National Council of International Visitors (NCIV)
1420 K Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20005
Telephone: 202 842 1414 or 800 523 8101  FAX 202 289 4625
The National Council for International Visitors is a national network of over 100 private voluntary and commmunity-based organizations that create professional and hospitality opportunities for international visitors and students to meet and exchange ideas with American citizens.  Most visitors are sponsored by the US Information Agency anf the US Agency for International Development.  Ask for information about a local affiliate in your area if you are interested in offering hospitality to visiting Moroccans.

  Arab-American Cultural Foundation
1204 31st Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
202 337 9670
Ms. Lama Dajani, Project Manager
Mr. Hisham Sharabi, Chairman

  National Council on U.S.- Arab Relations
1140 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 1210
Washington, DC 20036
Ph:  (202) 293-0801  Fax: (202) 293-0903

  Office of Christian & Muslim Concerns
INCCC - USA c/o Hartford Seminary
77 Sherman Street
Hartford, CT 06105
203 232 4451

  National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce
1825 K Street N.W. Suite 1107
Washington, D.C. 20006
202 331 8010  FAX 202 331 8297
Jean Abi-Nader, President

  Moroccan/American Foundation
c/o Atlantic Fertilizer
405 Park Ave. Suite 701
New York, New York 10022
212 688 3366 FAX 212 688 4246
Farouk Chaouni, Executive VP

  American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco
Carl Dawson, Executive Director
Hyatt Regency Casablanca, Place des Nations Unies, 
Casablanca 20000, Morocco
Tel: (212) 22 29 30 28, Fax: (212) 22 48 15 97, 
Email: or

The American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco is a private, non-governmental business organization whose mission is to cooperate with all levels of U.S. and Moroccan government and business in maintaining a partnership for sustained economic growth and mutual prosperity.  The AmCham is an association formed by the leaders of U.S. corporations in Morocco as well as Moroccan companies, multinationals, and other organizations and individuals doing business with the United States.  The American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco was established in 1966 and in 2001 celebrated its 35th year of progress in enhancing the economic relations between the United States and Morocco. The Chamber's members represent a broad spectrum of business and financial affairs, and support the operation of the association through annual dues; the Chamber receives no governmental financial support.

  Morocco - U.S. Council on Trade and Investment
Mr. Lester Pollack
Suite 500, N.Y
New York 10020

Mr. Abdou Bensouda
BMCE Building
140, Avenue Hassan II, Casablanca, MOROCCO
Tel: +212 226-4760
Fax: +212 247-1417

Mr. Salah Elmoqaddem
Watergate Building
600 New Hampshire Av, N.W, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 10020
Tel: (202) 965-2380
Fax: (202) 337-0301

The Morocco - U.S. Council on Trade and Investment is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1996 by Mr. Lester Pollack and Mr. Othman Benjelloun to promote greater trade and investment between the United States and Morocco.

  Moroccan American Business Council
c/o Ron Leavell, Executive Director
World Trade Center Suite 314 Boston, MA 02210
TEL: 617-439-5658  FAX: (617) 923-3725
Mailing Address
1085 Commonwealth Avenue Suite 194
Boston , Mass 02215

  Moroccan American Trade Association
25 W. 39th Street #902
New York, New York 10018
212 869 1040

  International Executive Service Corps -US
Trade and Investment Services/Morocco
P.O. Box 10005
Stamford, CT 06904-2005
203 967 6000   FAX 203 324 2531

International Executive Service Corps
Trade and Investment Services/Morocco
Tour Atlas, Fifth Floor
Place Zallaqa
Casablanca, Morocco
305 859 or 307 407  FAX 300 030 (for CISE 5th Floor)

  Moroccan Center for Export Promotion (CMPE)
23 Boulevard Girardot
Casablanca, Morocco
302 210   FAX 301 793   Telex 27847

  Office of Industrial Development (ODI)
10 Rue Ghandi, P.O. Box 211
Rabat, Morocco
708 460  FAX 707 695   Telex 36053

  SPANA, the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad is a voluntary organisation and registered charity founded in Britain in l923.  There are ten centres or refuges where animals are treated or hospitalised and ten mobile clinics going out from these centres to souks (markets) all round the country. Large numbers of working equines can be given basic veterinary care - worming, hoof treatment, wound treatment and dentistry - particularly rasping of teeth.

An agreement with the Veterinary School in Rabat means that all veterinary students must complete two weeks field experience with a mobile clinic, learning basic handling and diagnostic skills. They also have an opportunity to learn surgical techniques, under qualified veterinary surgeons in the free dog and cat spaying programmes.

An education programme is aimed, not only at vets and current animal owners, but at the next generation of Moroccan citizens, by fundamentally changing their attitudes. Interactive exhibitions are being set up in several of the bigger centres, and the National Environmental Education Centre, situated by the lake of Sidi Bou Ghaba has received over 45,000 students so far.

41, Résidence Zohra, Harhoura 12 000 - Temara - Maroc
Tél : (212-3) 7 74 72 09 - Fax : (212-3) 7 74 74 93
E-mail :

  George Washington Academy
Rue de Tah, Cité l'A.I.A
Casablanca, 20200
Tel: +212 (0) 22 98-38-00 Fax: +212 (0) 22 98-39-45

  Global Education
Angle Blvd Omar El Khayam et Blvd Sidi Abderahman
2éme étage #6
Hay Erraha, Casablanca, 20200
Tel: +212 (0) 22 94.38.00 Fax: +212 (0) 22 94.38.01

  Calling Morocco

For phone calls, dial 011, then 212 (the Morocco country prefix), then the city code and finally the telephone number.

Agadir 8
Casablanca 2
El Jadida 34
Essaouria 47
Fez 6
Kenitra 16
Larache 91
Marrakech 4
  Meknes 5
Mohammedia 32
Oujda 68
Rabat 7
Safi 46
Tangier 9
Tetouan 212-96

  List of useful telephone numbers.

British embassy (Rabat) -037 720905 British airways (casa)-022 339524 Hotel Batha (fes)-fes 634860 Dentist (Rabat) (excellent)-037 700943 / 703663 Dinarjet restuarant (Rabat medina,by far the best traditional food in Rabat)-037 704239 Dawliz hotel (sale)-037 883277 Entrecote restaurant (Rabat)-037 671108 Hyatt Hotel (casa)-022 261234 Lereron Restaurant (Rabat)-037 707631 Kangarou Restaurant (Rabat)-037 722226 La Goeland Restaurant (Rabat)-037 768885 La mamas restaurant (Rabat)-037 777329 La peniche restaurant (Rabat) (the place to go for fish)037 785659 Martinez restaurant (Rabat) (owned by the kings sister&again excellent food)-037 752044 Pauls restaurant (Rabat)-037 672000 Puzzle restaurant (Rabat)-037 670006 Royal Air Moroc offices (casa)-020 743943/61 Reggios restaurant (Rabat)-037 776999 Satallite services (samir)(you wont find better or cheaper) Rabat)-068 111783 Sofitel Hotel (Rabat)-037 262727 Soundous Hotel (Rabat)-037 675959 Tex Mex restaurant (Rabat)-037 673300

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