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Friends of Morocco Yellow Pages:
US and Moroccan Government Agencies


FOM Yellow Pages Index

The Honorable ...
US Senate
Washington DC 20510

The Honorable ...
House of Representatives
Washington DC 20515

US Department of State
NEA, Room 6250
Washington DC 20520
202 647 4675
Morocco Desk Officer

US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Cynthia Judge ANE/MENA
Washington DC 20523
(202) 712-4836
Morocco Desk Officer

10, Avenue Mehdi Ben Barka
Souissi, Rabat.
Fax  212-7-63-20-12.

US Information Agency (includes Fulbright program)
NEA, 8th floor
Washington DC 20547
202 619 6528
Magna Siekert, Morocco Desk Officer

US Department of Commerce
Office of NE/ANESA/IEP
Room 2039

International Trade Administration
Washington DC 20230
202 377 5737
Simon Bensimon, Morocco Desk Officer

U.S. Peace Corps Washington, D.C.
1111 20th St NW
Washington, D.C. 20526-800 424 8580 or 202 606 3886 General
Morocco Desk 800 424 8580 x 2245 or 202 606 3196
Morocco Desk FAX 202 606 2375

Aaron S. Williams, Director
Carrie Hessler-Radelet., Deputy Director
Cicely Wolters, Morocco Desk Officer
Returned Volunteer Services (x2284)
Peace Corps Partnership 202 606 3406 or x2227
Peace Corps Gift in Kind 202 606 3063 or x2227

U.S. Peace Corps - Morocco

2, Rue Abou Marouane Essaadi
Agdal Rabat 10100 Morocco
calling PC office from overseas: 212
Fax: 212

Peggy McClure, Director
Gordon Mingel is APCD & Programming and Training Officer (PTO)
El Mostafa Lamqaddam, APCD Health-Sanitation/ Health Program Manager
Mohssine Tadlaoui-Cherki, APCD Agriculture & Environment Program Manager
Bouchra El Achkar, APCD Small Business Development Manager
Abdelghani Lamnaouar and Amina Fahim, APCD Youth Development Program Manager
Carmen Redlin, PC Medical Officer
Dr. Mohamed Hamid is also PC Medical Officer (PCMO)
Nina Favor,
APCD &Administrative Officer
M'Hamed El Kadi, Information Resource Center Director and FOM Liaison
PeaceWorks (newsletter)

NOTE: Mail to Embassy or consulate employees, the Peace Corps Director, and the APCDs can be sent to:
PSC 74, Box 3, APO AE 09718

APO (Army Post Office) only requires domestic postage. Mail to all other Peace Corps/Morocco employees and PCVs should be sent directly to 2, Rue Abou Marouane Essaadi, Agdal Rabat 10100 Morocco, and requires overseas postage.

United States Embassy
2 Avenue Mohamed El Fassi (formerly Avenue de Marrakech) Rabat
PSC 74, Box 3, APO AE 09718
Morocco Background Notes

Tel [212] (3) 7-76-2265, Fax 76-56-61
afterhours Tel 76-96-39; PAO Tel 75-81-81, Fax 75-08-63; AID Fax 63-20-12. Web site

Key Officers
Samuel Louis Kaplan, Ambassador
Deputy Chief of Mission--Robert Jackson
Political Counselor--Gregory Thome
Economic Counselor--Michael DeTar
Agricultural Affairs Officer--Hassan Ahmed
Foreign Commercial Officer--Jane Kitson
Consul General, Casablanca--Elisabeth Millard
John Groarke, USAID Mission Director
Mary V. Jeffers, Public Affairs Officer
Ed Thomas, Dir., Fulbright Comm. (MACECE)
Background Note: Morocco

The U.S. Embassy in Morocco is located at 2 Avenue de Marrakech, Rabat tel. 212 (37) 76-22-65

US Consulate General, Casablanca
8 Blvd. Moulay Youssef Casablanca
PSC 74, Box 24, APO AE 09718 (CAS)
Tel [212] (2) 26-45-50, Fax 20-41-27; COM Fax 22-20-59; PAO Tel 22-14-60, Fax 29-91-36;
duty officer cellular tel [212] (01) 17-12-67

Public Affairs Section
(in Rabat) 2, Avenue de Mohamed El Fassi, Rabat, Morocco
Tel.: (212)-(537)-66-81-00/Fax: (212)-(537)-66-82-84
(In Casablanca) Dar America 10 Place Bel Air Casablanca, Morocco
Telephone: (212)(522)-22-14-60. Fax: (212)(522)-29-91-36  

Government of Morocco on the WWW

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Morocco (according to the CIA)

Embassy of Morocco
1601 21st Street NW
Washington DC 20009
202 462 7979 to 7982, inclusive
FAX 202 265 0161
His Excellency Ambassador Rachad Bouhla, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Mr. Abderrahim Rahhaly, Deputy Chief of Mission
Ms. Faiza Mehdi, Cultural Section

The Embassy Annex (Economic & Consular Section) is located at:
1211 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 312 Washington, DC 20036
Phone : 202 457 0012, 202 457 0020, 202 457 0030
Fax : 202 457 0053

Consul-General of the Kingdom of Morocco
10 East 40th Street 24th Floor
New York, New York 10016 United States
Phone: +1-212-213 9644 and +1-212-758 2625
Fax: +1-212-7254198

Abdeslam Jaidi, Consul General

The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations
H.E. Mr Mohammed Loulichki, Ambassadeur extraordinaire et plénipotentiaire Représentant Permanent
866 2nd Ave, 6th Floor New York, NY 10017 USA
Telephone: (212) 421.1580 Fax: (212) 421.7826 or (212) 980.1512

Kingdom of Morocco Website
Embassy of Morocco in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Consulate General of Morocco in Montreal, Canada
Embassy of Morocco in Ottawa, Canada 
Embassy of Morocco in Bogota, Colombia
Embassy of Morocco in Berlin, Germany
Moroccan National Office of Tourism in Madrid, Spain
Diplomatic representation in the US: - Click Here - 1601 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20009  telephone : [1] (202) 462-7979 through 7982 FAX: [1] (202) 265-0161 consulate(s) general: New York 
Listing of the Diplomatic Representatives of Morocco Représentations Diplomatiques Etrangères au Maroc
Embassies of other nations to Morocco

Delegation of the European Commission in Rabat, Morocco 
French Embassy in Rabat, Morocco  Ambassade de France à Rabat, Maroc 
French Consulate General in Casablanca, Morocco  Consulat Gnral de France Casablanca, Maroc
French Consulate General in Fes, Morocco Consulat Gnral de France Fes, Maroc
French Economic and Financial Mission to Morocco Mission Economique et Financière 
French Economic and Financial Mission Mission conomique et Financire
French Consulate General in Tanger, Morocco Consulat Gnral de France Tanger, Maroc
Royal Netherlands Embasssy in Rabat, Morocco Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in Rabat, Marokko
Embassy of the United States of America in the Kingdom of Morocco

Moroccan American Center for Policy (MACP) is a non-profit organization whose principle mission is to inform opinion makers, government officials and an interested public in the United States about political and social developments in Morocco and the role being played by the Kingdom of Morocco in broader strategic developments in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. It is an initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI that focuses on enhancing a broad range of Moroccan-US relations.

The Moroccan Investment and Development Agency (MIDA)
Rockefeller Group Business Centers 1221 Avenue of The Americas, Suite 4200, New York, NY 10020 USA
Tel. 212 899 5577
Fax 212 899 5403

Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP: Moroccan news agency)
2807 N. Lorcum Lane
Arlington, VA 22207
702 243 7055
Mostapha Chtaini

Royal Air Maroc
680 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10013
1 800 344 6726
Moustaph BenKiran

Moroccan National Tourism Office (New York)
104 W 40th Street Suite 1820
New York, NY 10018
212-221-1583 Fax : 212-221-1887

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