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FOM Committee Assignments and Special Projects Ideas

  Join the FOM management team
See the list for vacancies and ideas on possible tasks

  Help us find the lost volunteers
Friends of Morocco has a database with the names of almost 3000 persons, most of whom were Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco.  There are some 900 persons with whom we have lost contact.  Please review our lost member list and let us know if you have any contact information.  If you are proficient with electronic data searches, you can help us locate some of these people.  The list takes about 20 seconds to load at 56K

  Improving the FOM Web site
Organize the 150 recipes now on the FOM web site by parts of the meal and by main ingredient.
Developing web pages to post
Identifying ways to generate income for FOM from the WWW
Improving our presentation
Verification of addresses and web sites
Start and manage a list serve for Friends of Morocco

  Connections:  Be a Year of Service point of contact
1961-66 Contact J J van der Water
1976-80 Peace Corps Morocco  Network:  Purpose is to provide a permanent place for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, -- who served in Morocco at any time, for any length of time during the years: 1976 to1980 -- to network and stay connected.
1987-89 RPCVs had a reunion July 28-30, 2000 in Breckenridge, Colorado. Contact Cathy Donahoe or Sandy Barton

  Connections:  Start a FOM chapter in your area
FOM can provide contact information on returned Morocco RPCVs and others with a Morocco connection in your geographic area.  Host a pot luck picnic, do a fund raiser, do a slide and picture show.  Trade Moroccan memorabilia

  Market FOM:  Create a database of addresses listed on the FOM web site and contact them to request web links and FOM membership

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