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Weather in Morocco from Peace Corps Day 1998

In Morocco the climate and seasons are very similar to California. Cool on the coast all year long. Reaching into the low 90's during July and August. Inland it is hot. Summertime in the north gets to be in the 100's; in the south about 110 and up. The mountains get snow. The southern region may get 2-3 inches of rain per year. The humidity is low except on the coast. Spring and fall are beautiful, but they last only about 3 weeks each. The winter in the north is very cold. Typical desert climate.

It was very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter in Taza. Snow fell in Taza for the first time in 40 years while I was there. It stuck and lasted for 3 days. Most people in the town had never seen snow, but all enjoyed the work holiday that it created.


Morocco is quite temperate. It's more or less summer there 8 or 9 months of the year. The term for winter is "shtah," or "rain"--it's supposed to be the Moroccan rainy season, but over the last few years there has been a serious drought problem and winters are merely damp and occasionally drizzly. There is snow at the higher elevations, and even some skiing down near Marrakech. There are 2 major mountain ranges in the country ,the Rif and the Atlas, the latter being separated into High Atlas and Middle Atlas. They also have a slight affect on the weather. Generally, though, the climate all over the country is warm to hot and dry--very low humidity. The summers can get well over 100 degrees, with the spring and fall hovering around 85 or so.

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