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Proverbs from Morocco for Peace Corps Day 1998

There are many, many proverbs in Morocco. My favorite was "shweea b shweea, l'jamal imshi f'sooksoo" meaning, "little by little, the camel goes into the couscous." This is also stated by saying, "nqta b nqtaqay amal l'oued"--"drop by drop flows the river." Time is simply not important in Morocco; everything happens at its own pace, and everyone is important. Eventually the camel will get into your couscous when you're not looking, and yes, that river seems powerful when you watch it flowing along, but you must remember that millions of little drops make up the strength of the river.

Of course, the most important word in anyone's social vocabulary is "Insha'allah," meaning "God (Allah) willing." This is used in situations ranging from asking about the weather ("Do you think it will rain tomorrow?" -- "Insha'allah, we need it!") to avoiding an invitation you don't want to accept ("We'd love to have you over for dinner this week." -- "Insha'allah, I will be there.") to finding out about travel arrangements ("Will this bus be going to Rabat today?" -- "Insha'allah!"). If things don't happen the way they're supposed to, it just wasn't Allah's will.

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