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Peace Corps Country Information for Peace Corps Day
Kingdom of Morocco

Name: Kingdom of Morocco

Geographic Coordinates: 32 00N; 5 00W

Land Area: 172,320 square miles, slightly larger than California

Land Boundaries: Algeria, Western Sahara

Coastline: 1,835 km along North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea

Highest Point: Jebel Toubkal 13,665 ft

Principal Towns: Rabat (capital), Marrakesh

Percent Urban: 51

Date of Independence: 2 April 15 956 from France

Suffrage: Universal at age 21

Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber 99.1%, other

Population: 28.2 million (mid-1997)

Birth Rate (per 1000): 26

Death Rate (per 1000): 6

Life Expectancy at Birth: 68

Age Distribution: 36% under age 15, 5% over 65

Literacy: 43.7% over age 15 (1995)

Languages: Arabic (official), Berber dialects, French

Religions: Muslim 98.7%, Christian 1.1%,

Natural Resources: Phosphates, iron ore, manganese, lead, zinc, fish, salt

Main Exports: Food and beverages, semiprocessed goods, consumer goods, phosphates

Currency: 1 Moroccan dirham (DH) = 100 centimes

Environmental Issues: Land degradation/desertification (soil erosion resulting from farming of marginal areas, overgrazing, destruction of vegetation); water supplies contaminated by untreated sewage; siltation of reservoirs; oil pollution of coastal waters

Natural Hazards: Northern mountains geologically unstable, earthquakes; periodic droughts

Peace Corps Entry: 1962-1991; 1991-

Total Number of Peace Corps Volunteers: 3,347

Average Number of Volunteers: 115

This material does not reflect the official opinion of the United States Government or of the Peace Corps. The reader should be aware that birth and death rates, literacy levels, school enrollment percentages, religious preferences, life expectancy, health statistics and basic economic and population figures are often difficult to calculate in many countries around the world. Readers should be aware of this reality when they pursue information on Peace Corps host countries. Research updated 8/97.
Research and format by Jeanne Pugh, University of Iowa and Stephanie Hallett, George Washington University and Cristina Everett, Educator.

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