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A collection of Morocco-related publications on the WWW

   A Short History of Moroccan Armed Forces by Abdul- Haq Al-Merini has been reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Youssef H. Aboul- Enein of the U. S. Navy in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Military Review January-February 2004 P 75-79. From the review: “Al- Merini begins his book, which is enthralling from beginning to end, by discussing the frustrations Roman legions faced while pacifying Moroccan tribesmen. He mentions the importance of Moroccan tribes in the Islamic expansion beginning in A. D. 711 and concludes with Morocco’s roles in World War II, Operation Desert Storm, and peacekeeping operations in the Congo, Somalia, and the Balkans. Understanding the Moroccan military will help further the relationship between U. S. and Moroccan Armed Forces, particularly as both nations are committed to battling Islamic militancy and terrorism.

   Davis, D.A. 1987. Formal operational thought and the Moroccan adolescent. In J. Valsiner (Ed.) Cultural context and child development: Towards a culture-inclusive developmental psychology. Hofgrefe, 1988.

   Davis, D.A., & Davis, S.S. (1993). Sexual values in a Moroccan town. In W.J. Lonner & R.S. Malpass (Eds.) Psychology and culture. Needham Heights: Allyn and Bacon, pp. 225-230

   Davis, D.A. (1995). Modernizing the sexes: Changing gender relations in a Moroccan town. In A. Schlegel (Ed.) Special Issue on Adolescence. Ethos, 23, 69-78.

   Davis, D.A., & Davis, S.S. (1995). Possessed by love: Gender and romance in Morocco. In W. Jankowiak (Ed.) Romantic passion: A universal experience? New York: Columbia University Press. pp. 219-238

   Davis, S.S., & Davis, D.A. (1995). "The mosque and the satellite": Media and adolescence in a Moroccan town. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 24, 577-593.

    RPCV Scott Estergard, with excellent essays on his life in Morocco (including his Moroccan marriage) as well as photos and some Morocco links.

    Ketterer, James. 2001 Networks of Discontent in Northern Morocco: Drugs, Opposition and Urban Unrest  by Middle East Report 218 Spring 2001

   Lost in the Sahara, by Jeffrey Tayler a PCV in Morocco who tells how “a freak sandstorm turns a simple desert excursion into a desperate drive.” From the pages of the Salon, a top notch literary web 'zine.  Also from ex-PCV Jeffrey Taylor, “Save Me, Wild Qahba” tells of his wild night -- and the “fallen women” -- in a Morocan hash house. Also from Salon.

    A visit to Wazan, the sacred city of Morocco 1880- Watson, Robert Spence, 1837-1911

    Ritual And Belief In Morocco 1926 Edward Westermarck

    In Morocco 1920 Edith Wharton


    USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) is the largest online resource for USAID funded technical and program documentation. Lists about 1500 publications regard Morocco

            USAID Natural Resources Information Clearing House: over sixty publications related to environment and natural resources management in Morocco

    Representing Morocco Working Papers on the Web ISSN 1478-3703 Volume 7 October 2004

Mohamed Laamiri and Sara Mills:'Introduction'.

Karim Bejjit: 'Encountering the Infidels: Restoration Images of the Moors'.

Khalid Bekkaoui: 'The Moorish Figure and Figures of Resistance'.

Khalid Chaouch: 'British Travellers to Morocco and their Accounts, from mid-16th to mid-20th Centuries: A Bibliography'.

Mohamed Dellal: 'Re-presenting Minorities : Wyndham Lewis’ Journey Into Berber Athena'.

Ahmed Idrissi Allal: 'Discordant evangelical visions, ideological intent and the construction of the reader in James Richardson's Travels in Morocco (1860)'.

Mohamed Laamiri: 'Barbary in British Travel Texts'.

1. Jilali El Koudia, Stories Under the Sun, reviewed by Said Mentak
2. Abdellatif Akbib, Tangier's Eyes on America, reviewed by Said Mentak

3. Elizabeth Marsh, The Female Captive: A Narrative of Facts Which Happened in Barbary in the Year 1756, Written by Herself, ed. Khalid Bekkaoui, reviewed by Samantha Pitchforth


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