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English language non-fiction books about Morocco
A bibliography based on work by Robert S Drake
alphabetical by author

For ease, the red underlined titles can be ordered directly from the online bookstore by clicking on the title, since this page is in association with   Book reviews and referrals are often included.  Some books are listed as "out of print": Amazon can look for those too. Or those, and indeed all, can be found at a library; university libraries are especially good for older books.

British Travellers to Morocco and their Accounts, from mid-16th to mid-20th Centuries: A Bibliography
Khalid Chaouch, University of Ben Mellal

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Aage, Prince of Denmark.  1928.  My Life in the Foreign Legion. London.

Abu-Loghod, Janet L. 1980.  Rabat: Urban Apartheid in Morocco. Princeton.

Addison, L. 1671.  West Barbary. London.

Addison, L. 1681.  The Morres Baffled. London.

Alfalo, M. 1904.  The Truth About Morocco. London.

Ali Bey (Domingo Badia y Leblich). 1816.   The Travels of Ali Bey. London.

Alimen, H. 1957.  The Prehistory of Africa. London.

Allen, Gardner W. 1905.  Our Navy and the Barbary Corsairs. New York,

Anderson, Eugene N. 1930.  The First Moroccan Crisis, 1904-1906. Chicago,

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Ashmead-Bartlett, E. 1910.  The Passing of the Shereefian Empire. London,

Barbour, Nevill. 1959.  A Survey of Northwest Africa. Oxford,

Barbour, Nevill. 1962.  Morocco. London,

Barea, Arturo. 1956.  The Forging of a Rebel. New York,

Barlow, Ima Christina. 1940.  The Agadir Crisis. Chapel Hill,

Bartels, Albert. 1932.  Fighting the French in Morocco. London,

Barrows, David Prescott. 1927.  Berbers and Blacks. New York,

Battuta, Abd Allah Ibn. 1929.  Travels in Asis and Africa, 1325-1354. London,

Bernard, Stephane. 1968.  The Franco-Moroccan Conflict, 1943-1956. New Haven,

Berque, Jacques. 1957.  French North Africa. New York,

Bensusan and Forrest. 1904.  Morocco. London,

Betts, R. 1961.  Administration and Association in French Colonial Policy, 1890-1914. New York,

Bidwell, Robin Leonard. 1973. Morocco Under Colonial Rule:  French administration of tribal areas 1912-1956 . London

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Bovill, E. W. 1933.  Caravans of the Old Sahara. Oxford, .

Bovill, E. W. 1952.  The Battle of Alcazar. London,

Bovill, E. W. 1958.  The Golden Trade of the Moors. London,

Briggs, Lloyd Cabot. 1955.  The Stoneage Races of North Africa. Cambridge,

Briggs, Lloyd Cabot. 1960.  Tribes of the Sahara. Cambridge,

Brooks, F. 1693.  Barbarian Cruelty. London,

Brown, Kenneth. 1976.  People of Sale: Tradition and Change in a Moroccan City, 1830-1930. Cambridge, Massachusetts,

Burke, Edmund III. 1977.  Prelude to Protectorate in Morocco: Precolonial Protest and Resistance, 1860-1912. Chicago.

Ira M. Lapidus (Editor), Edmund Burke (Editor). 1990 Reprint edition. Islam, Politics, and Social Movements (Comparative Studies on Muslim Societies, No 5) Univ California Press; ISBN: 0520068688

Codman, Charles F. 1957.  Drive. Boston,

Coon, Carleton. 1952.  Caravan. London,

Coon, Carleton. 1932.  Flesh of the Wild Ox. London,

Coon, Carleton. 1931.  Tribes of the Rif. Cambridge, Massachusetts,

Cruickshank, Earl F. 1935.  Morocco at the Parting of the Ways. London,

Cunninghame-Grahame, Robert Bontine. 1930.  Moghreb-El Acksa. New York,

Davis, Susan Schaefer. 1983.  Patience and Power: Women's Lives in a Moroccan Village. Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Schenkman Books; ISBN: 0870735047

De Amcis, Edmondo. 1882. Morocco: Its People and Places. Translated by C. Rollin-Tilton. G.P. Putnam Sons. New York. Republished (December 1984) Hyperion Books Hardcover: 396 pages ISBN: 1850770557

Drummond Hay, Sir John. 1896.  A Memoir of Sir John Drummond Hay. London,

Dunn, Ross E. 1977.  Resistance in the Desert: Moroccan Responses to French Imperialism 1881-1912 . London. Univ of Wisconsin Pr; 291 pages.  ISBN: 0299073602

Eikelman, Dale F. 1976.  Moroccan Islam: Tradition and Society in a Pilgrimage Center. Austin,

Eikelman, Dale F. 1985.  Reprint edition 1992 Knowledge and Power in Morocco : The Education of a Twentieth-Century Notable (Princeton Studies on the Near East)   Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 069102555X

Elliot, A. 1682.  A Narrative of my Travails, Captivity, and Escape from Salle in the Kingdom of Fez. London,

Epton, Nina. 1958.  Saints and Sorcerers. A Moroccan Journey. London,

Fassi, Allal Al. 1954.  The Independence Movements in Arab North Africa. Washington,

Fisher, Sir Godfrey. 1957.  The Barbary Legend (1415-1830). Oxford,

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Gauthier, E. F. 1935.  Sahara, The Great Desert. New York,

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Gellner, Ernest. 1961.  Saints of the Atlas. London,

Gellner, Ernest and Charles Micaud (Eds.) 1973.  Arabs and Berbers: From Tribe to Nation in North Africa. Lexington, Mass., and London.

Gerster, G. 1961.  Sahara, Desert of Destiny. New York,

Grove, Lady. 1902.  Seventy-one Days Camping in Morocco. London,

Hall, Luella J. 1971.  The United States and Morocco, 1776-1956. Metuchen, N.J.,

Halstead, John P.  1967.  Rebirth of a Nation: The Origins and Rise of Moroccan Nationalism,  1912-1944. Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Richard S. Harrell.  1965A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic (The Richard Slade Harrell Arabic Series) Georgetown Univ School of Language; ISBN: 0878400052

Harris, Lawrence. 1909.  With Mulai Hafid at Fez. London,

Harris, Walter B. 1927.  France, Spain and the Rif. London,

Harris, Walter B. 1919.  Modern Morocco, Bank of British West Africa. Tangier,

Harris, Walter B. 1921.  Morocco That Was. London,

Harris, Walter B. 1895.   Tafilet. London,

Harris, Walter B. 1889.  The Land of the African Sultan. London,

Hassan II. 1979.  The Challenge: The Memoirs of King Hassan II of Morocco. London,

Hodges, Tony. 1984.  Western Sahara: Polisario's War for Independence. Westport, Conn.,

Hoffman, Eleanor. 1965.  Realm of the Evening Star. Philadelphia,

Hoisington, William. 1984.  The Casablanca Connection. Chapel Hill,

Hopkins, J. F. P.  1958.  Medieval Muslim Government in Barbary until the Sixth Century of the Hijira. London,

Howe, Marvine. 1955. The Prince and I. New York,

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Hughes, Stephen O. 2001. Morocco under King Hassan. Ithaca Press. Reading, UK

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Jackson, J. 1810.  An Account of the Empire of Morocco and of the Districts of Sus and Tafilelt. Philadelphia,

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Kerr, Dr. Robert. 1912.  Morocco After Twenty-five Years. London,

Knight, Melvin. 1937.  Morocco's French Economic Adventure. New York.

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Landau, Rom. 1962.  Hassan II, King of Morocco. London,

Landau, Rom. 1956.  Moroccan Drama. London,

Landau, Rom. 1951.  The Beauty of Morocco. London,

Landau, Rom. 1951.  The Sultan of Morocco. London,

Lane-Poole, Stanley. 1886.  The Story of the Moors in Spain. New York,

Leaky, Louis Seymour Bazett. 1936.  Stone Age of Africa. London,

Leared, Arthur. 1879.  A Visit to the Court of Morocco. London,

Leared, Arthur. 1876.  Morocco and the Moors. London,

Le Tourneau, Roger. 1961.  Fez in the Age of the Marinides. Norman, Oklahoma.

Lodwick, John. 1956.  The Forbidden Coast. London,

Loti, Pierre. 1889. Into Morocco. New York,

MacBurney, C.B.M. 1960.  The Stoneage of North Africa. London,

MacKenzie, Donald. 1877.  The Flooding of the Sahara. London,

MacKenzie, Donald. 1911. The Khalifate of the West. London,

El Makkari, Ahmad. 1840.  History of the Mohammedian Dynasties in Spain. London,

Maurois, Andre. 1931.  Marshall Lyautey. London,

Maxwell, Gavin. 1966.  Lords of the Atlas. London,

Meakin, Budgett. 1905.  Life in Morocco. London,

Meakin, Budgett. 1901.  The Land of the Moors. London,

Meakin, Budgett. 1899.  The Moorish Empire. London,

Meakin, Budgett. 1902.  The Moors. London,

Mellor, Frank. 1939.  Morocco Awakes. London,

Mercer, John. 1976.  Spanish Sahara. London,

Mernissi, Fatima. 1975.  Beyond the Veil. Cambridge, Massachusetts,

Mernissi, Fatima.  1987  (Revised edition)  Beyond the Veil : Male-Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society 200 pages.  Indiana Univ Pr; ISBN: 0253204232

Mikesell, M.W. 1961. Northern Morocco, A Cultural Geography. Berkeley,

Miller, Webb. 1936.  I Found No Peace. New York,

Montagne, Robert.  1973.  The Berbers: Their Social and Political Organization. London,

Monteil, Victor. 1964.  Morocco. London,

Moore, Frederick. 1908.  The Passing of Morocco. London,

Moran, John Michael. 1994. Younger than that now: A Peace Corps volunteer remembers Morocco.  Full Court Press, San Antonio. 

Morel, E.  1912. Morocco in Diplomacy. London,

Nash, Howard P. 1968.  The Forgotten Wars. London,

Ockley,Reverend S. 1713.  An Account of South-West Barbary. London,

O'Connnor, Scott. 1923.  A Vision of Morocco. London,

Parker, Richard. 1981.  A Practical Guide to Islamic Monuments in Morocco. Charlottesville,  Virginia,

Parsons, F.V. 1976.  The Origins of the Moroccan Question. London,

Pellow, Thomas. 1860.  The Adventures of Thomas Pellow of Penryn, Mariner. London,

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Porch, Douglas. 1983.  The Conquest of Morocco. New York (Review)

Porch, Douglas. 1984.  The Conquest of the Sahara. New York (Review)

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Stuart, Graham. 1931.  The International City of Tangier. Stanford,

Trout, Frank E. 1969.  Morocco's Saharan Frontiers. Geneva,

Turnbill, Patrick. 1960.  The Hotter Winds. London,

Usborne, Vice-Admiral C. 1936.  The Conquest of Morocco. London,

Van Passen, Pierre. 1939.  Days of our Years. London,

Vieuchange, M. Smara: 1933.  The Forbidden City. London,

Warne, O.H. 1937.  Present-Day Morocco. London,

Waterbury, John. 1972.  North for the Trade: The Life and Times of a Berber Merchant. Berkeley,

Waterbury, John. 1970.  The Commander of the Faithful: The Moroccan Political Elite - A Study in Segmented Politics. New York,

Watson, R. Spence. 1880.  A visit to Wazan, the sacred city of Morocco. London. Download

Wazan, Emily, Shereefa of. 1911.  My Life Story. London,

Welch, Galbraith. 1949.  North African Interlude. New York,

Westermarck, Edward. 1926.  Ritual and Belief in Morocco. London, Download

Wharton, Edith. 1920.  In Morocco. London, Download

Windus, J. 1725.  A Journey to Mequinez. London,

Woolman, David S. 1968.  Rebels in the Rif. Stanford,

Wren, P.C. 1929.  Stories of the French Foreign Legion. New York,

Wright, L.B. and MacLeod, J.B. 1945.  The First Americans in North Africa. Princeton,

Zartman, William. 1964.  Morocco: Problems of Power. New York,

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