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Israeli-Moroccan Friendship Association

OUR GOALS:  To contribute to development and exchange of delegations for :
Cultural exchanges
Academic research
Youth and Sports
Promotion of commercial and economic relationships between the two countries

We are registered as a non-profit organization at the Ministry of Interior in Israel -No 58 - 025 - 529 -7 and were founded in 1995, when Israel and Morocco started official contacts.

Brochure/annual report available in Hebrew only

We are members in the Israel Federation of Bi - National Friendship Associations.

Our activities we have done in our five years are :
Permanent contacts with the ministry of Foreign Office ( Israel) - The Liaison Office of Israel in Rabat.
The Liaison Office of the Kingdom of Morocco in Tel-Aviv.

1/ 1995 -Reception  with the participation of 1000 people for our launching.

2/ 1995 -Support to the Moroccan Delegation to " ISRAFOOD " - the International food fair in Tel-AVIV .

3/ 1996 -Delegation to Morocco - 15 persons including 3 Professors of the HADASSA HOSPITAL in Jerusalem Contacts between us and VIP in different ministries in Rabat and reception at the Israeli representative.
Different meetings with our friends in Casablanca , Rabat , Meknes , Fes and  Marrakech.
4/ 1996 -Support to the Moroccan  Foot - ball team to International tournament in Tel-Aviv.
5/ 1996 -Support to the Moroccan delegation to" AGRITECH "-the International agricultural fair in Tel-aviv           
6/ 1997-Two days course about the relationships between Israel / Morocco.with the participation of 150  people
7/ 1998 - Assistance to 3 Moroccan students during one year in Tel-Aviv.

8/ 1999 -Conference for HASSAN II birthday on the subject: The contribution of Morocco to the peace process
in the middle- east .
9/ 1999 -Support to the Moroccan delegation ( 200 persons) to "AGRITECH". 
  And many other assistance to Moroccan visitors.  

ADDRESS:  Shimon SKIRA 8 KEHILAT SALONIKI ST. TEL-AVIV 69513 CELLULAR :+ 972 . 54 . 414620 HOME : + 972 . 3 . 644 00 31

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