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Peace Corps/Morocco
NOV. 2007

God Phrases


English translation

When used


in the name of God

before eating; before doing almost anything


God help you

hello; good bye; literally "may God help you"

llah isllim

God help you too

response to llahiعawn


To your health

to people who are eating; wearing new clothes, after bathing;


May God give you health too; congratulations; good job

response to bşHa; said to someone who cooks a good meal or does something well


Thank God

after eating; after hard work; during greeting; after escaping from something bad; any time something good happens



when someone has a baby; during holidays; after getting married; after making a new large purchase (i.e. house, car, etc.); can be used with any high achievement

llahibark fik

May God bless you

response to mrbuk


May God replenish you

after eating at someone's house; after someone pays you for something

xaf mn llah

fear God

said to someone who is doing something bad

il rbbi salama

May God grant peace

if something bad is happening or about to happen


May God bless you

used to thank someone

ila rbbi

There is God

used when you are helpless; also used when you fail at something and there is nothing you can do


May God cover your sins

"may God protect you;" "God forbid;" used if you see someone acting weird/doing something abnormal; can be used as a threat

ika rbbi lxir

There is plenty

used if there is a lot of something (i.e. water, crops, etc.); if there is good weather; if a project happens/goes well


May God send mercy

used if you see something bad happening; when children are misbehaving; when things are multiplying abnormally (in nature)

il rbbi lmut

May God send you to the grave

is a curse; said to a naughty child; curses someone who does something bad to you


May God bless… to chase the evil eye

used if something is prosporous; when seeing a child in good health; when seeing something that is well accomplished

rrbi lman

May God send peace

said to someone who is traveling; when talking about something that is supposed to happen in the future


God willing

literally "God willing;" used to confirm or place doubt on future plans (must read voice/body language to know which)

llah irHam lwaldin

God bless your parents

used to thank someone for something big

llah inعl lwaldik

God curse your parents

big insult; used if someone does something really bad to you (will result a strong negative reaction)

ad ig arrbi str

May God cover your sins

used to say good bye; can also be used to mean "may God protect you"

ad iعfu rrbi

May God repent your sins

said to someone who is sick or who lights your cigarette

ad iawi rrbi…

May God bring…

said when you wish for something good to happen (i.e. rain, work, etc.)

ak/akm yari rrbi I lbla

May God put all wickedness away from you

can be used anytime you talk about bad things or bad habits

ad ak/am irzm rrbi lbiban n ljnt

May God open the doors of paradise for you

a BIG thank you (i.e. if someone gives you a really big gift, saves your life, etc.) (used rarely)

ad ak/am ibdd/illi rrbi

May God support you

used when someone dies

ad ak/am irzq rrbi sbr

May God give you patience

used when someone dies

ajarakum llah

May God give you his rewards

used when someone dies

ad isxr rrbi

May God bless

said to crops, children (i.e. when someone introduces his kids, fields or animals to you) (is supposed to keep the evil eye away)

mš iktab (rrbi)

if it is written

used to talk about future plans

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