FOM Newsletter Spring 1997

Moroccan American Circle: MAC

The Moroccan American Circle (MAC) is an association established to contribute to the development of cultural, social, and economic exchanges between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America.  It encourages contacts facilitating a true understanding of both Moroccan and American civilizations, orients returning Moroccan graduates of American educational institutions into activities which correspond to their fields of studies so that they may better contribute to the national development, and participates in the creation and/or development of any group, and in the publication of any intellectual document consistent with the goals and objectives of MAC.

Members may be active or honorary. An active member is any Moroccan citizen who has studied in the USA for at least one academic year, any Moroccan citizen who was engaged in a professional activity in the USA for at least one year without interruption, or any American citizen who is presently living or plans to live in Morocco for at least one year without interruption.

An associate member is any Moroccan or American citizen who has contributed or contributes to the cultural and/or social development of MAC, pending approval by the board. An honorary member is anyone who has a special interest in MAC and its goals, and whose candidacy is proposed by one member of the board and approved by all the other members.

Want to be a member? Contact MAC, 5, Place Bel Air, Casablanca, Morocco, or fax 212.2.206099.

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