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Morocco Week in Review 
April 4, 2020

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COVID-19 Cases in Morocco Jumps to 676

The announcement comes as the World Health Organization warns the number of cases globally will hit one million in the coming days.

By Madeleine Handaji - Apr 2, 2020 Rabat

Morocco’s Ministry of Health today announced 22 new cases of COVID-19. The latest figure brings the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 676.  Morocco has recorded 39 deaths during the novel coronavirus pandemic, however 29 people have recovered. Health authorities continue to test as many suspected cases as possible, as the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that early testing could save lives and curb the spread of the pandemic.

New flying reptile fossils discovered in Morocco

March 30, 2020 By ANA Reporter Cape Town

Scientists have discovered three new species of flying reptiles that lived in the Moroccan Sahara over 100 million years ago, according to British daily newspaper, The Guardian. The discovery was made by Portsmouth University palaeontologist, professor David Martill along with a team of researchers from Morocco and the United States. The discovery confirms the existence of a community of pterosaurs that inhabited pre-historic Morocco. Published in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research, the study is helping to uncover the poorly-known evolutionary history of Africa during the time of the dinosaurs. According to a university spokeswoman quoted by The Guardian, the new finds showed that African pterosaurs were “quite similar” to those found on other continents.  According to Science Daily, the pterosaurs, which soared above a world dominated by predators, formed part of an ancient river ecosystem in Africa that was full of life including fish, crocodiles, turtles and several predatory dinosaurs.

Coronavirus- Resources for women victims of violence

Given the 2019 coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we are taking this opportunity to share with you a new online emergency resource for women victims of violence during this period:

During the current national health emergency and movement restrictions, Moroccan associations are taking up the challenge to continue to support women victims of violence, despite the difficult circumstances. This page, designed for this crisis, contains special contact numbers made available by associations in various regions across Morocco in order to maintain their counseling and other services for women victims of violence.
Given the expected increase in domestic violence as a consequence of home confinement, it is imperative that emergency measures be taken and that women who are victims of violence know where to turn for assistance. Thank you in advance for sharing this link with everyone who may find it helpful. We will update this link with new resources as we receive them. Please do not hesitate to send us additional resources and contacts and we will be happy to add them.

Morocco Launches Registration for Informal Workers’ COVID-19 Aid

Informal workers with suspended activity due to the COVID-19 crisis are set to receive between MAD 800 ($80) and MAD 1,200 ($120) monthly.

By Yahia Hatim - Mar 30, 2020 Rabat

Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior launched today, March 30, the registration process for informal workers with suspended activity to benefit from a monthly assistance stipend. Moroccan workers in the informal sector should send their registration number under the National Medical Assistance Program (RAMED) to the toll-free number 1212. Workers can also call the 1212 telephone number to request more information and assistance, or to file complaints.
More here: ttps://

April’s Pink Moon: How to View the Biggest Supermoon of 2020 in Morocco

To view the spring supermoon, skywatchers should find an open area to watch as it rises above the horizon.

By Morgan Hekking- Apr 1, 2020 Rabat

Skywatchers in Morocco can get ready to view the largest supermoon of 2020, the “Pink Moon,” on April 8 at approximately 3:35 a.m. local time.
In North America, the Pink Moon will appear full at 10:35 p.m. EDT on April 7.  Given the five hour time difference, those in Morocco will have to stay up until the early hours of April 8 to see the Pink Moon.  To view the spring supermoon, skywatchers should find an open area and watch as it rises above the horizon. At this point, it will appear its biggest, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.  April’s Pink Moon is the first full moon of spring and the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year.  A supermoon is a full moon that appears larger than other moons due to its elliptical or oval-shaped orbit, which places the moon closer to Earth.  This phenomenon occurs when a moon becomes full at the same time it reaches its closest point to Earth, known as its perigee point. The occurrence is officially called a perigee-syzygy………………..
Read more : here

700,000 Private Sector Workers Hope to Benefit from Stipend in Morocco

Morocco’s national fund for the fight against COVID-19 is set to pay MAD 2,000 ($203) to employees affected by the outbreak.

By Safaa Kasraoui - Safaa Kasraoui is a journalist at Morocco World News. Apr 2, 2020 Rabat

More than 700,000 workers from the private sector registered for benefits from the monthly stipend allowance issued by the National Social Security Fund (CNSS). The initiative is part of Morocco’s measures to support businesses and workers negatively affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
Morocco’s Special Fund for the Management and Response to COVID-19 will cover employees registered with the CNSS with suspended pay because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

European Development Bank to Boost Moroccan Olive Sector with €5 Million Loan

The funds will finance the construction of a new olive oil factory in the Fez-Meknes region.

By Madeleine Handaji -Apr 1, 2020 Rabat

The European Reconstruction and Development Bank (BERD) has pledged to loan €5 million to the Moroccan olive oil sector in a bid to boost its productivity, reports Olimerca. Companies under the umbrella of Al Dahra Holding in Morocco, Al Dahra Morocco Factories (ADFAC), and Al Dahra Morocco (ADMO) will benefit from the loan. With the BERD investment, the companies intend to build a new olive oil factory in the Fez-Meknes region.

Why Are We So Scared of the Novel Coronavirus?

Fear is crippling, but at the same time it is an effective tool to revisit things that are wrong in our society, such as acting selfishly and forgetting our values and principles.

By Omar Bihmidine - Omar Bihmidine is a senior high school teacher in Larache. Mar 29, 2020 Larache

It seems like we were all taking life for granted before the novel coronavirus suddenly broke out all over the world, spreading fear. As COVID-19 forced tens of thousands of people to be hospitalized and claimed thousands of lives, some of us have begun to question the meaning of life. Are we scared of the virus? Certainly yes. From a philosophical perspective, we do not want to confront our own deaths or the deaths of our loved ones. Even though the pandemic is only deadly in a small percentage of cases, it is still scary because it can bring us within a brush of our final destination. Even being hospitalized is a heavy mental and physical burden. The act of dying is unbearable. Therefore, panic is an understandable reaction. But is it the right one? This is not to dramatize the critical health crisis the world is facing today. Instead, this is a chance for us to ask the hard questions we have been avoiding for years. Many are already asking themselves consciously or subconsciously about the moral lessons the pandemic will teach us before it is over. This is not a coincidence, is it?

Why Europe Must Revise School Curricula and Right Its Wrongs

Europe should show the Muslim scientists and thinkers’ precedence in setting the basics of science and helping Europe out of the dark ages.

By Abdellah Benahnia - Dr Abdellah Benahnia is an international researcher and consultant in education, training, and culture. Mar 28, 2020 Casablanca

Reflecting on educational curricula in Europe, it is irrefutable that many countries have failed to integrate and give equal opportunities to all their citizens, especially those of Arab descent. As child-centered learning has become a focus of modern education, do European school curricula treat every child fairly? Why do some European cities have “marginal neighborhoods,” and who lives in them? The inhabitants are the children of migrants (mostly) or of poor locals, as is the case in France. But do schools and curricula treat this class of the French society fairly? The students whose parents are immigrants—whether Moroccans, Tunisians, Algerians, or others—feel they are not equal when they enroll in the French public schools, for example.

Free Educational Resources to Keep Kids Busy in COVID-19 Lockdown

The Moroccan government has set up an online platform to support students amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, but parents may still need a few ideas to keep kids’ minds engaged.

By Madeleine Handaji - Mar 26, 2020

The spread of the novel coronavirus prompted school shutdowns across the globe, leaving parents in the tricky position of acting as home-school teachers while the world waits out the pandemic. The Moroccan government has created an online platform to help children continue their learning at home, and the country’s television channels are broadcasting classes. However, the resources may not be enough to keep kids busy and keep those brains ticking until schools can re-open. But do not worry, there is no need to panic. As more and more schools close to protect children from catching or spreading COVID-19 to vulnerable family members, online companies and resource platforms are making educational activities and apps available for free.

UNESCO Launches Global Education Coalition Amid Coronavirus Crisis

According to UNESCO, the novel coronavirus pandemic has left 1.5 billion children globally unable to attend school.

By Madeleine Handaji - Mar 27, 2020

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay appeared yesterday in a video on the organization’s website calling on governments across the globe to support a distance learning coalition and remote education as schools remain closed due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.“We are working together to find a way to make sure that children everywhere can continue their education, with special care to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization. The coalition aims to support governments in collating and implementing educational solutions to fit the socio-economic context of their countries, using a mixture of virtual learning resources and no-tech approaches to guarantee universal access to education.

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