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Morocco Week in Review 
October 20, 2018

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Solutions to Unemployment in Morocco Lie in Threefold Commitment to Industrialization, Agriculture, and Education

By Hamza Guessous - October 11, 2018 Rabat

On October 2, nearly 30 journalists and NGOs, representing several African and Middle Eastern countries, gathered in Dubai for the fifth annual Citigroup Media and Community Summit. The summit, which is usually held in London, strayed from solely focusing on the European market. Instead, the meeting highlighted Citibank’s achievements in Africa, the Middle East, China, and Pakistan.
Karim Seifeddine, head of public affairs and government relations of the Middle East and Africa at Citigroup said: “[These represent] areas of focus and growth for the bank and that is why Citigroup is present in 25 of 28 countries of the region to fulfil the needs of the different categories of consumers in the region.”…..

Morocco: military service and education reform promise more repression

Elias Terrass 13 October 2018

Chaired by the king, the council of ministers enacted a controversial bill on mandatory military service on August 20. The bill targets young citizens aged 19 to 25 and deemed fit to serve, triggering debate about the issue on social media. Critical voices expressed their worry and suspicion of what lays behind. The “Moroccan Rally Against Mandatory Military Service”, a Facebook group gathering thousands of young Moroccans, released a statement August 28 signed by a number of civil society organisations and activists, announcing their disapproval over the draft bill. The Democratic way party, the Youth of the Democratic Way and the Youth of the Socialist Democratic Vanguard also released statements denouncing the bill.

Apply for global service opportunities in Ecuador, Morocco through OACS

Oct. 11, 2018

The Office of Active Citizenship and Service sponsors global service programs in Ecuador and Morocco that challenge students to question their perspectives and roles in the shared human experience through pre-service curriculum, intensive service immersion, post-service skills application, and continuous reflection. Through this exposure to firsthand knowledge and lived experiences, students will examine the deeper issues related to equity and justice and identify systematic barriers to equity and inclusivity. Students with a sincere desire to grapple with the complexity of human onnectedness, to challenge their known values, and to reconcile academic knowledge with an authentic exploration of social and environmental injustices are encouraged to apply for an OACS Global Service Program. Applications to participate in the six-week programs in Quito, Ecuador, and Rabat, Morocco, during summer 2019 are being accepted through Nov. 15.
For more information, visit the OACS website.

Morocco Launches Afforestation Project to Combat Climate Change

October 12, 2018

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Morocco’s phosphate OCP Group has signed an agreement with Finnish energy company St1 for the implementation of an afforestation pilot project aimed at combating global warming through carbon sequestration. Over a period of three years, the project will examine the carbon sequestration by trees under various controlled conditions in Morocco. The goal of the pilot project is to find the optimal solution for the use of land improvement and irrigation systems in cost-effective forest growth and carbon sequestrating.

Morocco’s MeToo moment #Masaktach builds momentum

‘I won’t be silent’ is a new and ambitious movement in the North African kingdom

Ruqaya Izzidien October 11, 2018

On Wednesday, Morocco marked the annual National Women’s Day, founded a decade ago to promote gender parity in the North African kingdom. But this year, attentions were drawn away from the token commemoration towards a new and ambitious movement known as #Masaktash, and which translates as ‘I won’t be silent’. #Masaktash began as a Twitter hashtag three weeks ago and it trended on its first day. Using this phrase, supporters highlighted the cultural tolerance of gender-based violence by condemning prominent cases of rape, murder and assault. Followers also shared their own experiences of harassment and assault. The campaign has already been compared to the #MeToo movement. The campaign was established after the prominence of the case of Khadija – a 17-year-old who accuses 12 men of her kidnap and gang-rape in August near the town of Beni-Mellal in southern Morocco. The men were arrested and the one underage suspect – also 17 years old – appeared in court this week facing an array of charges including rape, torture, kidnapping, making death threats and forming a gang.

Study: 90% of Moroccan Graduates Want to Own a Business

By Morocco World News - October 16, 2018 Rabat

What do young Moroccan graduates expect from the labor country’s market? What are their dreams and long-term goals? A recent study conducted by the Casablanca-based EMYLON Business School has interviewed 400 new university graduates and 200 business leaders to find answers. Titled “Professions of Tomorrow,” the study drew from a sample the authors deemed representative of the new forces driving Morocco’s prospective labor market.

Jimi Hendrix’s ‘experience’ in Morocco made my own more powerful

Originally published October 15, 2018

For Hendrix in his time, and me in my own, visiting the African continent highlights the unlikely journey of the descendants of slaves.

Essaouira, Morocco — Everywhere you go in this gusty, whitewashed beach town on Morocco’s Atlantic Coast, somebody has a fact-free story about that time Jimi Hendrix briefly visited in the summer of 1969. Many locals insist, falsely, that he vacationed here in 1968. Some will tell you, again falsely, that he wanted or even tried to buy the nearby village of Diabat, which is home to the present-day “Cafe Hendrix.” They will say he was inspired to write “Castles Made of Sand” after seeing a ruined fortress on a local beach; never mind that he released the song two years before coming here. Essaouira fell in love with Seattle’s most famous native son and even more in love with the tall tales surrounding his short stay…………

Morocco's Oasis Festival Announces Dates For Landmark Fifth Edition

Music News Desk Oct. 11, 2018  

After a hugely successful sold-out event in 2018 which saw the festival's programming incorporate some of Morocco's thought leaders at the forefront of art, food and fashion alongside an exceptional music lineup, Oasis Festival has announced the dates for its landmark fifth year in 2019. Returning to Marrakech on September 13-15, a limited number of early-bird passes are on sale now for the boutique destination festival which will once again take place in one of the world's most breathtaking corners.


Interview with Aziza Chaouni on the renovation of morocco's 'sidi harazem' bath complex

On the outskirts of the moroccan city of fez lies ‘sidi harazem’, a thermal bath complex completed by architect jean-françois zevaco in 1960. at its peak, the complex comprised an assembly of buildings, pathways, markets, bungalows, and a distinctive swimming pool, which over the years became one of the country’s most unique public places. since its heyday, ‘sidi harazem’ has fallen into a state of disrepair with its facilities shutting down one by one. Now, with the help of a grant from the getty foundation, architect aziza chaouni has taken on the task of restoring the site to its former glory. to learn more about sidi harazem’s past and future, journalist joana lazarova spoke with chaouni who explained the project in more detail. read the interview, accompanied with images by photographer julien lanoo, below.

Ouarzazate Local Products Fair Features Region’s Honey, Argan, Dates

By Ahlam Ben Saga -  October 12, 2018 Rabat

The Regional Fair of Local Products has kicked off on Friday in Ouarzazate, the gateway to the desert, promoting both the region’s products and culture.
The second local products fair, themed “Local Products at the Service of Solidarity, Tourism, and Self-Employment,” is featuring several workshops to promote local products including honey, argan oil, and dates. The fair began today and ends October 15.

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