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Morocco Week in Review 
May 5, 2018

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Government Launches ‘Moumk’In’ Initiative to Develop Youth Empowerment

By Zoubida Senoussi April 30, 2018 Rabat

Morocco’s Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, passed a social initiative called “Moumk’In” for The Empowerment of Young People as a part of the national plan for the promotion of employment, according to a press release. This document was signed, on one hand, by the State, represented by the Ministries of the Interior, Economy and Finance; National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research; and Labor and Professional Integration; and, on the other hand, by the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Association of Regional Councils.“Moumk’in” aspires to set up tools and devices for job seekers, especially among young people, to shift mentalities and behaviors in society and to meet the challenge of employment, which faces many countries of the world in the present moment…………….

Principles of Writing a New Book

By Morocco World News April 28, 2018 Rabat

If studying and writing is your passion, and you are enthusiastic about an idea for a new book, congratulations! You have made the right decision to become the part of scholars’ world. However, you must know several fundamental rules to write a truly exceptional book. Writing isn’t always an easy task. Follow the suggested steps below to tackle some of the problems you might face as you pursue passion………………………..

Moroccan Celebrities Show Support for Boycott Campaign

By Ahlam Ben Saga  April 27, 2018 Rabat

Latifa Raafat, Asmae Lmnawar, Rachid El Idrissi, Najat Aatabou, and other Moroccan celebrities have demonstrated their solidarity with the online boycott campaign in protest of the rise in commodity prices. Amid protests against the exorbitant prices of Sidi Ali (bottled water), Afriquia (gasoline) and Centrale Laitière (dairy products), Minister of Economy and Finance, Mohamed Boussaid and Minister of Agriculture, Aziz Akhannouch strongly denounced the boycott campaign and urged the public to support the companies products instead. For their part, Moroccan celebrities such as Ihab Amir, Dounia Batma, Saida Charaf, Najat Aatabou, Doc Samaad, Rachid El Idrissi, Latifa Raafat, Abd El Fattah Grini, and Asmae Lmnawar took to Facebook and Instagram to express full support for the boycott. …………

Moroccan royal sends 'warmest regards' to Jewish community in New York

By Daniel J. Roth April 28, NEW YORK

Princess Lala of Morocco sent a letter to the country's Jewish diaspora in New York, which is currently marking the annual celebration of Rabbi Masoud Abuhatzeira. A member of Morocco's Royal family marked the passing of one the country's great torah sages on Thursday in a letter addressed to the Moroccan Jewish community in New York City. Written on letterhead from the Moroccan embassy in Washington DC, Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui stated in the letter that she wished “to convey my warmest regards, from my family and the people of Morocco on the occasion of the Hillula of Rabbi Masoud [Abuhatzeira]. The Kingdom remembers the greatness of the Abuhatzeira family and the blessing they brought and continue to bring to country….

For FAO, saffron production in Morocco needs further strengthening

Recently, Saffron production in Morocco has been organized through a series of projects conducted by farmers through the creation of cooperatives. Recently, the saffron value chain in Taznakht (Draa-Tafilalet) and Taliouine (Souss-Massa), has been organized and boosted. In 2015, 2,300 farmers came together to strengthen the sector, coupled with the creation of 50 cooperatives, 35 of them with PDO certification, 3 economic interest groups (EIGs), middlemen and 2 private enterprises, clarified the same report……………
More at

New IDs Generation to be Launched in 2019

By Hamza Guessous April 26, 2018 Rabat

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) will launch a new generation of National Electronic Identity Card (CNIE) with reinforced security criteria for identification documents in 2019. On Monday, a statement from the DGSN, reported by Maghreb Arab Press, said that new applications in the identity cards will allow access to a digital system adopted by the various public and private stakeholders, while modernizing the design format in a way that takes into account the historical and cultural specificities of Morocco. With the new CNIE, citizens will be able to use identity and biometric data contained in the IDs to authenticate new operations, facilitating access to public administration and private sector services, including public programs and health benefits……………

Morocco Provides Healthcare Facilities to 770,000 Diabetics: Minister of Health

By Morocco World News April 25, 2018 Rabat

Around  770,000 diabetics are granted access to healthcare facilities in Morocco, said Minister of Health Anas Doukkali, responding to a question posed by Istiqlal party about healthcare system in the country during the council meeting held in Rabat on Tuesday, April 24. Doukkali revealed that 60 percent of patients currently benefit from the national Medical Assistance Program (RAMED) and more than 380,000 diabetics receive free insulin therapy, while 40 percent of patients take other medications. The health minister underscored that the budget for the purchase of diabetes medicines increased by 49 percent between 2014 and 2016, as did the increase in the rate of medical assistance beneficiaries, up to 770,000 from 226,000 between 2005 and 2017. ………

Despite the Buzz, Moroccan-Americans Remain Unengaged

By Hassan Masiky April 28, 2018 Washington D.C.

Despite all the photos, videos and Facebook posts, the Moroccan community in the United State remains divided, unengaged and underused by both the Moroccan Embassy and the Moroccan governmental agencies in charge of Moroccans residing overseas.  In fact, recent actions undertaken by Moroccan officials further eroded the trust and widened the gap between large segments of the Moroccan-American community and the homeland. Thirty years after the beginning of what could be described as the first wave of Moroccan immigration to the United States, Moroccan officials remain hesitant to engage their compatriots and anxious to open up to the community at large. The role of the diaspora in American political life and especially in lobbying for the Moroccan Sahara is almost non-existent.

Morocco to Provide Biofriendly Pest Control

By Morocco World News April 26, 2018 By Hajare El Khaldi Rabat

The biological pest control group, Biobest, announced the launch of its new, EUR 1.2 million “state-of-the-art” facility, which will boost Morocco’s aphid biocontrol capacity, on April 24. Aiming to satisfy the strong demand for zero-residue products and tackle the rising problem of pesticide resistance, the Belgium-based company fully equipped the 2,000 square-meter vertical livestock facility with air-conditioned rooms, thus preparing to ensure a “flexible” and “reliable” supply to its customers. ………………….

Renewable Energy, Morocco’s Economic Engine

King Mohammed VI chaired, Thursday at the Royal Palace in Rabat, a working session to review the progress in renewable energy projects led by MASEN, said a statement by the Royal Office.
During the meeting, attended by ministers and senior officials, the King was briefed on the progress made towards achieving the goal of generating 52% of Morocco’s energy mix from renewable energy……………………..

Angry Consumers Launch Campaign to Protest Steep Rise in Commodity Prices

By Sana Elouazi and Zoubida Senoussi April 25, 2018 Rabat

#Let_it_spoil (Khlih Yerib), has gone viral on Moroccan social media, as a vast number of Moroccan citizens take a stance against the high prices of some products, including Sidi Ali (mineral water), Central Laitière (dairy products) and Afriquia, a subsidy of the Akwa Group. Online protesters have taken to Twitter and Facebook, creating pages to raise awareness of the “exorbitant” prices of the three companies, denouncing the vast price margin compared to other brands selling the same products………………

Attijariwafa Bank Inaugurates Small Business Centers

By Hamza Guessous April 30, 2018 Rabat

Attijariwafa Bank Group inaugurated a new “Dar Al Moukawil” center last Friday in Marrakech, which is dedicated to supporting very small companies  (VSC), according to Maghreb Press Agency (MAP).
The fourth of its kind, the center aims to empower VSC and help them add socio-economic value and increase employability in Morocco. Dar Al Moukawil is an exclusive platform available both online and in physical centers. Its services extend to both established and aspiring VSC, and gives them access to rich information, daily training sessions, various business ecosystem experts, and dedicated advisors to help develop and create their enterprises………………

A Royal Ramadan Experience by Master Chef Mama

Suchitra Steven Samuel Filed on April 30, 2018

During the holy month of Ramadan, Pullman Dubai Creek City Centre offers a unique experience when it comes to ambience, food and service. The Medley Restaurant offers tantalizing Iftar and Suhour meals this Ramadan. Also, Ramadan deals are available for corporate groups. Moroccan Master Chef Mama is the host and star of the property. She was the head chef to Princess Lalla Amina, the youngest sister of the late King Hassan II of Morocco in Rabat in the late 80s. With more than 20 years of experience in top-ranked kitchens in Morocco and the GCC, Master Chef  Mama is well known for her delicious dishes and amazing hospitality. Says Mama, "New dishes are being introduced to the buffet this year with special focus on Moroccan cuisine, which is a melting pot of different cultures, distinctive flavours and exquisite presentations." This Ramadan diners can look forward to a large array of tajines: lamb tajine with vegetables, lamb tajine with prunes and caramelised onions, chicken tajine with green olives and lemon, fish with sharmoula tajine which is a staple at the Moroccan tables………………..

Con Fez, Morocco's special

By Zalina Mohd Som - May 3, 2018

Bustling Rabat and Casablanca coupled with romantic Chefchaouen and medieval Fez complete the puzzle that is Morocco, writes Zalina Mohd Som. We are still talking about yesterday’s desert excursion when our coach starts to leave the compound of the four-star hotel in Erfoud, the oasis town at the edge of Sahara. The image of the camel at sunset trekking to Erg Chebbi, the sand dunes of Sahara, was the highlight of the first leg of our 10-day Discover Morocco Tour that kicked off from Casablanca five days ago. We have already visited Marakech — the city that gave the country its name, Ourzazate — a city located 1,151m above sea level at High Atlas Mountains and finally, Erfoud………………

Morocco's Tolerance, a Factor in FIFA 2026 World Cup Bid.


The selection process for choosing the host of the FIFA 2026 World Cup presents an opportunity for the competing nations to introduce themselves to the rest of the world. For the next seven weeks, the bidding nations – Morocco, on one hand, and a tripartite bid from Canada, Mexico and the United States on the other – will be scouring the world looking for votes from FIFA's member associations. The quadrennial football tournament is the world's premier sports tournament and an obsession across the globe. A billion people watched some portion of the 2014 World Cup final match either on TV or portable device. It's perhaps only fitting that the race between the North American bid and the Morocco bid will likely take on the characteristics of a national presidential election in the closing weeks and days. Who's up, who's down? Of Morocco's many unique attributes, tolerance is perhaps the most notable and profound. Not based on volumes of parliamentary work committee reports or religious edicts, tolerance here is rooted more in a unique amalgam of history, geography, cultures (note the plural) and a monarchy that has shaped the kingdom's evolving civil society for more than 350 years………..

Introducing Nargisse Benkabbou, rising food star of the year. Traditional meets the way we cook today 

Follow Nargisse on Instagram @mymoroccanfood and at 

Casablanca: My Moroccan Food will be published by Mitchell Beazley on Thursday, price £20. It’s the delicious, inspiring debut from Nargisse Benkabbou, named a rising food star for 2018. Rooted in traditional Moroccan cuisine, the recipes celebrate Nargisse’s heritage and authentic Moroccan spirit while being accessible for modern home cooks. As well as loads of pantry wisdom and easy, essential Moroccan basics, chapters cover starters to share, vegetarian dishes, meat, poultry, seafood, breads and sweets.
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Morocco modern: Chermoula crumbed cod

By Nargisse Benkabbou

This recipe is perfect when you’re craving breaded fish but you still want to eat healthily. It’s also great when you want to prepare something special but have little time available. Children and adults absolutely love it and always ask for a second portion. I recommend serving it with wilted greens and a dollop of mayonnaise or greek yoghurt……………..
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Morocco modern: Ras el hanout carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

By Nargisse Benkabbou  29 April 2018

Among the first things I discovered when I moved to London was carrot cake. Somehow, I had never come across this massively delicious classic. I finally developed my own version – my perfect, never-fail carrot cake with a Moroccan twist. My friends can’t believe how simple it is to prepare and how good it tastes………….
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Morocco modern: Smoky aubergine salad

By Nargisse Benkabbou , 29 April 2018

I grew up eating this with my mum’s home-made Moroccan bread, kefta (meat patties) and sometimes a few squeezes of tomato ketchup. It’s my favourite salad-dip hybrid in the entire world and one of the most iconic Moroccan dishes. Every region and family has its own way of cooking it: I like mine creamy, spicy and smoky, hence the inclusion of smoked paprika with the more traditional seasonings. Serve it with grilled meat or fish, or as a spread in a sandwich………..

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Morocco modern: Pistachio, orange & olive oil flourless loaf cake

By Nargisse Benkabbou 29 April 2018

This is dangerously addictive – so fluffy, moist and rich that it doesn’t need any topping or decoration. I love to serve it for afternoon tea and as a dessert for dinner parties, and it’s the ideal option for anyone who is gluten- or dairy-intolerant………….
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Morocco modern: Smoky aubergine salad

By Nargisse Benkabbou 29 April 2018

grew up eating this with my mum’s home-made Moroccan bread, kefta (meat patties) and sometimes a few squeezes of tomato ketchup. It’s my favourite salad-dip hybrid in the entire world and one of the most iconic Moroccan dishes. Every region and family has its own way of cooking it: I like mine creamy, spicy and smoky, hence the inclusion of smoked paprika with the more traditional seasonings. Serve it with grilled meat or fish, or as a spread in a sandwich.
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Go Inside the Labyrinthine Medina of Fez

By AMAR GROVER 01 May 2018

This city has long been regarded as Morocco's cultural, spiritual, and intellectual heartland. Set in the lowlands between the Rif and Middle Atlas mountain ranges in northern Morocco, the city of Fez has long been regarded as the country’s cultural, spiritual, and intellectual heartland. From the ninth century, successive ruling dynasties began and expanded their imperial capital, transforming an undistinguished riverside village into a great seat of power and influence. Fez’s star wavered with dynastic ebbs and flows, but from the 13th century under the Marinids, the city flourished as never before and enjoyed its golden age for almost 300 years……………………

Why Marrakech is the perfect city break for foodies

Andy Lynes  1 May 2018

It’s every traveller’s rite of passage: getting lost in the Marrakech medina. I had set off from the Royal Mansour Hotel full of confidence.
The luxurious hotel, built by King Mohammed VI, is less than a third of a mile from the city’s famous market and I had a map printed out by the concierge with my intended route highlighted on it.
He assured me that the Kafe Fnaque Berbere bookshop (where I hoped to pick up some Moroccan cookbooks) and Le Trou au Mur restaurant (where I was to talk to British owner James Wix about his mission to revive traditional “grandmere” Moroccan dishes) are on the main routes through the market. I’d have no trouble finding them.

Morocco is building a solar farm as big as Paris in the Sahara Desert


An amazing transformation has taken place on the dunes below Morocco’s sun-blasted High Atlas mountains.
Against the yellow sand thousands of curved mirrors, each taller than a human, stand in rows. These are part of a solar-power generating plant that is rapidly changing how the whole continent produces its electricity. The mirrors cover an area of roughly 1.4 million square metres, about the same size as the French capital city of Paris………..

Why Everybody Is Finding Inspiration in Morocco (+ How to Go Yourself)

Cailey Rizzo · May 1, 2018

No matter how many times you visit, Morocco feels like a discovery. The country has been churning out some of the world’s most inventive designs and crafts for literally millennia (it’s been inhabited for at least 90,000 years), but it still manages to feel fresh. From the Rolling Stones’ visit to Marrakech in 1967 to contemporary fashion designers’ tours 50 years later, all those inspired by vivid colors and intricate patterns will find plenty to drool over throughout the country. Here’s how you can experience the stunningly inspiring designs of Morocco for yourself. …………..

Moroccan Sahara To Climate Change: World needs collective action, not divisive politics

May 1, 2018

In a significant move, the UN Security Council adopting its annual resolution on the Moroccan Sahara (also called Western Sahara) has made some interesting changes. It will be recalled that the Moroccan Sahara issue has been burdening North Africa for decades now. Since the 1970s, a separate group called the Polisario Front – backed primarily by Algeria –has carried out an armed struggle against the Moroccan state for independence in this part of the Sahara. This despite the fact that the 1975 Madrid Accords had divided up the territory between Morocco and Mauritania. The latter then in 1979 had relinquished its claims over the Sahara, leaving Morocco as the sole claimant to the region……………….

An irrigation project bears fruit in Morocco

30.04.2018 19h45

An irrigation project led by IFC has brought water and hope to thousands of citrus farmers in the region of Guerdane, Morocco. The public-private partnership has created jobs, improved residents’ incomes, and led to a training program for future farmers.
Video here:

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