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Morocco Week in Review 
March 24, 2018

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Ramadan in Morocco to Begin on May 17: Astronomer

By  Morocco World News   March 20, 2018 Rabat

Through pertinent calculations, Moroccan astronomer Dr. Hicham El Issaoui has predicted that Morocco will observe the holy month of Ramadan beginning May 17, 2018, according to a Facebook post by El Issaoui. El Issaoui, who graduated from Dar al-Hadith Husayniya for Higher Islamic Studies in Rabat, said that Ramadan will begin in Morocco  on Thursday, May 17 for this year.

Morocco: Eco-Schools Program Focuses On Sustainable Development Education – OpEd

March 18, 2018 Said Temsamani

Princess Lalla Hasna of Morocco has always recalled the paramount importance of education for sustainable development, today essential lever to deeply change the behavior of citizens and face the challenges of global warming. This level embodied in article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and article 12 of the Paris Agreement underscores the importance of education, training, public awareness, public access to information and international cooperation to effectively combat climate change.
Efforts made in the field of education for sustainable development have become the mandatory matrix of any action in favor of the environment. The difficulties faced by governments in changing current behavior lead to the view that education will rapidly induce the necessary inflection………………
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Breaking barriers: Moroccan women take a professional leap

Mon, Mar 19 2018 Jaideep Sarin Dakhla (Morocco), Mar 19 (IANS)

The stereotype of an African-Arab Muslim nation, where women are expected to be seen covered from head to toe and not given prominence in public and social life, is being broken by progressive Moroccan women who are actively taking up positions in various spheres and professions, particularly the media, that require dealing with the public.
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Two female Moroccan auto mechanics break gender barrier

Source: Xinhua | 2018-03-19 20:51:20 | Editor: huaxia RABAT, March 19 (Xinhua)

Dressed in blue-gray work clothes, Najlae, 24, skillfully opened the hood of a Volkswagen sedan and carefully examined the problem of the car. The young Moroccan girl repairing the car is one of the few female auto mechanics in the North African kingdom. "Changing a tire in Morocco is easy, but changing minds about a woman's place in society is not," said Najlae. She and her younger sister Rajae have been working in a car repair work shop located in the city center of Tetouan, northern Morocco. In fact, this small garage, which belongs to one of their neighbors, is the only repair shop in Tetouan that accepts their internship…………………
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New York’s Columbia University to Screen, ‘Tinghir-Jerusalem, Echoes of the Mellah’

Morocco World News March 19, 2018 By Alexandra Gritta Rabat

On Thursday, March 22, there will be a screening of “Tinghir-Jerusalem, Echoes of the Mellah”—a documentary that reminisces on Jewish life in Tinghir, Morocco, and ruminates on the gradual disappearance of its Jewish community. The screening will take place at New York’s Columbia University. Director Kamal Hachkar will be in attendance to answers any questions and facilitate discussion.
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In fear of social stigma, Morocco mothers abandon their babies

March 20, 2018 | Published in: Africa, Morocco, News

A new report has revealed that single Moroccan mothers consider suicide for fear of society stigma because they have become pregnant outside marriage, sometimes because they have been raped. Some 50,000 children are born out of wedlock every year in Morocco. Twenty-four babies are abandoned by their mothers every day in landfills, on the roadside or in the hospital immediately after birth. Abandoning children, whether alive or dead, is a crime punishable by Moroccan criminal law.

Brave Miss World: A Moroccan-Jewish #MeToo

By Morocco World News March 20, 2018  By Hajare El Khaldi Rabat 

Emmy-nominated director Cecilia Peck opens up to Morocco World News about her documentary Brave Miss World, and her strive to break the silence surrounding rape and sexual assault years before the #MeToo movement brought the issue into the mainstream. When 18-year-old Linor Abargil was crowned the Miss World 1998, she seemed to have it all:  a year of charity benefits and world renown to boost her modeling career. However, beneath the crown, she had suffered a gut-wrenching trauma, just seven weeks prior………………..
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VPN and security issues in Morocco

By Morocco World News March 19, 2018 Rabat 

Information security and personal confidentiality online are very sensitive issues in today’s world. Even the most democratic countries can’t ensure safe access of its citizens to the world-known web portal. That makes people desperate. Though, in some countries, these issues are even more severe. Morocco is one of such countries. The citizens are unable to surf on the internet freely. The majority of internet resources are simply forbidden to access. The only way out of it is to use the Virtual Private Networks. In order to choose one check the best VPNs for Morocco’s rating 2018, list of the best VPN offers on market. Why VPNs are so important to use in Morocco?
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Tangier’s Symbolic Tribunal Tackles Feminization of Poverty

By Morocco World News March 19, 2018By Hajare El Khaldi Rabat

The 17th edition of women’s symbolic tribunal held in Tangier on March 17 highlighted the “feminization of poverty” through testimonies of women working under inhumane conditions.
The secretary general of Union of Women’s action (UAF) section in Tangier, Hakima Cherkaoui, said that the tribunal  seeks to break the silence on women’s suffering, and noted that “women generally lack protection, face multiple constraints, and are deprived of rights in the workplace.”……………..
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Bringing Relief to Mountainous Areas in Morocco

By Morocco World News March 18, 2018  By Mohamed Reddad Rabat

On a recent visit to Morocco, I happened to be one of those unfortunate souls stranded in a small town for a few days in the Atlas Mountains following the storm that dumped an unprecedented amount of white flakes, an amount unseen in decades. Fortunately, I had relatives who took me in, just like many area residents who accommodated scores of stranded travelers.
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Morocco- '30 million square kilometers of opportunity': King Mohammed VI Lauds Africa at Crans-Montana.


King Mohammed VI has once again expressed his confidence in Africa, describing it as a land of opportunities that should be maximized in service of the development of the continent.
In a statement devoted to the continent during the fourth edition of the forum, which kicked off in Dakhla today, the monarch underscored the importance of the leading role of the African continent on the world stage. ……………
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UNESCO launches developmental project for music in Morocco

Moroccan government recently launched a project to improve the cultural industry and the status of the artist; Africa Art Lines was launched to provide aid to the artists.

Devdiscourse News Desk 17 Mar 2018

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) implemented a music developmental project at Rabat in Morocco. The meeting held on March 13 was done with the objective of speeding up the cultural economy of the North African country, Morocco….

Moroccan musical performances delight residents


During “Morocco in Abu Dhabi”, Moroccan artists are enchanting attendees from Abu Dhabi and across the UAE with an array of musical pieces offering a beautiful mix of popular folklore music and heart-warming vocals, with daily performances between 3pm and 9pm at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre….

Weekend Trip Guide: Where to Stay, Eat, and Explore in Marrakech, Morocco

A nomadic lifestyle awaits you.

By Jaimie PottersMar 16, 2018

With its booming art scene, blush-pink chiseled walls, and world-renowned cuisine, it’s no surprise that Morocco’s famed “Red City” has become a hot spot for travelers with a flair for the Bohemian. And while you'd need to be across the Atlantic already for it to make total sense as a 2-day weekend trip (it's fast and cheap from London, for example — see "Helpful Tips" at the bottom), here's why Marrakech is definitely worth adding to your next overseas itinerary.

Wandering through the maze-like passages of the old city’s Medina, I passed donkey carriages and artisans fine tuning handmade wonders while mopeds zipped by. I had a hammam (a Turkish bath) at an exquisite urban retreat and felt my entire body rejuvenate. I ate shakshuka from simmering clay pots. Venturing to the nearby countryside and Agafay Desert, my boyfriend and I rode camels into the sunset. Along the way, we met locals and European transplants whose passion for the city reaffirmed Marrakech’s spellbinding allure. Here, a list of essential places to visit in this surreally dreamy destination………..

The Future of Moroccan Cuisine is Female

In Morocco, a number of talented, well-traveled women chefs are serving up light, bright fare with a distinctly cosmopolitan bent

By Alexander Lobrano March 16, 2018

RIGHT NOW, a few impressive women are redefining Moroccan cooking. All in their 40s and well versed in their country’s culinary heritage, they’re offering contemporary takes on a cuisine the late French chef Paul Bocuse dubbed one of the world’s three greatest. Cooking has historically been women’s work in Morocco, but these restaurant chefs and culinary celebrities have moved beyond domestic anonymity. Their work respects Morocco’s traditions by pushing them into the 21st century. …………………..

Morocco to Host its First Windsurf World Cup in Essaouira

By Morocco World News March 20, 2018By Hajare El Khaldi Rabat

Morocco will host its first Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) Windsurf World Cup March 27 — April 7, at the Moulay Bouzerktoun spot near Essaouira. Following the success of the first two editions, the PWA Windsurf World Cup attained the stage of the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT), making it a major gathering for the greatest national and international athletes………….
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Moroccan Public Personalities Sign A Petition For Women’s Inheritance Rights

By Tamba François Koundouno - March 22, 2018 Rabat

The struggle for women’s right is still a contentious topic in many predominantly Muslim societies, with a prevailing patriarchal culture that gives more rights and social recognition to its male members.
It is in a bid to challenge some remnants of patriarchy in Morocco’s family law that a group of Moroccan public personalities, including university professors, lawyers, theologians, doctors, journalists, writers, and many other professions, has initiated a petition in order to challenge the ta’sib rule, an inheritance law that favors men over women. The group of signatories is demanding that women be put on an equal legal footing as men when it comes to inheritance rights….
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Feminist Blogger Challenges the Patriarchy, One Post at a Time

By Morocco World News March 21, 2018By Sarah Goodman Rabat

When Moroccan feminist blogger Yasmina Benslimane uploaded her International Women’s Day video, the online reactions were swift and strident. While Benslimane’s video, a multilingual compilation of women’s testimonials, garnered praise from some, others responded with the vitriol that typifies anonymous corners of the internet…………
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Meryl Streep’s Caftan Steals the Show on Hollywood’s Big Screen

By Morocco World News March 13, 2018By Ahlam Ben Saga Rabat 

 American Actress Meryl Streep appearance in a caftan in,“The Post”stirs online buzz in the U.S. Marked by an ‘70s atmosphere, Steven Spielberg’s film “The Post” features an unexpected item which won the good opinion of critics:…………..
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Instagram journey through Morocco

Luis Cárdenas captures Morocco’s enchanting blend of ancient Arabic and Berber cultures, which live on in its distinctive architecture, cooking and craftwork ……………

Luis Cárdenas  Wed 7 Mar 2018

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Morocco desert stallion race pushes limits of endurance

By Afp 17 March 2018

Battling gusts of sandy wind, riders from across the world struggled to control feisty stallions as they raced in the first Gallops of Morocco, a desert endurance challenge. In a country with an ancient history of horsemanship, the event in the wilderness of Merzouga was the first of its kind -- a six-day test of stamina, navigation and teamwork. Competitors spend four to seven hours a day in the saddle, covering up to 30 kilometres (18 miles) of rough terrain a day. "You need a certain physical resistance," said Deborah Amsellem, 30, who headed from Toulouse, France, with four friends to take part in the race near the oasis town of Erfoud. "It's not very technical, but you're riding stallions, real alpha males," she said. Riders use stopwatches to pace themselves and GPS devices to find their way through the sandy plains, deep dunes, rocky hills and passes………………
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Discover the Official Film of Morocco 2026

By Morocco World News March 17, 2018 Rabat

 Football is deemed Morocco’s national sport for a reason. More than sport, the beautiful is life-sustaining tribute to the beauty of shared life, of solidarity, of comradeship…. It sustains and gives life to ties and attachments that transcends the traditional dividing lines of daily life.
In fact, for Moroccans, or the crushing majority of them, the beautiful game is a mindset, a culture, a philosophy, a way of loving and expressing it. The list could go on and on, because when it comes to football, Moroccans fans are indescribable……………
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