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Morocco Week in Review 
March 17, 2018

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Morocco’s Unfortunate #MeToo Moment

By Ahmed Charai March 9, 2018 11:58 a.m. ET

A scandal shows what happens when the ‘Weinstein effect’ meets Islamists and other forces in a traditional Arab Muslim society

The so-called “Weinstein effect”—cascading dismissals of powerful men for abusing women—has swept across many of the world’s wealthy democratic countries. Now a scandal in my own country, Morocco, has broken new ground. It shows what happens when the Weinstein effect meets Islamists and other forces in a traditional Arab Muslim society…….
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70% of Women Living with AIDS in Morocco are Infected by their Husbands: Study

By Sana Elouazi March 15, 2018 Rabat

According to the latest study carried out by Morocco’s Ministry of Health, 70 percent of women carrying Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or HIV/AIDS, have been infected by their husbands, the Moroccan newspaper Al Massae reported in its Monday, March 12 edition. The findings, presented during a study day on women’s sexual health last week in Marrakech, show that 39 percent of Moroccans living with AIDS are women. However, homosexuals remain the most affected by this disease in Morocco, according to Aziza Bennani, head of the national program against AIDS. …….
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Scientists discover genomic ancestry of Stone Age North Africans from Morocco

March 15, 2018, Max Planck Society

An international team of researchers, led by Johannes Krause and Choongwon Jeong from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (Jena, Germany), and Abdeljalil Bouzouggar from the Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine (Rabat, Morocco) and including scientists from the Mohammed V University in Rabat, the Natural History Museum in London, University of Oxford, Université Mohammed Premier in Oujda and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, have sequenced DNA from individuals from Morocco dating to approximately 15,000 years ago, as published in Science. This is the oldest nuclear DNA from Africa ever successfully analyzed. The individuals, dating to the Late Stone Age, had a genetic heritage that was in part similar to Near Eastern populations and in part related to sub-Saharan African populations….
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Illegal Hunting in Morocco Endangers Last Remaining Magot Monkeys

By Morocco World News March 11, 2018 Rabat

Illegal hunting threatens the survival of the Magot monkey, a species known as “Barbary Macaque” in Morocco, warns the High Commissioner for Water and Forests and the Fight Against Desertification (HCEFLCD). The destruction of the Magot habitat of this species is caused by overgrazing,  diminishing populations from the illegal trade of Magot, and as well as the climatic changes that affect Moroccan forests and water scarcity of water resources. Although the preferred habitat of the Magot Monkey is old-growth large-tree forest, a rich and diverse herbaceous layer, and the presence of water, the species has colonized various habitat types, including mixed cedar and oak forests and rocky mountains, devoid of vegetation….
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Marrakech: Authorities to Toughen Punishment for Pedophilia Crimes

By Morocco World News March 12, 2018 Rabat 

Following the rape and murder of an 11-year-old schoolgirl in Ait Imour (located in the Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz suburb), the Moroccan Association of Human Rights branch in Marrakech called to intensify punishments against convicts of pedophilia. The human rights organization called for the, “tightening and toughening [of] penalties for sexual crimes against minors,” declared a statement given to the Moroccan electronic news outlet Hespress.
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Morocco Leads By Example in Promoting Tolerance, Good Relations, and Building Bridges

By Irina Tsukerman March 12, 2018 Rabat

The 21st annual New York Sephardic Film Festival opened on March 5 with a focus on Morocco. The featured performance involved the Grammy-nominated group Innov Gnawa summoning the spirits of Shabbat with the Israeli Sephardic jazz musician Itamar Borochov; for the third year in a row, this cultural exchange happened thanks to the partnership with the Mimouna Association, a grassroots Moroccan organization which introduces Jewish culture to Muslim university students……
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Expat in Morocco, a relocation consultancy company for helping English-speaking expats [Interview]

Samia Dif founded in April 2017 a consultancy company to help English-speaking expats in Morocco. Through her project, she assists foreigners through their relocation process, and organizes English-speaking activities for those who feel like a fish out of water. Expat in Morocco, is an initiative that Samia Dif is leading to help English-speaking expats in Morocco. The Dutch national with Moroccan descent, launched the relocation company a year ago to assist foreigners who speak English and want to live in the Kingdom. Her project is under the form of a consultancy company now that provides a number of services and activities ranging from what is purely administrative to what is entertaining. In an interview with Yabiladi, Samia spoke about her project, the struggle of English-speaking expats in a country where people mostly speak Arabic or French and the English-Speaking standup comedy show scheduled for the 15th of March in Casablanca………….
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UNESCO launches music development project in Morocco

By Ano Shumba 16 Mar 2018

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) held a consultative meeting to implement the Music as a Driver of Sustainable Development in Morocco project in Rabat, Morocco, on 13 March….
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=============================================== Of Dreams In The Maghreb – OpEd

March 12, 2018 Nia S. Amira

It seems a long time ago, but I still remember the wonderful stories that my grandmother once told me when I was a child; the story of one thousand and one nights, the Prophets companions, and the most reminiscent is the story of Ibn Battuta, a geographer and explorer who lived in the medieval period.
Ibn Battuta was born on February 24, 1304 and died at the age of 65 in Marinid, Morocco, his homeland.
The evidence to corroborate the relationship of Islam in Morocco and Indonesia can be seen from the equation of wooden carving ornaments, which are rich in color on the roofs of some mosques in Morocco and with those of cultural heritage buildings in Indonesia; such as Sunan Gunung Jati Mosque in Cirebon and Said Naum ……………..
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Moroccan History: Lalla Joumala and Christine Lagarde Chair Ceremony in Washington

By Sana Elouazi March 9, 2018 Rabat

On Wednesday, Morocco’s ambassador to the United States, Joumala Alaoui, and the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, presided over  a ceremony celebrating Morocco, its culture, traditions, and history. This ceremony was  organized on the initiative of the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, D.C., and the Diversity Reference Group within the IMF. They also had the support of the Banque Populaire and Royal Air Maroc…..
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Moroccan Jazzman to Release Ahwach Fusion Music Video

By Morocco World News - March 15, 2018 Rabat

In his quest to make “new rhythm of the world,” Moroccan composer and saxophonist-turned-jazzman, Abdel Mabrouk will announce the release of his new music video in a press conference on March 23, in Marrakech. In line with his debut album “Ahwach Jazz” released in 2017, Abdel Mabrouk, otherwise known as Abdel Sax, will present his new music video, filmed in January 2018, in Ouarzazate….
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Excellence and Empowerment: When 90 Black Women From Around The World Gather in Morocco

Enuma Okoro Mar, 15, 2018

Imagine visiting magical Marrakech with a plane full of your girlfriends. Vibrant colors and gorgeous tiled riads, sweet mint tea poured from silver Arabian teapots and tagine dishes of tender lamb garnished with baked dates and juicy olives. That’s just what I did two weeks ago, right on the cusp of Women’s History Month. Or at least it felt like I was there with my girlfriends.
In reality, we came to Marrakech as strangers to one another, from Johannesburg, London, New York, Lagos, and beyond. Ranging in age from our 20s to our 50s, 90 beautiful Black women gathered to experience IMARA: the Art of Excellence and Empowerment, a five-day retreat for women of color curated by Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth of The Colored Girl Inc…………..
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Morocco fossil find suggests ‘huge diversity’ of pterosaurs at point of extinction

In Featured, Features page March 13, 2018 Press Association

The numbers and diversity of pterosaurs alive as dinosaurs became extinct was much higher than previously thought it has been revealed following the discovery in Morocco of six new species.
Researchers from the universities of Bath and Portsmouth found the fossils of the different types of the giant flying reptiles in northern Morocco, causing them to re-evaluate the history of the cousin of the dinosaurs……
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A new Marrakech museum is bringing Africa’s flourishing art scene home

Art 13 Mar 2018 By Jessica Klingelfuss

The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL) has launched in Marrakech. The museum soft-launched to locals in 2016, opening its doors to global audiences in February 2018. It’s a calculated move that’s paid off: nearly two years on, MACAAL impressed its first official flock of foreign visitors, as the international art community descended on the city for the inaugural Marrakech edition of 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair. At the helm of the museum are Moroccan art collectors and father-and-son duo Alami Lazraq and Othman Lazraq, who have given the building ‘a second life’. MACAAL is their latest philanthropic endeavour, forming part of their charitable association Fondation Alliances. Under the directorship of Othman, MACAAL brings the Lazraq family’s private collection of contemporary African art – amassed over the past 40 years – to a broader audience……………

Morocco Seeks Conservation of Archaeological Sites

By Safaa Kasraoui March 12, 2018  Rabat

Morocco’s National Rock Heritage Park has successfully identified more than 400 new archaeological heritage sites across the country. Aiming to study, document, and protect the deep-rooted heritage of Morocco, the park is planning more scientific and archaeological research programs, according to a statement made by the Ministry of Culture……………..
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Tara Kitchen owner eager to unveil new Moroccan spa, wine and tapas bar

Deanna Fox/For The Daily Gazette March 11, 2018 SCHENECTADY

'We were the pilgrims of Liberty Street'
Aneesa Waheed rarely balks at a challenge. In less than a decade, she’s opened a retail store, a catering operation, two restaurants, launched a line of condiments, birthed two children, maintained a happy marriage, and is in the process of opening a new wine and tapas bar adjacent to her newly developed Moroccan spa. So what’s her secret? ……………
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This Is The Only Black Woman-Owned Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco

by  Kandia Johnson March 13, 2018

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