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Morocco Week in Review 
December 22, 2018

Virtual Magazine of Morocco on the Web

The ‘Race to Space’ competition awards 12 Moroccan students scholarships to travel to Washington D.C. and attend Space Camp ‘Race to Space’ Presents Opportunity for Moroccan Youth to Attend Space Camp

By Carolina McCabe Rabat

The fifth annual Race2Space (‘Race to Space’) application will open on Sunday, December 16. In partnership with the US Embassy in Rabat, the Scientific Morocco Association seeks Moroccan students ages 15 to 18 interested in science and mathematics. The contest aims to provoke creative thinking about fundamental concepts in STEM.

Wild Women Expeditions designs two women-only itineraries to Morocco to help empower Berber women.

Tatiana Rokou / 17 Dec 2018 CORNER BROOK, NL, CANADA

Wild Women Expeditions, the leader in women-only adventures, takes immersive travel to another level with new-for-2019 itineraries of 10 and 15 days that delve into the Berber culture of the women of Morocco. Some 30 percent of Moroccans speak Berber; the national language is Arabic. The Berber culture originated along the Nile, spreading into today’s North Africa that includes Morocco. Morocco is known for being one of the most progressive states in the Middle East and North because of its support for women’s rights. Despite these advancements, women’s education in Morocco still lags behind and over 80% of women are illiterate.

Steve Driehaus Finds His True North

The former politician leads Cincinnati Compass, the region’s ”Welcome Wagon” for immigrants, after years of Peace Corps service in Africa.

By Jim DeBrosse - December 7, 2018

When Steve Driehaus graduated from Miami University in 1988, his Green Township parents urged him to go to law school as the path to success, perhaps in a political career like his father’s. Driehaus chose instead to embark on a journey that would lead him halfway around the world and back again, eventually holding state and national office and serving now as Cincinnati’s unofficial global ambassador.…… His next career choice, he says, was simple: “I decided to turn to my first love, international development.” The Peace Corps took him back, naming him country director in the fight against AIDS in Swaziland and then country director for youth development with a concentration on gender empowerment in Morocco, where Driehaus was responsible for training and overseeing the activities of more than 200 volunteers. But the decision wasn’t so easy for his family, at least not in the beginning…..

The Spirit of Romanticism: Eugène Delacroix at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dec 10th 2018  by Sam Ben-Meir

Sam Ben-Meir is professor of philosophy and world religions at Mercy Collage in New York.

The current exhibition of Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – the first of its kind to be mounted in North America – is indeed an extraordinary revelation. Delacroix was one of the great creative minds of the nineteenth century: an artist who
embodied the spirit of Romanticism, a dramatist and virtuoso of coloration who never ceased to experiment, to take inspiration from the old masters – from Veronese and Rubens, Rembrandt and Caravaggio – whose works he would often copy at the Louvre, “that book from which we
learn to read,” as Cézanne put it…………

Moroccan Saffron farmers battle knockoff spices.

Ismail Bellaouali Dec. 17, 2018Saffron famers in southern Morocco have long taken pride in the ….

Moroccan Teacher Nominated For Prestigious Global Teacher Prize

Despite facing many hurdles in the daily accomplishment of their duty, some teachers in Morocco continue to inspire and motivate through their excellent method and winning presence. ===============================================

Climate Tracking: Morocco Makes ‘Impressive Progress’ in Limiting Global Warming

Morocco’s environment-friendly efforts are catching the eyes of the international community, winning the country a spot among the world’s most performing nations on climate change.

By Tarek Bazza - Rabat

Morocco is among the countries that have made significant progress in limiting the effects of global warming, according to the Climate Action Tracker (CAT).

Corssroads and Diasporas: a thousands Years of Islamic Cuisines.

Wriiten by Rachel Lauden

Scandinavian tourists found dead with 'knife wounds' in Morocco’s High Atlas mountains

December 18, 2018

How Morocco became Africa’s agricultural oasis

Just 6% of arable land in Africa is irrigated, Morocco can offer valuable insights to help other countries tap into this enormous potential to expand irrigation.

By CNBC Africa - December 18, 2018

DUNE ROAMING : Experience camel rides, delicious food and the desert at sunset in the Moroccan Sahara

You will definitely eat your way through every kind of tagine too — beef with prunes, chicken and lemon, and lamb

By Brittany Vonow 15th December 2018,

WHAT Is the best soundtrack for a camel-back desert adventure? Sand In My Shoes by Dido, Grease’s love song Sandy, The Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps. These are the tracks I hummed as I was jostled up and down, backwards and forwards on my camel named Soot as he strolled through the Sahara Desert. Plodding softly through the dunes, the massive creature didn’t seem to mind my humming, or the fact I would occasionally have to heave myself back to centre after slipping slowly to the side. Natural camel rider, I am not. But luckily for me, my guide appeared to know where he was going as we trekked over the seemingly identical dunes that make up this particular section, near the Moroccan town of Merzouga, of the world’s largest desert.

A colourful French legacy

16th December 2018  By Kalpana Sunder

Pops of an intense electric cobalt blue peppered with accents of daffodil yellow offer a playful contrast. It is an otherworldly haven of tranquility, far from the frenetic pace of Marrakesh in Morocco. With green pools, shaded walkways, pergolas draped in wisteria, looking at the greenery with dappled light around, Jardin Majorelle looks like an impressionist painting.

How Moroccan Women Are Taking Tourism Into Their Own Hands

By Kastalia Medrano  12/17/2018

Morocco, more than just a place to see, is a place to feel. The colors, the spices, the sounds of the bustling souks (markets) and the calls to prayer -- it will overstimulate you in a way only certain special places can. Few cultural meccas are more eclectic than Morocco, located at the confluence of not just the country’s North African neighbors, but of Portugal and Spain, of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea.

Morocco’s Princess Lalla Hasna Reviews Progress of Air-Climate, Eco-Schools Program

By Morocco World News -  Dec 14, 2018 Rabat

Princess Lalla Hasna, Chairwoman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection, met with the board of directors on Thursday to review the foundation’s future projects and progress since its launch in 2001.

The board of directors congratulated Lalla Hasna on one of her most notable achievements this year, being appointed Ambassador of Goodwill by the heads of state and government at the 1st Summit of the Congo Basin and the Blue Fund in Brazzaville on April 29. For her part, Lalla Hasna commended the foundation’s efforts to fully carry out programs such as the extension of the Eco-Schools program was extended to preschools, with the aim of making sustainable development education an integral part of kids’ education.

Globe-Trotting Moroccans Complete 17,000 Kilometer Train Trip

One Moroccan couple is breaking records with a lifestyle of travel that will have you wanting to lace up your shoes and join in.

By Ryan Kirk - Dec 17, 2018 Rabat

Anass Yakine first made national headlines when he walked across Morocco. Travelling from Dakhla to Tangier on foot, including many zig-zags on the route, he covered over 5,000 kilometers during his 2-year adventure.

Chefchaouen Photo Earns Photographer International Year Award

It’s blue and orange season. A photo of freshly picked oranges from Morocco’s “Blue Pearl,” Chefchaouen, has won the photographer the 2018 International Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) award.

By Ahlam Ben Saga -Rabat

Isabelle Smith, a 14-year-old photographer from Collierville, a small town in Tennessee, has shown the beauty of two vibrant colors: that of the delicious-looking oranges and the blue hues of Chefchaouen.

‘Tis the Season: Christmas Tree Decorated with Goats in Morocco

“They move with great elegance and speed,” adds Lipton in awe, and we completely agree; white ornaments on a tree never looked more dreamlike.

The Evolution of Moroccan Immigration: a Lesson for All Countries

By Lahcen Elyasmini

MARRAKECH, Morocco, Dec 13 2018 (IPS)

One of the reasons Morocco embraced hosting the Global Compact on Migration is because it is country in which the story of immigration is deeply embedded. The evolution of the Moroccan immigration phenomenon occurred during the second half of the 20th century. The first waves of migrants began at the end of the 1950s and at the beginning of the ‘60s, heading toward Europe—France, in particular.

Financial Times: Five Reasons Why You Should Live in Casablanca

A London-based global business publication has listed five reasons why people should choose Casablanca as a home city.

By Safaa Kasraoui  - Rabat

Financial Times has made a list on the reasons why people should live in Casablanca. Describing Casablanca as Africa’s ‘financial powerhouse,” the magazine recalled the Global Financial Centres Index, which listed Morocco as Africa’s leading financial center. According to the magazine Casablannca’s success “can be attributed in part” to Casablanca Finance City (CFC) being created in 2010.
CFC is a Moroccan business hub, which has several partnerships with financial centers in Singapore, London, Paris, Montreal, and Busan. Its role is to attract and encourage international investors to expand in Africa by offering an integrated ecosystem. Managed by the Casablanca Finance City Authority (CFCA), the leading investment received the Economic Francophone Award in Brussels, as a Moroccan financial center with Pan-African vocation.

Moroccans Announce Plans to Celebrate Amazigh Dance Taskiwine

Moroccans are planning to celebrate the Taskiwine traditional dance on Saturday, after it was added to a UNESCO cultural list last year.


Plans were announced to celebrate the Taskiwine dance this Saturday. The celebration will take place in Taroudant, a small city in Southern Morocco between Agadir and Ouarzazate. The name originates from “Tiskt,” the powder horn each dancer wears on their left shoulder.

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