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Morocco Week in Review 
April 28, 2018

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Morocco and USA Sign three Memorandums of Understanding on Energy, Business, and Finance

By Morocco World News April 20, 2018 Rabat

Morocco and United States signed three memorandums of understanding (MoU) in the fields of energy efficiency, trade promotion and innovative project grants on the sidelines of the fourth annual US-Morocco Trade Forum, held Thursday in Washington D.C. The first agreement, signed by the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE) and the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD), aims to strengthen cooperation links in the research and development of environmental systems and air conditioning using reduced GWP refrigerants. Moreover, the partnership will identify ways to better calculate and compare the carbon dioxide equivalent between greenhouse gas emissions and those of fossil fuels used by air conditioners.   

The second Memorandum, signed by the Moroccan Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF), the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG), the American Wise Capital, and BMCE Bank Group, aims to mobilize the resources of the Morocco Growth Fund (SMGF), an investment fund strategy that invests in innovative companies based in Morocco with strong growth potential………………

'Women are Second-Class Citizens in Morocco': Leila Slimani

When she released 'Sex and Lies: Sexual Life in Morocco' in 2017, the French-Moroccan writer wanted to create a space where woman could share their daily struggles. Slimani reports stories of women trapped in a society, where sex outside marriage, abortions, and homosexuality are illegal, yet men and women, like everywhere else in the world, are having sex in secret in a state of fear and shame. 'This culture of shame and lying creates lots of victims: the women who have an abortion illegally — 600 abortions per day! — The single mothers who are thrown out because they are considered shameful. As a writer, I had to use the only power I have—words—to break this silence,' the Prix Goncourt winner explains in an interview with San Francisco Chronicle published yesterday……………

Morocco’s inheritance laws are hurting women and must be reformed

2018-04-25 Moha EnnajiUniversité Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah

One hundred Moroccan intellectuals have signed a petition demanding that the country’s sexist inheritance rule be repealed. I am among the signatories. This rule, ta'sib, is enshrined in the Moroccan family code, a document that outlines laws and rules related to family matters. It is, overall, a fairly progressive document – but not when it comes to inheritance. Ta'sib decrees that “female orphans who do not have a brother must share the inheritance with the male relative closest to the deceased … even if unknown and [has] never been part of the family”. As I’ve argued in my research on the subject, this inequality in inheritance law is another form of violence against Moroccan women……………………….

Morocco Struggles to Curb Rise in Number of Girls Married Underage

April 26, 2018, By Zakia Abdennebi RABAT (Reuters)

Moroccan schoolgirl Meriem was just 16 when her family pressured her to marry a man she had never met 20 years her senior. Young brides are best, the family said and she looked forward to dressing up for the wedding. They married in December 2016. Three months later he had abandoned her and she was pregnant. Sixteen percent of teenage girls who marry in Morocco do so under the legal age of 18 compared to no more than 3 percent in Algeria and Tunisia who have the same minimum age for women, according to activists. Morocco had hoped to curb child marriages by raising the legal age to 18 from 16 in 2004, yet numbers since then have surged nearly 50 percent to 27,205 in 2016, justice ministry data shows. Activists say the number is higher.

Feminist Asma Lamrabet under pressure

By Claudia Mende.

Conservatives in Morocco have forced the Islamic feminist Asma Lamrabet to relinquish her post at the Centre d'Etudes Feminines en Islam in Rabat. A debate on discrimination against women in Islamic inheritance law sparked the conflict, fuelled in part by a draft amendment in Tunisia that would institute an egalitarian law of inheritance there. Asma Lamrabet has gone underground for the time being. She is not giving any interviews or answering her emails. Lamrabet cancelled her participation in a discussion on "Women and Religion" at the Spanish Cultural Institute in Rabat in late March. She needs a break. Conservative circles have compelled the feminist to give up her post as director of the Centre d'Etudes Feminines en Islam (Islamic Women's Studies Centre) at the Rabita al Mohamadya des Oulemas, a kind of think tank under the auspices of the King that endorses a modern Islam. ……………

US State Dept Commends Morocco’s Efforts to Promote Human Rights

By Safaa Kasraoui April 21, 2018 Rabat 

The US Department of State 2017 Annual Human Rights report, released on Friday, acknowledged Morocco’s “positive” measures to reinforce its respect for human rights. In the report, the State Department describes Morocco’s 2016 parliamentary elections as “credible and relatively free from irregularities.”“In October 2016, the country held direct elections for the Chamber of Representatives. The major political parties and domestic observers considered the elections free, fair, and transparent. International observers considered the elections credible,” according to the 2017 Annual Report on Human Rights……………..

Morocco: A Country of Contrasts - Video & Photo

Apr 25, 2018 Text: Gaspi Photos: Míla Štáfek

It is true that I do not have super memories for my last trip to Morocco because I suffered from a fractured in five places of my ankle and instep, but it was four years ago and the Atlas is a huge and beautiful mountain range which attracts me again. As a magnet with a new idea: what about combining bike packing and freeriding whilst crossing the Atlas mountains? On the bikes you can go to places where the car can't and you can discover a new dimension of purebred freeriding in places where no one has ever ridden before you. Pierre Alain Renfer is a 57-year-old biker from Switzerland, who has been working for more than thirty years as a professional guide. He has been operating in Morocco since 1992 and is actually a pathfinder who has introduced the country as one of the best MTB destinations. Currently he has been focusing primarily on e-bikes tours. Because he has an unrivalled physical condition, he has accepted my challenge and became my sparring partner for the crossing of the Atlas………………

Check it here:

Magnificent Morocco

By Zalina Mohd Som - April 26, 2018

A trip to this country opens Zalina Mohd Som’s eyes to its vast beauty. “YOU are coming with me,” says the man standing just an arm’s reach from me while pulling my hand towards his camel without waiting for my answer. I can’t tell whether he’s joking or serious for the tail of his bright orange turban covers his face and only leaves his deep dark brown eyes exposed. And those eyes share no clue whatsoever. Everything happened quite fast. We had just got down from our 4x4 vehicles after a 45-minute drive from our four-star hotel in the nearby town of Erfoud when the drivers of our cars signalled to the group of Berber men to come closer. By the look of it, these men — the indigenous people of Morocco — have been waiting for our arrival. With their loyal camels sitting next to them, they look like they’re all ready to take us somewhere……………
Read more here:

Build a Moroccan pie

There’s nothing like a Sunday night in with family and friends sharing a tasty hearty meal. To make it even better, how about setting out all the ingredients and everyone making their own pie. We’re doing this at Giraffe in the restaurant where it’s proving a hit. Here are all the recipes to make the delicious components for my idea of a fun family dinner: “Build a Moroccan Pie”. You read it here first….

Business Brief: International media praise Morocco’s development, while economy slows in 2Q due to lagging agricultural production hit by lack of rain.

Jean R. AbiNader April 16, 2018

Both the International Policy Digest and the MediTelegraph recently published articles praising the advances of the Moroccan economy and future prospects. In a post “Is The ‘Moroccan Exception’ Myth or Reality,” the International Policy Digest described the key factors in Morocco’s current success, going so far as to say “Morocco is unique in the region in its governance and culture.” In contrast to many countries in the region that are autocratic and corrupt with underdeveloped economies largely controlled by state institutions, “Morocco has a much more open society and has a history of progressive ideals.” ……………….

Salt Lake City travelblog: A Moroccan loves America

by Berry Tramel Published: April 22, 2018

My first full day in Salt Lake City was long. I don’t know how long, 8 a.m. to 1 a.m.? Only an hour or so of break in the middle. A search for toothpaste that turned into a tour of the University of Utah. Four Uber rides. Thunder shootaround and then a Thunder game. Lots of cool stuff to see. Lots of cool stuff to experience. Years from now, I’ll be able to look up the box score of the Jazz’s 115-102 victory over the Thunder, and I’ll remember snippets from the game. But I won’t have to look up anything to remember the words of Mohcine Lahlali, a Moroccan immigrant who drove the shuttle for the Marriott Hotel…………….

Color Explosion by Murone in Rabat, Morocco

Murone just wrapped up a large-scale street artwork in North Africa as part of the latest edition of the Jidar Street Art Festival. Painting on the busy roads of Rabat in Morocco, the Spanish painter created this beautifully composed abstract work. Using vivid and pastel colors, the wall pops out against the city’s earthy color scheme. The illustrator and graphic designer takes his signature abstract compositions that call to mind 1990’s designs to festivals around the world and has done commercial illustration work for corporate names like Procter & Gamble and Vodafone

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