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Morocco Week in Review 
April 14, 2018

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Can Muslim Feminism Find a Third Way?

By Ursula Lindsey Ms. Lindsey lives in Rabat, Morocco and co-hosts the BULAQ podcast. April 11, 2018 RABAT, Morocco

Last month, Asma Lamrabet, a well-known Moroccan feminist, resigned from her position at the Mohammedan League of Scholars, where she headed a center of women’s studies in Islam. She was pushed to resign, she explained in a statement, by the backlash over her support for a demand that remains controversial in the Arab and Muslim world: an equal share for women…………

Moroccan Comedian Wants to Break the Silence on Sexual Taboos

By Morocco World News April 8, 2018 By Zoubida Senoussi Rabat

 When Moroccan humorist Amine Radi saw the widely-circulated video a man physically assaulting a woman in public near Agadir, it stirred up a question that has dominated his recent reflections: why do Moroccans refuse to talk about sex? In a new video published in his Facebook account on Thursday, Radi points out that even just the word “sex” “ makes people want to die.”

Inheritance Debate and the Call for Gender Equality Persist in Morocco

By Safaa Kasraoui April 8, 2018 Rabat

The question of inheritance in Islam has been sparking tense debates throughout Morocco. Activists created a petition on the grassroots action site last month, seeking to abolish certain inheritance practices such as taasib, or “residues” in English. According to the Hadith (reports of the Prophet’s statements and actions) and fiqh (Islamic legal interpretation), the taasib is the residual inheritance following a bequest. Assabat are typically distant relatives of the deceased owner of the estate, who benefit after the immediate family members have received their respective shares.

Informal Economy Represents More than 20% of Morocco’s GDP: Study

By Sana Elouazi April 7, 2018 Rabat

A recent study published this week reveals that the informal economy represents roughly 20 percent of Morocco’s gross domestic product (GDP), excluding agriculture and 10 percent of formal imports.  On Thursday, the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) released the findings of its joint-study on the informal economy and its impact on the competitiveness of companies, conducted with the firm Roland Berger in 2014.

Africa’s Top 10 Most Breathtaking Views

By Morocco World News Admin April 9, 2018 By Zoubida Senoussi Rabat

African landscapes offer a wide range of amazing undiscovered natural wonders, dazzling wildlife, and outstanding views from the top to the bottom of the continent. Hold your breath, these 10 African destinations will make you pack your bags, pick up your passport, and buy the first ticket plane you see.

Sahara Dunes, Morocco:
Looking for an adventure? The Moroccan Sahara is one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Morocco, from dawn to dusk. The red of the sand is a one-in-a-lifetime site, is particularly stunning with the clean beauty of the dunes and the deep blue of the sky. Tourists visiting the Moroccan Sahara can climb (or sandboard) the dunes, race ATVs, and spend the night in Bedouin camps. The ideal base to explore the sands is in the village of Merzouga, from which groups journey out on camelback to see the unspoiled sands………

Morocco's Ministry of Education Creates Online Study Guide for Baccalaureate Exams.

4/6/2018 Rabat

Morocco's Ministry of Education Vocational Training and Scientific Research has launched an online study guide for baccalaureate students to prepare for final exams. The guide intends to assist students who will sit for baccalaureate exams for the 2017-2018 school year, which will take place June 5-8. This guide contains information concerning this year's study updates and courses, as well as examples of previous baccalaureate examinations from the past five years. The information is accessible to baccalaureate students on their '' accounts or on , a platform dedicated to offering educational advice to Moroccan students…..

Morocco to Extend Health Coverage to 90% of Moroccans By 2021

By Tamba François Koundouno April 10, 2018 Rabat

Morocco’s new Minister of Health, Anas Doukkali, has announced his determination to extend “universal health coverage” to the majority of the population, especially those from low-income backgrounds with low prospects of health insurance. Doukali made the announcement yesterday, during an informal meeting that also served as a belated celebration of the International Health Day (April 7). At the event, the new minister reiterated his department’s ambitious plan to devise and implement a health insurance system to cover approximately 90 percent of the population by 2021……………

Moroccan Americans in New York’ Celebrates Mimouna for the First Time

By Irina Tsukerman April 10, 2018 Rabat

Moroccan Americans in New York (M.A.N.Y.), a new cultural non-profit organization, which grew organically out of the significant Moroccan community presence in the city, this weekend hosted the celebration of the traditional Jewish Moroccan holiday, Mimouna, which marks the end of the holiday of Passover.  While abstaining from consuming leavened bread throughout the 8-day holiday, the tradition has been to bring together Muslim and other neighbors to Jewish homes for a celebratory meal. Families would go from home to home, where neighbors will bring traditional baked goods. Such celebrations also include music, singing, dancing, and a great deal of rejoicing among the communities. There are various traditions concerning the origin of this celebration; however, in recent years, the celebration has gained in popularity among Ashkenazi Jews around the world – thanks to the large Moroccan Jewish communities – and the festive nature of the celebration. Although currently, the Jewish community in Morocco numbers no more than 5000, the tradition remains vibrant. Furthermore, thanks to the educational efforts of the student-run Mimouna Association, Muslim student groups in various universities across the country are starting to rediscover and enjoy the tradition……………
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Social Media User, Heal Thyself

By Morocco World News April 10, 2018  By Mark Mahon (RPCV/Morocco) Rabat

William Penn once said, “Avoid popularity; it has many snares and no real benefit.” Penn was a Quaker and the colonial era founder of the city of Philadelphia. He didn’t have the opportunity to live tweet his travels but perhaps he knew the drawbacks of fame even in the late 1600s. Facebook announced last week that the personal data of about 87 million users was shared with the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Some 300,000 people had installed the This Is Your Digital Life quiz that had made the data harvesting possible. Alas, there is a cost to something that is “free.”…………………..

Inside Yves Saint Laurent’s Magical Morocco

Walk in the famed designer’s footsteps in Marrakech and beyond.

By Kristin Braswell
============================================================== Pigeons Saved my Life. True Story.

Badr Badini, pigeon keeper Tamesloht, Morocco

My name is Badr, and I am 15 years old and from Morocco. I live in a place called Fiers et Forts, which means Proud and Strong, with 89 other children. It is in a small village called Tamesloht in Morocco near Marrakech. I was brought here when I was 3 years old by my grandmother, Madou, and my mother, Dorine. They had found me on the street with my father, but he couldn’t take care of me.

This place is everything to me. I have everything I need here. This is my home…………….

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St Dogmaels woman helps nurse injured donkey back to health in Morocco

9th April WHAT should have been a relaxing trip to Morocco turned into a busman’s holiday for a McTimoney animal therapist from St Dogmaels when she was asked to treat an injured donkey.

Tree climbing goats help produce Argan oil in Morocco(1/3)

2018-04-09 16:48 Editor:Yao Lan


Travel Cats: Pictures Reveal the “Happiest Felines” of Essaouira.

Kees van Unen, Sanne Zurné Thursday 12 April 2018

For the happiest cat colony, you need to go to Morocco. There are two types of people who go on holiday. Those who go straight for the local cats, and the misguided few who don’t. And while Istanbul, Rome and places further afield jostle for status as “travel cat” heaven, laidback Essaouira is quietly making things happen organically. A charming coastal town, with none of the chaos that you’ll find in busier Moroccan cities, Essaouira has long been known for its surfing culture and the quality of its seafood restaurants. Today, it’s also famous for being a Game of Thrones filming location………..

Morocco Features in ‘Shitholes’ Art Exhibition

By Morocco World News - April 12, 2018  By Hajare El Khaldi Rabat-

A one-day art exhibit in the US city of Philadelphia will celebrate artwork from Morocco and other countries infamously deemed “shitholes” by the US President Donald Trump. Launched by Le Chapeau Project, this gallery will feature contemporary artists from more than 15 countries, such as Haiti, Mauritius, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Morocco. The exhibit aims to promote self-representation for artists of the aforementioned nations, while challenging the negative narrative and imagery put forth by the US president……………….

Queen of the Desert: Henrietta Tiefenthaler & Oli Wennink's Wedding in Morocco

By Brooke Porter Katz   Apr 11, 2018

The wedding of these London-based musicians included everything from camels to fire-eaters.

It’s not every day you find a wedding venue with map coordinates instead of an actual address and generators instead of electricity–and forget about WiFi. But, being far removed from civilization is exactly what music producer/DJ Henrietta (Henri) Tiefenthaler, 32, and musician Oli Wennink, 35, wanted for their wedding. The couple had a legal reception at the Chelsea Registry in London—where both of their parents got married—for close family and friends a few weeks prior to their destination ceremony, which welcomed guests, including British fashion models Edie and Olympia Campbell and Anna Cleveland as well as DJ Mia Moretti. Those that joined the couple in the desert were given specific instructions for attire: “a rugged Paul Newman meets Alain Delon” for men and “60s Veruschka meets Alessandro Michele's Gucci” for the women. Here, the couple takes us through it all—from how they met to their first trip as husband and wife………..

New training academy launched to improve driving and road safety in Morocco

April 11, 2018 By Newsroom

Road accidents remain a major challenge to Morocco’s human, social and economic development, causing more than 3,000 fatalities per year. As Morocco continues to strengthen its position as a regional road transport hub, there is a rapidly growing need for certified truck drivers in this sector. In support of the Government of Morocco’s efforts towards improving road safety, a new Academy for Safe Truck Driving (operating under the French acronym ACCES – Académie de Conduite de Camions En Sécurité) was inaugurated today at the National Institute for Road Transport Professions Training in Casablanca……..

Tonight': Gad Elmaleh Teaches Jimmy the Moroccan Hip Thrust

French comedian Gad Elmaleh chats about his first English stand-up special, challenges Jimmy Fallon to do a Jerry Seinfeld impression in French and teaches him a Moroccan dance move.... See More

Morocco, Land of Cultures’: Spring University Invites Moroccans Abroad to Experience Beni Mellal

By Morocco World News April 11, 2018

PSA Group To Launch the First Made-in-Morocco Car in 2018

By Tamba François Koundouno April 6, 2018 Rabat

The PSA Kenitra plant, which is the Moroccan subsidiary of the French PSA Peugeot Citroen, is expected to be close to full operational capabilities this year, a company representative and Morocco’s Ministry of Industry announced at a press conference on Thursday in Casablanca……

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Raves About Moroccan Couscous in Marrakech

By Morocco World News April 6, 2018 By Zoubida Senoussi Rabat

Who wants to share couscous with Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother? You’ll have to visit Morocco and bring your appetite! Maria Dolores dos Santo Aveiro is paying another visit to Morocco. The 63-year-old woman who was having some delicious couscous in Marrakech on Friday, proudly displayed the feast with a big smile on her face in her recent Instagram picture………………

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